Blogging for Financial Advisors: Build a Trusted Relationship Through Your Blog

Financial advisors are at a huge advantage. You have knowledge about an industry that is foreign to many Americans, and answers that are frequently searched for online. Use that to your advantage through well-written blog content. Provide commentary about industry trends, new research, case studies, investment news or even “what not to do” advice. Your blog can provide the perfect opportunity to become a trusted resource for existing clients, as well as where potential clients will know they can turn for well-balanced advice. What should you blog about? Blogging for financial advisors is about providing content that will grab the attention of your readers or followers on your social media account. Here’s an example of how to turn recent research into valuable content.

Report Finds Americans are Missing Out on Billions in Retirement Contributions

There is good news and bad news on the 401(k) front. The good news is that about 80 percent of Americans who have access to them are taking advantage of 401(k) matching programs, according to a 2014 report. The bad news, however, is that another report released just this month found that Americans are not really using their matching program to its full advantage. In fact, they are leaving $24 billion in company match funds behind each year.  Here’s what that means for you individually.

blogging for financial advisors

How much retirement money are you leaving on the table?

What Does $24 Billion Mean for Me?

That’s a huge number to digest. Here’s how researchers arrived at it. They examined the retirement funds of 4.4 million participants from more than 500 companies. Twenty-five percent of those participants were not contributing enough of their own money to their 401(k) to take advantage of the company’s full match. $24 billion averaged out to about $1,336 in uncollected employer match funds each year. Over 20 years, the missed funds could add up to over $42,000 per employee.

Here’s another way to look at it. Let’s say you work for a company that matches 50 cents on every dollar you contribute. If you invest six percent of your $50,000 salary, that’s $3,000 per year you are contributing and $1,500 per year your employer is giving you. In effect, you are getting a tax-free, $1,500 raise.

How Much Is Enough?

“How much should I be contributing?” is probably the most common question asked of financial advisors. However, the answer is not always straightforward. “As much as you can” is the simple answer, but that leaves room for a lot of interpretation, and is sometimes a cop-out. Each situation is unique. For example, a 40-year-old that has never contributed to a retirement plan needs to start saving fast, contributing at least 15 percent. There are restrictions, though. For 2015, employees are allowed to contribute up to $18,000 annually or an extra $6,000 if they are over 50. Conversely, a recent college graduate starting his or her first real job at 22 can afford to start at a lower percentage. A good rule of thumb is to contribute at least the maximum that can be matched. Most companies that offer matching will only do so up to a certain percentage of your salary. You want to at least contribute enough to maximize that match.

The best way to accurately assess how much you need to contribute is to talk to a financial advisor that can come up with an overall retirement strategy that includes your 401(k) and other resources available. While a 401(k) is nice in that it does not need constant attention, you should monitor your growth periodically and talk to your financial advisor to see if you are on track. For example, it’s generally recommended that your 401(k) include at least one year’s salary by age 30. How much could that end up being? If you had $40,000 in your 401(k) by age 30 and never added any more money, you would have $600,000 by 65, figuring an average eight percent annual return. That amount will only grow with increased contributions.

blogging for financial advisors

A financial advisor can help you ensure you’re taking full advantage of your 401(k) matching program.

Who’s Most at Risk? 

Researchers also examined what demographics are missing out the most and what factors contribute to employees’ financial decisions. Here’s what they found.

