#Woof Roundup – The Mork and Mindy House

The Mork and Mindy house at 1619 Pine Street.  Photo courtesy of Liz, who always wanted a pair of rainbow suspenders.

The Mork and Mindy house at 1619 Pine Street in Boulder, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Liz, who has always wanted a pair of rainbow suspenders.

Nanu Nanu!  Welcome to the #woof roundup, a compilation of the words of the day from the dictionaries of the day.

Here in Boulder, Colorado, BlogMutt International Headquarters is situated only five blocks away from the famous ‘Mork and Mindy House’ located at 1619 Pine Street. Built in 1883, and remodeled in 1894, the Queen Anne-style house was originally the home of lumber magnate Ira McAllister. The home is officially known as The McAllister House, and is designated as a historical landmark.  Many of the neighboring buildings are also significant to that period of history, including the residence of a former Boulder mayor.

The McAllister House got an international boost when its exterior was photographed and featured as the home of Mindy McConnell for Mork and Mindy. Though most of the show was filmed in LA, many shots were taken in Boulder, including one of Robin Williams rollerskating down the Pearl Street Mall. On the Mall, the New York Deli was a popular hangout for the cast and crew, and is now the home of Hapa Sushi. According to IMDB, the McAllister House became the most visited landmark in Boulder in 2004. Unfortunately, that designation intensified after Mr. Williams’s recent passing. Thousands flocked to Pine Street to pay their respects and leave tributes to the beloved alien from Ork. Today, all but a few of the tributes have been cleared, and the street is quiet. We sincerely hope that Mr. Williams has found peace, and that his humor will be remembered by generations.

Halal - The Quranic term for that which is lawful or allowed…in particular, it refers to the permitted categories of food and drink.  (1996 The Muslim Almanac)

Nanu Nanu – A slang term which means “Hello” or “Hi” made famous by Robin Williams in the TV series Mork & Mindy back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As in: “I am Mork from Ork, Nanu Nanu.” (www.urbandictionary.com)

Solidago – The botanical name for goldenrod.  (1997 Taylor’s Dictionary for Gardeners)

Cerumen – Another word for earwax. (1986 Dictionary of Disgusting Facts)


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Dispelling Three Myths about Content Writing

As savvy marketers continue to see the success of blogging in their inbound marketing efforts, the number of blog-writing services and content writers have started popping up everywhere. As a result, there is some confusion about who content writers are and about what services they provide.

Blog writers, in short, contribute content on behalf of companies and agencies looking to grow their influence online. With quality content being more important than ever, busy companies simply don’t have the time, resources, or staff to maintain a consistent, quality content engine.

No doubt, more than three myths about content writing exist, but these three are the most commonly cited and merit dispelling.

Three Myths about Content Writing:

  • Content Writers Produce Toneless, Robot-like Pieces.
    For this myth to be dispelled, all you have to do is scroll backward through this very blog. We often employ our own network of writers to provide fresh content, and as you can see, their work is both entertaining and compelling.
  • Content Writers Are Just Writers, and Therefore, Will Not Understand the Unique Needs of My Business.
    Wrong again. Writers are not mono-functioning humanoids with only one skill and interest. In fact, many freelance writers only write on the side while maintaining a full-time job. The majority of these writers are actively engaged in some other area of the work force: litigation, culinary arts, law enforcement, fashion, education, and so forth. Furthermore, some freelance writers are actually retirees capable of bringing an entire lifetime’s wealth of experience to their writing.
singer content writing

Just as a singer needs a publicist, a business needs a content writing service

  • Hiring a Content Writer or Service is a sign of weakness.
    Nothing could be further from the truth. You consider yourself an expert at what you do, just as we are experts at what we do. It’s no shame for a professional sports player to hire a nutritionist, a famous musician to hire a publicist, or a first-time home builder to hire an architect. In fact, not hiring experts to handle these matters would be considered foolish. Hiring experts to enhance your brand is not a sign of weakness: it’s a sign of strength. Outsourcing a weakness so you can focus on your strengths is working smarter, not harder.

