Weekly WOOF Round-Up!

Here is your weekly WOOF round-up! Here, you’ll find all the WOrds of the day, from the dictionaries OF the day. Need to know about Roman goddesses, or a synonym for decadence? We have you covered. Amen!

Monday: Amen – Hebrew word meaning “so be it,” or “truly.” (1957 Bible Dictionary for Boys and Girls)

Tuesday: Juturna — Roman goddess of fountains, wells, springs, and rivers. In Virgil’s Aeneid, she is Turnus’ sister, who is Aeneas’ foe. As a goddess who dispenses water, she was especially evoked at the breaking out of fires, along with Vulcan, the god of fire. (1995 Dictionary of Classical Mythology, Religion, Literature, and Art)

Wednesday: Fin de siècle — (Fr.) End of the 19th century; generally used to imply decadence. (1991 Penguin Dictionary for Writers and Editors)

Faulkner typewriterThursday: Pope St. Simplicius — Pope from 468 – 483, during which time he saw the deposition of the last Western emperor. Simplicius worked hard to maintain Rome’s struggling authority in the west. He built four new churches in Rome itself. His feast day is either March 2 or March 10, depending on interpretation of the text. (1986 Oxford Dictionary of Popes)

Friday: “A writer is congenitally unable to tell the truth and that is why we call what he writes fiction.” — William Faulkner (1970 Webster’s NewWorld Dictionary of Quotable Definitions)

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Blogging For Dentists: Put Bite Into Your Blog

Blogging for dentists sounds like it should be simple: throw out some facts, and urge people to brush their teeth. “Four out of five dentists agree, brush and floss after every meal!” They never tell you what the fifth dentist suggests, do they? Dentists, however, are about so much more than just brushing and flossing. Here are some subjects that will help give your blog some teeth:

blogging for dentistsTMJ/TMD

TMJ and TMD are used interchangeably, but TMJ is the temporomandibular joint while TMD is temporomandibular joint disorder. Many people who have unexplained headaches or sudden toothaches that seem to feel a little better when the temple or jaw joint is massaged, are experiencing TMD.

TMD has many treatments available depending on how bad it is, most of which are non-invasive. Most patients, however, think only of the extreme situations that require surgery. As a result, they keep popping pain-killers, unaware of the long-term damage that they could be causing themselves (elevated blood pressure due to chronic pain, elevated stress levels that could lead to grinding of the teeth at night, depression, etc.). They don’t realize that in many cases, a simple treatment of alternating hot and cold packs a couple of times a day can relieve the problem quite effectively. Their dentists might have other non-surgical things they can do at home.


Many people want that bright white smile they see in magazines, even if they know it’s a digitally altered image. Teeth bleaching is their way to this ideal, but they usually want it fast — overnight if possible. Well, it’s not possible without doing damage to the enamel. In general, dentists recommend bleaching at six month intervals for home kits to one year intervals for a professional whitening.

It’s also important to know that not every tooth stain will respond to whitening treatments. Patients can lose heart if they’ve tried everything but still have staining. They should learn about extrinsic stains (stains on the surface) and intrinsic stains (stains under the enamel).

Comfortable Dental Care?

A lot of people have terrible memories of going to the dentist. The worst thing they remember is usually the shot. They may avoid the dentist altogether because of this childhood memory. They do not realize that children’s nerves are more sensitive than adult nerves, and the excruciating pain they felt when they were six will most likely come across as simply intense discomfort for a few moments as adults. Dentists who offer sedation dentistry can help a patient avoid the whole unpleasantness altogether.

Some patients find the environment much more relaxing when they have headphones with which to listen to a variety of musical selections while they’re being worked on. Others enjoy the visual distraction of an overhead TV to watch. It takes their minds off of the idea that they’re at the dreaded dentist’s office!

The New Face of Dentistry

Thanks to advances in dental technology and procedures, the dental world has changed dramatically. Numbing and sedation agents have become more efficient and less painful, procedures have become faster and less invasive, and the overall environment has become more relaxing and less stress-inducing. The more people become aware of this, the less worrisome a trip to the dentist will be!

Like any business, dentistry has not remained static. Dental, medical, and other highly skilled fields are in a constant state of development. Staying abreast of new developments and creative uses of existing procedures and technology can make a company’s blog stand out from those that have devolved into little more than promotional articles. Contact us for blog posts you can sink your teeth into!