  • Young employees are missing out. Employees under 30 are twice as likely to miss out on employer match programs than employees over 60. This isn’t necessarily because they don’t see the importance. Many young adults have endured unemployment, as well as massive student loan debt. According to USA Today, 40 million Americans are carrying $1.2 trillion in student debt — any extra each month likely goes toward paying that down. Graduate students may still be attending school, balancing the increasing cost of tuition with supporting themselves.
  • Lower salaries = lower matching. Forty-two percent of employees earning less than $40,000 annually were not taking full advantage of employee matching, compared to only 10 percent of employees earning over $100,000 a year. It’s understandable that those that make more can contribute more. However, remember we are talking percentages. As illustrated above, even small percentages will grow exponentially over time. Waiting until you start making more is not an effective strategy. You will lose thousands in “free” matching money.
  • Middle-age poses new obstacles. The research showed middle-aged employees decreasing contributions. This stage in life often brings new expenses, including the cost of raising children and saving for their college funds. However, the point is that every stage in life presents challenges to saving. Middle-age is not the time to decrease contributions and lose out on valuable employer matching.
  • Getting an advisor matters. Employees across all demographics were less likely to miss out on employer contributions when they worked with a financial advisor. For example, among employees earning $20,000 a year, only 18 percent that worked with a financial advisor were still not taking advantage of employer matching. Among the same income bracket, 48 percent that did not get advisory services were not reaping the rewards of employee matching.

Take Action

Regardless of your income level, age or industry, resolve to take full advantage of your company’s retirement benefits today. Start by gaining an understanding of your plan. How much does your employer match your contributions? Are you leaving money on the table? Commit to regularly increasing your contributions. A good time to do this is with each year’s raise. Lastly, get professional help. Your 401(k) should be just a piece of your retirement strategy. Let an experienced advisor help you create a customized plan based on your retirement goals and your current financial situation. [Advisor name] has more than [years] experience helping people from all different income levels achieve their retirement goals. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

What are the benefits of an effective blogging strategy?

  • Establish yourself as a trusted source of information among clients and your peers.
  • Show that you keep up with the latest trends and research.
  • Increase your SEO by providing search engines with fresh content that includes your all-important keywords.
  • Have content to push out to your social media feeds.
  • Engage clients through comments within the blog or feedback on your social media feed.
  • Brand your firm, showing your personal side.
  • Create opportunities for content to be shared, either through your followers’ feeds or industry bloggers that may like your commentary.

BlogMutt has a team of experienced writers ready to provide quality, well-researched content for your blog. Using this team is advantageous in two ways. First, it saves you valuable time. Secondly, you get content written from a fresh perspective. Think of your writing team as a translator from you to your clients, turning technical subjects into content that appeals to the average reader. Contact us to learn more about our services.

Editor’s Note: This post is an example of the longer posts we now offer. You can choose a plan that gives you posts at 250+ words, 600+ words, 900+ words, or 1200+ words. The posts are not only longer, but are written by more experienced writers. 



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Is Blogging A Legitimate Opportunity to Work From Home?

If you listen to the hype, blogging sounds like easy money. Just run a search for news stories and you’ll hear about hundreds of successful blogs that rake in thousands of dollars a month, or which were sold for millions when the blogger who started them decided to hand off the site to someone else.

But is blogging really a legitimate opportunity to work from home? Yes, if you know what you’re getting into ahead of time.

legitimate opportunity to work from homeStarting Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is like starting your own business. You need to decide whether you’re going to build your own site, or if you’re going to use an established site like to host your blog. You need to decide what the theme of your blog is going to be (book reviews, gaming tips, car repair, etc.), and you need to find a unique voice that lets you stand out from the crowd.

You also need to figure out how you’re going to monetize your blog, which is a fancy way of saying you need to figure out how you’re going to make money off of it. Do you put ads on your blog with a program like Google AdSense, which will give you a fee every time someone clicks an ad? Do you use your blog for affiliate marketing, which is where you sell products directly through your blog and take a cut of the sales you make? There are all kinds of options, but you need to figure out which ones you want to pursue.

Freelance Blogging

Another option you have available is to become a freelance blogger. Freelancers write blogs for customers (typically for businesses and corporations), and are then paid a fee for that blog entry. The fee is often based on the word count. Freelancing is easier to make money from right away, but if you write a blog entry that takes the Internet by storm then it’s the client, not you, who reaps the rewards. On the other hand you get to skip over all of the time building and establishing your own blog, standing out from the millions of other blogs out there, and you get cash in hand right away.

Can I Make a Living Blogging?