Are you looking to take advantage of our expert content writers? Feel free to contact us.

Editor’s Note: What is it about lists? So crazy how everyone knows that lists make you read, and yet you still want to read the list. I had to know what the three items in this list were, and the writer did a great job of finding three items, and making a great case on each point. — Scott

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Making Time for Long-form Blog Posts

Although most experts seem fairly certain that the modern internet reader can only handle five hundred words at a time (or fewer, depending on who you read), a definite case can be made for developing more long-form blog posts. Though more of a time commitment for the writer, such posts can bolster a company’s image by proving not only that they’re capable of serious research, but also that they care enough about the field in which they work to make a significant contribution to its growth.

According to Michael Brito at Copyblogger, contributing long-form content not only demonstrates your expertise but also ensures that your site is more likely to show up in a search engine.

long form content pressure cooker

Creating long form content can be a pressure cooker for you. We can help relieve some of that pressure.

With such benefits in the offing, most business owners who operate their own blogs would be hard pressed not to consider providing long-form content. But with the pressure of conceptualizing, researching, writing, and polishing a long piece, how are they to handle keeping up with regular weekly content (as well as that little responsibility of keeping their actual business afloat)?

In a writing service, you will find an elegant solution. Allowing content writers to handle your immediate, short-form needs, you and your team can now devote your concerted efforts to developing long-form posts.

As an added bonus, a content writing service will complement your inbound marketing efforts. With the pressure off to produce weekly posts, you will be able to give your creativity and ingenuity free reign. No more will you feel tempted to post an article before it is fully researched just because it is time to provide fresh content.

To take advantage of our crop of well-seasoned writers, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to partnering with you to provide you the time needed to develop those much-needed long-form posts.

Editor’s Note: We’ve been thinking about this post around the office for days, and finally posted a request for this to our BlogMutt writers a couple of hours ago. It came in so fast, was so spot-on and so well done that we switched our post order around and posted it right away. Blogging is something that needs to be done for the long term, but getting quick little victories like this help keep us on fire for blogging! — Scott

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10 Reasons Blogging Is The Best Freelance Work From Home Opportunity For Seniors

For many seniors, social security benefits and retirement may not be enough to keep the bills paid and give them the freedom to travel and enjoy life the way they had planned.

elderly-man-working-at-homeFinding a job can be difficult and many have turned to non-traditional forms of employment. In fact, there are many excellent ways to make some supplemental income and blogging is one that more seniors are turning to. Here are 10 reasons blogging is the best freelance work from home opportunity for seniors.