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Blogging For Small Business: What You Can Learn From Game Of Thrones

by Ruhi Jiwani

Game of Thrones is back for a fourth season and we’re all waiting anxiously to see what’s going to happen to some of our favorite characters.  Will Jaime and Cersei hop back into bed together and produce more incestuous offspring?  Will Daenerys’ dragons finally help her to wage war against the Lannisters?  Are all the Starks destined to die one by one?  Ned, Robb and Catelyn Stark are already dead.  What about Arya and Sansa?  Will they survive in their own unique ways?

game of thrones blogging for small business

Men of Thought: Samwell Tarly and Tyrion Lannister

One thing that you notice in Game of Thrones is that it is action-packed.  There are very few people who are sitting down writing about things or reading them.  Most of the characters are engaged in waging war against each other or falling into bed with each other (sometimes both, one after the other).

However, there are a few exceptions to this.  One notable character who does this is Jon Snow’s friend, Samwell Tarly.  You may not remember Tarly.  He is an overweight man who can’t fight and who was sent to the wall by his father, who thought that he was cowardly.  However, Tarly surprises his friends over and over by telling them everything he has read in books.  The girl he rescues from north of the wall with her baby says he’s like a wizard because he can figure things out from reading them in books.

Another person who benefits from what has been written in books is the “half-man” Tyrion Lannister, who fights a battle using wildfire and takes the enemy by surprise.  Both, Samwell Tarly and Tyrion Lannister are unlikely heroes.  They’re not tall, dashing men like the Stark brothers.  Instead, they’re men of thought who eventually save the day, by using what they’ve read.

Spreading Information and Ideas By Blogging

We can all do the kind of thing that Samwell Tary and Tyrion Lannister do by reading blogs.  The advantage of blogging for small business is that you’re teaching people how to use your product in different ways or what the benefits are of the service you provide.  You’re telling them how people have used your product in the past and giving them ideas about how to use it in the future.  So if you want to, say, wage a war or kill the zombies north of the wall, you can figure out how to do this by reading blogs!

Carrier Pigeons and Blogs

In Game of Thrones, people also communicate by using carrier pigeons.  When something major happens, like the death of a king or, in Ned Stark’s case, the Hand of the King, information is spread by sending a short message strapped to a pigeon’s leg.

A blog post is a little like this short message.  A blog can’t be too long.  So you have to get to the point very quickly and communicate information succinctly.  A blog is also like a carrier pigeon in that it travels very fast.  As soon as you post a blog, it’s out there on the internet and can be read by a large number of people anywhere in the world.

Plus, a blog is also the perfect way to impart news but in a more personal way.  You’re not just covering news items the way that a newspaper would.  You’re also trying to make people understand why that piece of news is relevant to them.  You’re trying to help them to prepare themselves for what’s happening in the future, just like the carrier pigeons of Game of thronesContact us for more information about blog-writing for your small business.

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts. — Scott

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Buy Blog Posts To Show That You Specialize In Conflict Management

buy blog postsIf you are in the consulting or training business, you know conflict is a reality in the workplace that can cost the company significant money. In the Business Conflict Blog, they analyze a survey of the Fortune 1000 companies. The blog states that the companies see mediation and informal approaches to early resolution of conflicts as a valuable management tool, and a way to save their companies lost time and money. However, most people are not trained in conflict management, so companies hire consultants or trainers.

If you are trained in conflict management, let it be known! People need your help. Include blogs on your webpage that show you understand how to train in conflict resolution and management. Include information with the sources and approaches you might use.

Below is a sample blog that would demonstrate how you might approach such training.


Do you think about how to build a great workplace? Do you think about how to have a workplace without conflicts that cost the business time and money? Do you use the best approaches with handling conflict?

Start with understanding how to help employees working through conflicts. Business Management recognizes that the first need is to minimize the potential for conflict.

Alan Godwin, a psychologist who specializes in conflict resolution and management, describes a process that minimizes potential for conflict. According to Godwin, in order to have a great workplace, everyone needs to understand that:

  • Relationships involve conflict. We might not like it, but in the workplace, there will be conflicts.
  • The workplace will be great when people know how to handle conflict. This means that people need to learn to work through conflicts and how to communicate in the middle of conflicts.

Business Management states the second need is to coach team members and see the positives.