Yes, but can is the operative word. For those who run their own blogs the numbers are pretty harsh according to Life Hacker. If you’re serious about working from home as a blogger it’s a better idea to get into the game as a freelancer, sharpen your skills, and then to branch out into building up your own blog. That way you get all the benefits of a regular income from being a freelancer, but you still have the opportunity to build your own blog into another source of income as well.

If you’re interested in working from home writing blogs, check out BlogMutt’s writer opportunities.

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Blogging Is For The Dogs: An Example Post

There are so many companies that cater to dogs and their owners.  Small business owners have to stand out above their competitors to make dog owners buy their products instead of someone else’s.  So how can they do that?  Starting a blog is one way to connect with customers and portray yourself as an expert.

Here is a sample blog post for the dogs.

blog for the dogsMany young couples adopt a dog before they start their families. They treat him like their own baby, until the day comes when they decide that they want one of their very own. They still love their dog very much but even he can tell that there is a change in the household as everyone prepares for the birth of a little one. Then the baby comes home and it is time to introduce the new baby to the dog.

Here are some tips to help introduce your new baby to your dog to help it go smoothly.

  • Prepare your dog before the baby comes home. Introduce your dog to the baby’s things in the nursery as you get everything ready. Pay a lot of attention to your dog while you are in the nursery. Allow him to spend time with you in the nursery.
  • Teach your dog not to jump in your lap unless you allow it. This will make sure that he does not jump on the baby in your arms. You may also want to teach your dog to walk beside you instead of in front of you so that you do not trip over him with the baby in your arms.
  • Bring something home from the hospital that smells like the new baby. As soon as the baby is born, bring home a spit rag or something so that your dog can start to get used to the smell of the baby.
  • When you come home, pay attention to your dog too. Pet him and play with him, even if you are exhausted. You must remember that he is important too.
  • Hold the baby and allow your dog to smell him. Do not tense up but remain calm and allow both your dog and baby to get a good look at each other. If you are not calm, the meeting can wait.
  • Try to keep your dog’s life as normal as possible. Try to maintain a routine for him. Feed him as normal, play at the normal times, and walk him when you used to.

It can be very difficult for a dog to adjust to life with a child but it can be very rewarding. Just start slowly and get him used to the idea. You must always remember that he was your first baby. Be sure to prepare him by getting him used to the new smells and objects that will come into the house with the baby, and try to make their first meeting as relaxed and calm as possible. Then, you need to keep your dog’s life as normal as you can, while adjusting to the lifestyle changes a baby brings into the picture. Pretty soon, your dog and your baby will be the best of friends.

Maybe you loved that example post, and thought it would be perfect for your pet business blog. As a small business owner, though, you’re probably thinking that you are too busy already.  You can’t possibly add another thing to your to-do list, especially writing (which you might not be that great at).  We can help!  Contact us today to help you fill up your blog.



No two BlogMutt posts are alike.
Every post we write starts by understanding your business.

So, can we write for you?

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Four Ways that Hiring a Copywriter Feels Like Finding a Soul Mate

If you’re just now warming up to the concept of blogging as a legitimate marketing tool, the bad news is that you’re already behind. The discussion regarding how best to blog for SEO has already come and gone. The purpose of this post is not to rehash all of those arguments.

The good news is that even if you’re behind the curve, you actually don’t need to do the blogging yourself. All you really need to do is to set parameters, sit back, and let our writers do the heavy lifting.

The process works in much the same way that internet dating does. In fact, there are quite a few parallels between hiring a copywriter and finding a soul mate.

copywriterFour Ways that Hiring a Copywriter Feels Like Finding a Soul Mate

1. The Task Can Feel Insurmountable. As of March 18, 2015, researchers report that there are 54,250,000 single people in the United States alone. The idea of finding the right person among such a number feels much more demoralizing than looking for a needle in a haystack. Perhaps it would be more like finding one particular grain of sand at the beach.

According to the most recent reports from the US Department of Labor, the job market for freelance writers in 2012 was in the hundreds of thousands, with other experts predicting massive growth in the demand for social media writers in the near future. With increased demand comes increased numbers of potential workers, and with increased numbers of potential workers comes potential stress over “finding the right one.”