  1. Allows you to share your expertise – Experience is the best teacher and blogging allows seniors to share with the world. Seniors have a lot to offer because of all the life and work experiences they have had. Years of working in a certain field or taking part in a hobby amount to a vast knowledge base that can be tapped to educate and entertain the younger generations.
  2. No age-discrimination - The sad truth is that seniors have a harder time finding a job in today’s fast paced, technology laden world. Companies often prefer to hire younger individuals over older workers. Freelance blogging avoids this problem all together, in fact, many blog sites are specifically intended for seniors and prefer senior writers.
  3. Can be done anytime-anywhere – Instead of having a set schedule where you have to be at work at a certain time and you can’t leave until the day is done, freelance blogging can be done at any time of the day or night. You can work from home, the library, a cafe or anywhere else for that matter. You decide where, when and how often you work. That’s freedom at its best.
  4. Doesn’t require any new training –You don’t have to go back to school to get a new degree or take a class to blog. There are no prerequisites, no outlandish requirements, no certifications and no degrees needed to be a blogger. If you can articulate your thoughts and type, even moderately, you’ve got all the skills you need.
  5. Requires minimal equipment– You don’t have to spend a dime to get started in blogging at all. Blogging is done online, but you don’t even need your own computer. Most libraries these days have community computers that you can. You could also borrow a computer from a family member, neighbor or friend.
  6. Puts your communication skills to use – For years you’ve been able to articulate your thoughts verbally and in written form whether for you job or in your personal life. As a senior, you’ve got the advantage in that sense, your skills have been honed to perfection. Using those skills keeps them in tip-top shape and allows you to share more of you.
  7. Keeps your mind sharp – Seniors that try new things run a lesser risk of developing memory issues and Dementia. Keeping our mind stimulated can benefit your health and well-being greatly. Actively taking part in blogging can be a huge boost to your memory and you’ll learn something along the way which will keep your mental capacity strong and healthy.
  8. Helps you keep up with current events & trends – New technologies are popping up all the time and many specifically benefit seniors. Blogging about the current events and trends of the world around you gives you an edge. Sharing that information with others enables them to benefit from your research as well.
  9. Adds to your monthly income – Living on a limited income can be very challenging. Social security benefits can hardly keep up with the increased cost of living we all face. Many seniors find themselves having to chose between paying bills, buying medications and eating. By writing just a few blog posts each month you can add enough to your income to make those choices much easier.
  10. Gives you bragging rights with the grandkids – When you start to blog and get really good at it, you’ll be able to speak the language of the young. Let them know that you’re a blogger now and they’ll be very impresses. The fact that you’re doing some freelance work online might even encourage them to do more than just play games with their computer.

Being a senior doesn’t have to mean quietly sitting in your rocking chair watching “The Price Is Right.” More and more seniors are taking advantage of technology to make their golden years richer and more satisfying. You too can benefit from this and if you’d like to find out more, contact us. We will be more than happy to talk to you about why blogging is the best freelance work from home opportunity for seniors.

Editor’s Note: One other reason that I love it when we have “seasoned citizens” writing for BlogMutt is that they more often came up in a school system that emphasized good grammar, proper sentence structure, and clarity above all else in writing. This post is just such an example and is written by one of our great and very productive writers. If you are a senior, please consider applying to write. If you want writers creating posts this good for your business, consider signing up as a customer. Thanks! — Scott 

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#Woof Roundup – Boulder, Colorado

The flatirons in winter.  Photo courtesy of Liz, who thinks the flatirons look like Middle Earth.

The Flatirons in winter. Photo courtesy of Liz, who thinks the Flatirons look like Middle Earth.

Welcome to the #woof roundup, a compilation of our words of the day from the dictionaries of the day.

BlogMutt’s International Headquarters is located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado! Settled in 1858, and incorporated as a town in 1871, Boulder is located 25 miles northwest of Denver, and is considered part of the Denver Metro area. According to 2010 census figures, 97,385 people are Boulder residents. The city is a hotspot for startups and is home to the University of Colorado, so the daytime population swells with commuters and students from surrounding towns. The most geographically and geologically prominent feature of the area is the Flatirons, a group of five low peaks that some say look like old-fashioned irons. Geology plays a large role in Boulder and Colorado history. The town is named for the many granite rocks that populate nearby Boulder Creek, and in 1859, before Colorado was even a territory, gold was struck in Gold Hill, just four miles up Boulder Creek. The resulting rush drew thousands of prospectors to Boulder and other Colorado towns, and many people stayed. Colorado became a territory in 1861, and received statehood in 1876, hence the nickname ‘The Centennial State.’

Have a great week!

Zeitgeist – From German, meaning ‘spirit of the time.’ In art terms, refers to certain elements characterizing the mood, thinking, and resulting art production of a period or moment.  (1992 The Bulfinch Pocket Dictionary of Art Terms)

Boulder, CO - A city 25 miles northwest of Denver, CO. Population 97,385. Settled in 1858, incorporated as a town in 1871, elevation 5430 feet. (1997 Merriam Webster’s Geographical Dictionary, Third Edition)

Pentateuch – The first five books of the Christian Bible. In Judaism, the pentateuch is known as the Torah, or the law. (1995 Dictionary of the Bible)

Matriculation – In higher education, the first registration following admission as a classified student. (1968 Dictionary of Personnel and Guidance Terms)

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Blogging By Teachers: It Takes One To Know One

By Ruth Buchanan

blogging by teachersWhen Charles Dickens penned the opening to A Tale of Two Cities, he purportedly offered commentary on the French Revolution, but he might as well have been describing the experience of classroom teaching:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us… (A Tale of Two Cities)

The comparisons are undeniable.