What will this look like in a workplace after successful coaching?

  • People will argue, but instead of pushing buttons and lashing out at each other, they will commit to work through the problem.
  • People will settle arguments and then let them go instead of bringing them up again.
  • People will work together and strive to work well together  – even if they don’t agree.
  • People seek to learn more about conflicts and how to work well together within the conflicts.

So, how do you build a great workplace where everyone can productively work through conflicts? Start by understanding conflict and deliberately talking  through potential conflicts before they happen. Devote some time to training that will proactively solve conflicts before they happen.

Wondering how to design that type of training for your workplace? Just contact us and let’s talk.


Would you like to see articles like this on your website? We have you covered. All you have to do is contact us and ask how to buy blog posts.

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How A Legitimate Opportunity To Work From Home Allowed Me To Make My Dreams Come True

By Grace Conyers, a BlogMutt writer who is making her dreams come true. Learn more about Grace, her dreams, and company at her blog.

legitimate opportunity to work from homeI’ve always wanted to work as a local field archaeologist and bootstrap my own research and development business. The problem is, archaeology is seasonal, and bootstrapping is expensive. The field season starts spiking in spring, then continues to grow until summer and starts to quickly drop off in the fall. If I wanted to work all year round, I’d have to travel further afield and look for work several states away. Unfortunately, the further away you look, the more expensive it gets. There was no way I could afford to do both dreams at once.

With seasonal work like this, it’s hard to plan for finances. To make ends meet and work my dream job, I needed to find a legitimate opportunity to work from home. Maybe then I could work both dreams of working in the field and crafting my own company.

I had tried a few different places from Fiverr to Snag-a-Job to Craigslist. Finally, I worked up the courage to try freelance writing. I had been writing for years, but I never thought I could make enough money off it to make ends meet. At first I tried Elance and Guru with limited success; I just couldn’t bid low enough to keep up with overseas competition and pay my bills. I tried Writer Access and others, but there was never enough work to make ends meet, let alone enough in a technical or business fields for me to stay interested. So, I gave up for a while while I worked seasonal retail jobs for the Christmas season.

When the holiday season work ran dry, I started delving into the world of freelance work again. I was close to giving up my dream of being an archaeologist during part of the year and started searching in earnest for what the world might call “real work” on LinkedIn, Indeed.com, and the local paper. I was in a freelance writers forum in LinkedIn when BlogMutt crossed my path.

The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Could this be the legitimate opportunity to work from home that will make my dreams come true?”

Answer: Yes, it was.

Within a few days I was set up with an account and writing. The variety of clients from technical to business concepts kept me happily writing long after quitting time. I was learning new things, then writing about them for the clients. To me it was having a paid internship, and this made all the difference in the world. And the money woes? Well, let’s just say I’m happy to be leaving for my first field assignment in a week without worrying about the future or my company.

How would legitimate work from home change your life? We’d like to know.

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WOOF Round-Up: It’s Music To Our Ears!

Here is your weekly WOOF round-up, of the words of the day from the dictionaries of the day. Savor these lexical goodies and the awesome art that goes along with them!

weekly woof round-up nohMonday: Noh Drama — Archaic and highly-stylized Japanese drama. Uniformly tragic, it integrates singing, speech, and mime. Wooden masks are used for both male and female characters, though all actors are male. (1997 Dictionary of Global Culture)

Tuesday: The Devonian Period — “The Age of Fishes.” Began nearly 400 million years ago. Evolution was moving rapidly, and all major groups of fishes appeared by the end of this age. Here, pectoral fins began to evolve to legs.  (1972 Concise Color Encyclopedia of Nature)

Wednesday: Wreck of the Hesperus — An 1842 poem by Longfellow, based on a particularly horrific shipwreck. The poem became so well-known that “wreck of Hesperus” also became an expression for any disheveled thing, as in, “You look like the wreck of the Hesperus.” (1984 Salty Words)

Thursday: “Music has charms to soothe the savage breast / To soften rocks, and bend the knotted oak.” From Congreve’s 1697 “Mourning Bride.” (1854 Complete Dictionary of Poetical Quotations)

Friday: Housekeeping — Computer operations that do not directly contribute toward the desired results, but are a necessary part of a program, such as initialization, set-up, and clean-up operations. (1992 Webster’s New World Dictionary of Computer Terms)

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Blogging for Marketers: Science Reveals The Key To Branding Success

By G. Race

Chief among the value of marketing is its ability to create brand trust. One great way of doing this is to turn to the latest in science for help. As the blog below illustrates, keys to branding success can even be found in something so seemingly trivial as a scientific inquiry into the eyes of cereal box characters.