2. First Comes Love, then Comes Commitment.  Although arranged marriages still do exist some places in the world, most cultures have moved to view love as a natural prerequisite to commitment. That’s why internet dating, in order to be considered “successful,” must eventually lead to a meet-up, at which point both sides can see if the people they’ve been chatting with are really as good as they seem on paper.

The same thing must happen in the writing world. A writer might sound fantastic on paper, but hiring a writer based on a slick resume and a few writing samples seems short-sighted.

3. A Trial Period Lessens Commitment Phobias. You wouldn’t marry a stranger from the internet without background checks and meet-ups first, and you shouldn’t hire a writer without first allowing for a trial period. In relationships, we call these trial periods dating.

In the writing world, this provisional period might look something like this: instead of hiring a writer sight unseen based only on her resume and writing samples, you would need to give her one or two small projects first, just to see if her style jives with yours. Just like in the dating world, a potential partner can look good on paper, but if the chemistry’s not there, it’s not there.

4. Relationships Take Work. Despite what Hollywood movies might imply, the end goal of a successful romantic partnership isn’t to get together: it’s to stay together. In the same way, the end goal of a successful client-writer relationship is not to sign a contract but to develop an ongoing, mutually-beneficial partnership.

When you look to hire a copywriter, all of these aspects must be taken into consideration. Although it sounds like a lot of work, the hard work will pay off in the long run.

Fortunately, we’ve already done most of the legwork for you. We’ve screened our writers and groomed them, cutting down the potential pool of people who will write for you significantly. We allow you to accept or reject posts at no extra cost to you, lessening your fear of commitment and ensuring that you don’t get saddled with a writer whose style doesn’t match yours. Because we understand that relationships take work, however, we’ve taken steps to ensure that you can develop ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationships with the writers you love most.

Interested? Feel free to contact us. We look forward to matching you up with writers you can really fall in love with.

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BlogMutt Writer Profiles

We know one thing to be true: BlogMutt wouldn’t exist without our writers. And now, we’re excited for you to learn more about our writers with writer profiles. They look a little something like this:


This is the profile of one of the two founders of BlogMutt, Scott Yates, who writes that he’s not just the CEO, he’s also a writer. This profile is his, and there are thousands more writers with profiles now visible to active customers of BlogMutt.

These profiles not only tell you more about each writer, they also provide insight into the writer’s level, posts the writer has published and what industry (for you and other customers), customers’ feedback, and posts the writer has written for you (and the current status of these posts).

Writer Name and Bio


Just like Scott, every BlogMutt writer will have a place to include a picture and bio. The bio is an easy way for you to familiarize yourself with the person writing your blog posts.

We made sure not to enforce a strict template for writer bios. Just as no two blogs are alike, no two writers are alike either. We want each writer to have the freedom to choose what he or she wants to share with you.

Writer Level and Posts Published 

As writers sell more posts to BlogMutt customers, they “level up.” When writers level up, they become eligible to write and get paid more for writing longer posts. Did you know we offer longer posts?

As each writer reaches a new level, they get a new badge. And then some levels come with special perks, like a BlogMutt shirt. At the highest level, BlogMutt writers actually become “co-owners,” something we wrote about here before it was covered by TechCrunch and others because it’s such a unique system of rewarding crowdsourcing workers.

Profiles also include the number of posts published by the writer (in other words, the total number of posts the writer’s sold to customers). As noted at the bottom, a single post can cover more than one category.

 Your posts by this writer – Tab


This dashboard allows you to view the posts written for you by this writer. You can see the posts you’ve posted and the posts you’ve rejected.

Additionally, you can provide writer feedback and give star ratings to your posts within this view as well. Giving writer feedback is one of the most important elements of success with BlogMutt.

Customer feedback – Tab


By selecting the “Customer feedback” tab you can view the feedback given to each writer by you, and by other customers. The person giving the feedback isn’t visible, but the words used to describe the posts are straight from the customers.