How do I know this? Because I am a teacher with fourteen years of classroom experience.

And here’s the thing about about being a teacher: there really is nothing else like it in the world, and nobody knows that better than another teacher.

When it comes to teachers, it really does take one to know one, and we can spot material written by a non-teacher a full staff-parking-lot away. That’s why blogging for teachers requires more than care, research, and writing skills: it requires empathy.

Just as the best educational resources are organic, having been developed by teachers, for teachers, and work-shopped with real students during the course of a full academic year, the best teaching blogs are developed from the ground up.

Teachers don’t want to use curriculum developed for theoretical students by people who have never set foot in the classroom, and they don’t want to take advice from bloggers who haven’t been there either.

That’s why experienced (and retired!) teachers prove a huge asset to the online community: they’re able to offer the wisdom gleaned over many years to Millennials who are just coming up the ranks and are scouring the internet for tips that will ease the strain of those frantic early years.

To take advantage of our diverse staff of writers (many of whom also have teaching experience), please feel free to contact us.

Editor’s Note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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Attract New Clients With Inbound Educational Blogging For Consulting Services

Whether your consulting business is new or established, your marketing campaign centers around your expertise and your credibility. Name recognition doesn’t hurt, either.

Let’s look at a powerful way to achieve all three: blogging for consulting services.

Blogging as an inbound educational tool can drive potential clients to your website again and again. More than achieving mere name recognition, you wind up lending credibility to your claim of expertise. How? By blogging about the lessons learned from the latest innovations, which shouts to the world that:

  • you stay on top of what’s current, and
  • you are capable of translating business lessons from one company and applying those lessons to a different company—even one with a different mission.

Here’s a sample inbound educational blog post that will encourage potential clients to return to your website repeatedly.


We’ve all read about innovative products that are costly to develop. Invariably, those costs are passed on to customers in the form of high-priced products.

It turns out, however, that product innovations need not always be expensive either to develop or to purchase. In fact, for some specific product ecosystems, the only way to succeed is to develop and launch inexpensively.

blogging for consulting servicesThe mission of Manu Prakash’s lab at Stanford University is democratizing science. That mission led them to develop their Foldscope, a $1 paper microscope whose power is “equal to the power of a desktop instrument costing $1,000,” according to Bloomberg’s Businessweek. It’s a stellar example of an inexpensive and exciting product.

Getting To The Launch Date

Ideas for inexpensive innovations often rely on the same basic innovation processes as their more expensive counterparts:

  • ask the right questions,
  • consider the ecosystem,
  • test and retest, and
  • get customer feedback

Prakash, a biophysicist, does fieldwork in places such as Thailand. “‘We ship research equipment and hope it’ll survive,’” he says in Businessweek. Field scientists like him lug the heavy, fragile, and costly equipment from field site to field site.

Prakash asked himself whether a light-weight and low-cost alternative could be possible.

The result? A “pocket-sized paper microscope made from a single sheet of folded paper, a pair of lenses, and an LED” with modular, interchangeable parts—the perfect instrument for the ecosystem in which field scientists work.

But that’s not all.

The Foldscope’s other significant benefit? The role it is poised to play in disease prevention: “‘Try explaining to a kid who has never seen anything microscopic why he should wash his hands,’” says Prakash in the Businessweek article. “‘A microscope completely changes the dialogue of sanitation.’”

With its ease, convenience, and unbeatable cost of about $1 per Foldscope, the product is likely to have a healthy impact on the fields of disease prevention and health education.