Study Shows Eyes are Windows to Branding Success

The first to encapsulate the idea that “the eyes are the window to the soul” is hidden in the mists of history. Some claim it as on old English proverb, others hail Shakespeare as the bardic originator. The Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, however, are the ones who have proven that the eyes, along with possibly revealing our inner selves, are most certainly windows to branding success.

The Cornell researchers recently conducted a study on how cereal box marketing techniques work on consumers. Specifically, they set out to discover whether or not cereal box characters make eye contact with consumers. If so, does that influence the choices made by both adults and children?

blogging for marketersThey began by evaluating 65 different cereals, 86 different characters, in 10 different grocery stores on the East coast. Initial findings revealed that children’s cereals were, on average, placed on the bottom two shelves in stores while adult cereals were typically found on the top two shelves. This becomes important when considering that, in both cases, the respective levels of the spokes-characters allowed incidental eye contact with the target consumer.

Just how “incidental” is this eye contact? The characters on children’s cereal boxes, 57 of the total studied, gazed outwards from their boxes at a specifically effective angle of 9.67 degrees, slightly downwards. Adults, on the other hand, are treated to a fairly straight-on .43 degree upward gaze.

Researchers then turned their attention to what effect this might actually have. They wanted to discover, much to the jubilation of marketers everywhere, to what extent this eye contact with cereal box characters influences feelings of trust in connection with a specific brand.

Adult participants were shown one of two different versions of the same brand of cereal. On one, the character was looking straight at the viewer, while on the other the character looked down.

Findings show an impressive 16% jump in brand trust and a whopping 28% increase in feelings of connection with that brand when the spokes-character made eye contact. Subjects reported actually liking that brand of cereal better, the eye contact promoting positive feelings and encouraging consumers to buy it.

According to the scientists at Cornell’s Food and Brand Lab, what these results boil down to is,”If you are a parent who does not want your kids to go ‘cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs’ avoid taking them down the cereal aisle. If you are a cereal company looking to market healthy cereals to kids, use spokes-characters that make eye contact with children to create brand loyalty!”

Saying that “the eyes are the window to the soul” may be neither original nor new; the marketing methods of shelf placement and the psychology of advertising spokes-characters may not be a big secret. However, with these studies, Cornell researchers have given marketers and businesses in all industries a glimpse into how we might use the eyes as windows to branding success.


Blogging for marketers is really about communicating your abilities to create brand trust. Contact us to find out more ways that we can help you do just that!

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts. — Scott

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Blogging for Nonprofits: 9 Compelling Reasons You SHOULD Be Doing It!

Nonprofits are serious about content marketing, according to a recent study by the Content Marketing Institute. They found that 92 percent of nonprofits are using social media, blogging, email, and videos for their content marketing efforts. While the findings blogging for nonprofitsshow that fundraising is often the primary motivation, there are some other interesting reasons why blogging for nonprofits is advantageous.

1. Trust. Donors naturally get nervous about charity scams. Reassure them of your credibility with a regularly updated and substantial blog.

2. Postal increases. The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers is fighting the recent USPS rate increases. Whatever happens, digital communications look more efficient than ever: dissemination of information is faster and cheaper through a blog.

3. Networking. Discover new program partners and supporters. Make it easier for people to find your organization online.

4. Awareness. Unlike businesses that need to make sales, just spreading the word may complete at least part of your job. A blog can share the latest research about a disease or educate people about the risk factors.

5. Call to action. Use your blog to promote change. Encourage members to call their member of Congress or modify their lifestyle.

6. Stories. Make a lasting impression by telling personal stories. It beats dry facts.

7. Two way communication. Your constituents may want to talk back. Strive to represent the people you serve.

8. Nontraditional volunteers. Can you even remember back when women who didn’t work outside the home did most of the volunteering? Today, you may get a helping hand from anyone anywhere who reads your blog.

9. Fundraising. We’re not saying that fundraising isn’t important. In fact, addressing additional areas of emphasis may bring in more money and fuel more progress.