This is the first step, a big one, in giving you more insight and visibility about the writers working on your accounts. Next will come an ability to manage the writers you want to work on your accounts. Stay tuned for that announcement.

In the meantime, we hope this new system works well for you. If you have questions about writer profiles or anything else, just send us an email at support[at]blogmutt[dot]com.




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Blogging for a Cruise Line: An Example Post

Cruises are the epitome of luxurious relaxation, with just the right amount of culture mixed in. Blogging for a cruise line company is a great way to promote business and inform customers, in detail, about various aspects of the specific cruise line experience.

Because cruise vacationers have minimal time to spend at any given location, your blog might include ideas on how to spend the day. Here is an example of a blog we might write for a cruise through the Virgin Islands.

Spending the Day on St. Thomas

St. Thomas holds about forty-eight percent of the entire Virgin Island population, so deciding what to do on a day trip can be overwhelming. If you want both culture and relaxation, here’s a suggestion on how to spend your day on St. Thomas.

Start your day in the Charlotte Amelie district, where you’ll find a lot of cultural and blogging for a cruise line companyhistorical landmarks of the Virgin Islands.

Blackbeard’s Castle

Experience the power of this 1679 protective watch tower, either by taking a walking tour or checking it out on your own. Blackbeard’s Castle stands on the highest point of Government Hill, so you’ll also have a great view.

Fort Christian and the St. Thomas Museum

If you’re interested in visiting a second landmark, check out Fort Christian. Over the centuries, the fort has served as a town center, a government building, and even a jail. These days it’s home to the St. Thomas Museum, full of photography and art that represents the island.

St. Thomas Synagogue

This is the second oldest synagogue under the American Flag, and the oldest synagogue still in use. The menorah there, dating back to the 11th century, is even older than the synagogue itself. The most interesting aspect is the sand floor. The reasons behind the sand floor are unknown, though many believe the sand is there to represent the Israelite journey through the desert.

Now it’s time to head to Northside for some well earned relaxation.

Magens Bay and Magens Bay Arboretum

Now that you’ve had your culture and history fix, spend a few hours on the white sand beach of Magens Bay. There is also a beautiful, five-acre arboretum close by, and a train to take you there.

St. Thomas is rich with both cultural and leisurely activities. For more ideas on how to spend your day on any of the islands we visit, or to book a trip, please contact us.

If you want to help your customers get a sense of the wonderful experience you can bring them, consider hiring BlogMutt to write for your cruise line business blog. Contact us to get started.

This post is an example of how BlogMutt can tailor posts to talk about specific events happening within your business. For information on how we can work for you, contact us today!



No two BlogMutt posts are alike.
Every post we write starts by understanding your business.

So, can we write for you?

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Blogging For Gyms: An Example Post

The great thing about a business blog is that it can be used to promote a specific business along with events that happen within that business. Blogging for gyms gives writers a chance to highlight features of the gym along with any programs, classes, or challenges that the gym offers. Here is an example of how a blog can promote a summer shape-up challenge for a fitness facility.

Summer Shape-Up Challenge

Spring break is over and summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get serious about reaching your fitness and weight-loss goals. Joining your gym’s summer shape-up challenge is the best way to get in shape and start your journey towards a fit lifestyle. Here’s what you can expect from this type of challenge:

blogging for gymsOne-on-one coaching: Attending a challenge through your gym instead of trying to do it on your own gives you a coach who will personalize the routine to meet your goals based on your starting point. You’ll get coaching that is specific to you, and not general for a large crowd. In addition to this, your coach will be able to help you work on technique and form to reduce your risk of injury and help you perform reps correctly down the road.

Nutritional Guidance: Being active is just one element of a healthy lifestyle. In general, summer shape-up challenges are designed to help you achieve overall good health, and better fitness habits, which is why they place a special emphasis on nutrition. Talking candidly to a nutrition expert about your dietary habits makes it easier to identify what needs to be changed to get you to where you want to be.

Fitness Classes: One of the many perks of joining a gym’s challenge is the chance to take part in everything the gym has to offer, including fitness classes. This is the best time to try out new classes. Unlimited fitness classes means you can try everything we offer without worrying about paying for a class you don’t like. You’ll most likely end up trying something new that you love and that will motivate you to keep up with your fit lifestyle long after the challenge is over.

Getting serious about your fitness is about more than pushing yourself hard until summer and then going back to your old lifestyle. It’s about starting on the road to a new, healthier lifestyle so that you can get out there and enjoy your summer and your life with a fresh perspective on food, fitness, and recovery. Are you up to the challenge?

This post is an example of how BlogMutt can tailor posts to talk about specific events happening within your business. For information on how we can work for you, contact us today!



No two BlogMutt posts are alike.
Every post we write starts by understanding your business.

So, can we write for you?

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Blogging For The Hospitality Industry: A Sample Post

By Tavia Burden

When selling a service or product, it is important to connect with the culture of the industry and relate to your customers. By providing the right information, a business may become a trusted source of knowledge.  Having formed this bond, a company has gained a loyal customer.  Because of this concept, more and more companies regard blogging and social media marketing as a key component of their business plans.

Here is a sample blog for the hospitality industry.

Professionalism, Hospitality, And Leadership

A job in the hospitality industry is unlike any other.  As opposed to other businesses where products can be produced in a factory and standardized, the real “product” in a hospitality position is being produced in the same moment it is being consumed–a hotel is selling much more than just a room, they are selling all guest interaction with their employees.  As such, it is vital that a business hires right from the very beginning.

blogging for the hospitality industryAside from prior experience, there are three qualities that all recruiters are looking for, which a candidate must possess to be a successful worker in the hospitality industry.  These three–professionalism, hospitality, and leadership–are further explained below.

  • Professionalism – As a hotel employee, it is your duty to blend with the image that the hotel is trying to sell.  In most cases, this requires all employees to take on a professional business demeanor.  This does not only mean keeping your uniform washed and ironed, and your hair and makeup classy, but this also applies in more personal and intricate ways.  It is important that an employee consistently radiate a professional attitude through both their body language and workplace language, using correct grammar, standing up straight, and only speaking of appropriate subject matters.
  • Hospitality - The namesake of the industry is arguably the most important quality that an employee should possess.  Hospitality entails many qualities and characteristics, but it is simple to determine whether or not someone is being hospitable.  Hospitality, in its purest form, is the act of going out of the way to make someone feel at ease.  An act of hospitality may be as simple as smiling and greeting a guest when they walk through the door, or taking note that it is their birthday and having a special treat sent up to their room.  As a hotel sells both rooms and employees, it is important that their people are just as comforting as their pillows–that is the concept behind hiring on the principle of hospitality.
  • Leadership – Making a truly memorable experience often requires an employee to overstep the boundaries of their contract.  A good employee will always go the extra mile to meet or exceed the needs of guests, which in some cases might go as far as overstepping company policy. He or she needs to be able to determine when this action is appropriate.  For example, if a guest needs to print off a flight ticket and the business-center computer is down, the front desk may decide to break policy and allow the guest into the back office to use that computer.  However, it is important to note that leadership does not always have to be a large undertaking–it could be as simple as picking up trash off of the ground. It may not be that employees job, but it contributes to the guest experience.  Acts of leadership can take many forms, but are always appreciated.

In the end, it is easy to see how these three categories overlap and form vital components of a hotel employee’s personality.  It is easy to understand why recruiters place such value on professionalism, hospitality, and leadership.

If you are interested in using blog posts to grow your marketing campaign, please contact us.

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

If you’re blogging regularly about movie memorabilia or other historical facts, and if this is the sort of post you would like to see on your blog, please contact us.


No two BlogMutt posts are alike.
Every post we write starts by understanding your business.

So, can we write for you?

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Blogging For Movie-Memorabilia Fans

Whether you own an auction house, are interested in movie memorabilia yourself, you love historical artifacts, or you have some other reason for blogging for movie-memorabilia fans, catching the reader’s attention and informing her about interesting historical items is key. Consider the following post about a recent movie-memorabilia auction.