Contact us for easy, hassle-free blog writing services. We use a crowd of professional writers who can write about any niche.

(Note: no longer content writing services keyword)

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Blogging For Small Business: Dance Studios

Dance lessons appeal to some people because they enjoy music. They want to learn how to move to the music, and look good doing it! But dance lessons also appeal to people who need to learn the skill for a special event, like a wedding. Since people have such varied reasons for wanting to learn how to dance, how do you attract all those types of people to your studio for dance lessons? One way to attract these customers is to blog! Each week, feature a blog post that speaks to each dance-curious customer, and their reasons for wanting to begin lessons. Here’s an example post.


Have you been thinking about lessons in ballroom dancing? Maybe you’ve come up with excuses why you shouldn’t. Stop that! This week, we’re dispelling four of the most common myths and excuses people make to themselves, about why they want to take ballroom dancing lessons — but can’t.

Reason #1: You need a partner to go dancing. You’re single, and you can’t take dance lessons unless you have a partner. 

THINK AGAIN: We welcome single people and people with partners. We will teach you to ballroom dance with your partner, or with a partner from our studio. You also don’t need a partner to go dancing in social events. Without a partner, you can network more at business socials, and you can meet a lot of new people.

blogging for small businessReason #2: You have to take years and years of lessons to go to a dance event. After all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself!

THINK AGAIN: After a few dance lessons, you will be able to attend a practice party at our studio. We also think that after a few lessons, you could dance at a party without being embarrassed. You will be imbued with confidence because of your training and practice, and that will radiate to everyone else!

Reason #3: I don’t fit in at the night club scene.

THINK AGAIN: Dancing isn’t always at the night club. There are lots of opportunities to show off your moves. Holiday parties, weddings, or even the dance floor on a date are all great places to use what you’ve learned.

Reason #4: Dancing is really hard! 

THINK AGAIN: We’re professionals, and we’re here to make it easy for you. And while dancing can be exercise, we aren’t going to work out like you see on Dancing With the Stars. Any lessons you take will be at your pace. You want to have fun dancing, not be a sweaty mess.

Interested? Have more reasons to not take lessons? Then contact us and let’s discuss it.


This is the type of blog that will get all kinds of people thinking about coming to your studio for lessons. Don’t have time to write a blog post a week? You don’t have to — just contact us and ask us about blogging for small business.

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Blogging for Cloud Services Is the Beacon to Beckon Buyers

By Curt Smothers

The title to this piece employs both alliteration–all those Bs — and a metaphor within the alliteration — the beacon. Then, of course, there’s the nebulous use of the term cloud services that encompasses a growing array of business models in cyber space that are — simile alert! — like ships looking for passengers.

blogging for cloud servicesLet’s continue with the ships simile here. Cloud services come in different sizes, depending on the niche they attempt to occupy. They can be lifeboat-sized e-mail service providers, or somewhere in the Queen Mary realm of complete enterprise software subscription packages.

No matter what your size and scope, your cloud service relies on a universe of clients who have a plethora of choices. You may have done all the marketing to launch and keep your cyber enterprise afloat, but what else can you do?

You can close your eyes and recite our alliterative mantra three times: “blogging is the beacon to beckon buyers!” But before you do that, try to imprint the following underpinning philosophy of that mantra:

  • Blogging is a sleek, quick and a great way to actually converse with your sea of potential customers looking for your goods.
  • Blogging can be the timely and informative quality content that will bring you to the web crawler’s home port — i.e., top of the search results page.
  • Blogging is the world’s cheapest marketing tool. You can link a good blog to your home page, your social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. — and it will do double duty as your beacon in the white fog of…well, you get it, right?

Blogs, of course, must be artfully written and get past the web crawlers’ tendencies to make bottom feeders out of keyword stuffers who employ a host of other lubberly practices. (There actually is a word lubberly. It means unskilled and clumsy. In nautical parlance it means inexperienced in seamanship.)

The art of taking blogging from lubberly to lovely involves good, relevant, and timely writing. That doesn’t mean dumbing down; rather, a nicely written blog is more like the tender loving care the United States Coast Guard gives when it looks after lighthouse and channel beacons.

So if you’re busy with the main engine of your cloud service, you might not have the time nor the inclination to write. Ahoy there! Contact us and we’ll be your crowdsourced blogging crew, who will step lively and keep your beacon shining brightly.

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts. — Scott

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