Captain America Motorcycle Mystery

blogging for movie memorabilia fansIt has been over 45 years since Peter Fonda rode onto the screen in Easy Rider, but recently, the Captain America motorcycle, which Fonda rode in the movie, sold at auction for $1.35 million, more than the expected $1 million to $1.2 million. The price is perhaps so high because of the four motorcycles used in the movie, it is said to be the only one which survived.

This motorcycle auction was not the first time that the motorcycle has changed ownership, though. Upon completion of the movie, Dan Haggerty, who had been in charge of keeping the motorcycles running during filming, got possession of the motorcycle. Captain America had been destroyed pretty badly by the film’s final crash sequence, but Haggerty restored the motorcycle. Eventually, the National Motorcycle Museum of Anamosa, Iowa got the motorcycle. That is where it was displayed until 2013, when the museum decided to sell it. Michael Eisenberg, who had admired the bike for years, purchased the bike. In explanation for why he sold it so soon, he said:

I always wanted to own it. But once it sunk in that I actually had it, then I realized how important it was. The public needs to see it. It’s that iconic. It needs to be on a podium.

Although the bike came along with a letter of authenticity from Haggerty and another from Fonda, there was some controversy about whether this particular bike was in fact the real last-surviving Captain America bike. Haggerty apparently sold a different bike to another man in 1996 and authenticated that bike as well. He claims that was a mistake and that the recently sold bike was the real thing. Fonda, unsure which was the real bike, said he regretted authenticating the bike which recently sold for $1.35 million, because he is unsure if he authenticated the correct bike.

movie memorabilia bloggingOf course, controversy concerning the authenticity of famous items and famous people is nothing new. For example, consider the Cottingley Fairies photos of the early twentieth century, or think of the story of Anastasia, the Russian Grand Duchess, who, although executed with her family, was  for years believed by some to have survived. Faked photos and other evidence of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and other creatures have also been believed to be true. The one thing you can know when you work with our auction house is that all of our items are authentic. If the piece’s authenticity is in doubt at all, we will not sell it.

If you’re blogging regularly about movie memorabilia or other historical facts, and if this is the sort of post you would like to see on your blog, please contact us.


No two BlogMutt posts are alike.
Every post we write starts by understanding your business.

So, can we write for you?

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Blogging For A Plastic Surgery Practice: A Sample Post

Men and women both have many questions and concerns about plastic surgery, some of which they may be too embarrassed to ask. By including a blog on your plastic-surgery practice’s website, you’ll give people answers to the questions they’re afraid to ask.

Blogging for a plastic surgery practice is one of the best ways that you can give people information about your practice and inform them about plastic surgery in general. If you are a a busy doctor, something you might consider is hiring someone to write your blogs for you.

Consider the following post that may be posted on a plastic surgery blog.

Microcurrent Facelifts: A Comfortable Alternative To Traditional Facelifts

Are you considering a facelift but are afraid of the pain and recovery time of a traditional facelift? A microcurrent facelift might be the right choice for you. This technology uses electric stimulation which is applied to the skin’s surface through the use of dual prongs.

blogging for a plastic surgery practiceAlthough it may sound painful — it isn’t.  Some people experience a slight sensation of tingling, but the majority of patients find it relaxing. There are even some patients who have actually fallen asleep during the procedure!

Studies have shown that 20 days after the procedure, the patient’s collagen production was increased by 14 percent, the elastin was increased by 48 percent, and the circulation of the blood increased by 38 percent.  All of these changes help the skin retain its shape and and youthful appearance.  It has also been discovered that the microcurrents help trigger a patient’s body to produce ATP and amino acids, both of which help to increase cell repair and to stimulate the production of healthier cells.

One thing that should be noted about the microcurrent facelift is that it usually takes around ten sessions to see the results that you want, although there are people who like the way that they look after the first session. The results vary from person to person.

The other good news about the microcurrent facelift is that it’s less expensive than a traditional facelift.  Microcurrent facelifts are a more comfortable and a less expensive alternative.

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