Once Prakash and his team had designed and developed a workable product, as Businessweek reports, they raised grant funds for beta-testing: they sent out 10,000 Foldscopes to field scientists chosen on the basis of pre-submitted scientific research questions.

The Foldscope Team reports that the beta-testing phase is now over. They now will turn to crowdsourcing for customer feedback: “We will be choosing 10,000 people who would like to test the microscopes in a variety of settings and help us generate an open source biology/microscopy field manual written by people from all walks of life.”

Foldscope is a textbook model for an inexpensive yet innovative product concept and design that takes into account the new idea’s ecosystem, and incorporates product testing followed by real user feedback. The opportunity to offer a product that has a positive impact on the quality of many people’s lives helps, too.

Inbound educational blogs have the ability to inspire a large readership. Who wouldn’t want to hire a consultant like that?


At BlogMutt, talented writers can help showcase your talent for executive coaching, business consulting, and much more, through strategically crafted blogs that help you achieve your own business mission.

Contact us to see how we can help your consulting services attract new clients with inbound educational blogging.

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Our Free WordPress Blogging Tool (After A Painful Admission)

BlogMutt Idea GeneratorI probably shouldn’t admit this… Probably going to get kicked out of all the writers groups…

First, some background: I’ve been writing professionally since college. I worked at newspapers back in the day. Magazines, too. I wrote a book. I figure I’ve gotten paid to write something like a million words.

My admission is that I’ve never once written a piece of fiction. Every writer I know has some fictional work at some stage of completion, but not me.

In all those mountains of words, I’ve never started a story with characters and plot that came from my imagination. Not once. I’m somewhat in awe of people who can do that, actually.

When I was a reporter at newspapers, I even had trouble with “feature” stories, the stories that are not hard news but that are just about an interesting topic with no place to put “a police spokesman said today” anywhere in the story.

I once wrote about a rescue helicopter that crashed high in the mountains while on a rescue mission, and about the much larger helicopter that went to get all those injured the next morning. (Nobody died, thank goodness.) I wrote something like 1,500 words about the whole event, and had it done in a couple of hours. I won some awards for my work.

But then when an editor would say to me, an award-winning writer: “We need to write about teenagers,” my response was something like: “Why? Were some of them in a helicopter that crashed?”

When it came time to come up with an angle… an approach… a way to start a feature story… … I floundered.

So when Wade Green and I started BlogMutt, a service that provides what is essentially a series of feature stories for businesses, we knew we needed to develop with a way to help writers come up with an angle from scratch. 

That’s why we invented an idea generator for our US writers. They are busy creating business blog posts for customers from around the world  in every niche imaginable. The writers can just click a button and our system helps them out.

The way it works is that we have drawn up a list of nearly 1,000 classic headlines for business blog posts. Then we combine the forms of those classics with the keywords related to the customer. With that, we can provide a small spark for our thousands of writers, all with software.

If they struggle the way I struggled, in one click they can get a suggested headline and start of their blog post. To be sure, sometimes the suggestions sound ridiculous. “Six fun, lighthearted facts about Enterprise Healthcare Security.” Sometimes there are four clunkers in a row, but then the fifth one comes: “What they don’t teach about Enterprise Healthcare Security in College” and some neuron fires off of another, and… boom! You have the kernel of a post, and can go from there. 

The other thing that often works is to just do a Google News search for the keywords. Sometimes you get lucky and there’s a helicopter crash related to the topics of your business. Kidding. Anyway, we made a tool for the writers that presents a Google News search on the keywords in a handy place. The writers love that one, too.

We’ve been tinkering with those tools now for more than a year and they work really, really well.

With this newsletter, in what may be a foolhardy gesture, we’re announcing that we are giving the tools away

Here’s how it works: If you have a WordPress blog you just download the BlogMutt Idea Generator. Enter some keywords and you’re done with the setup. After that you’ll have three tools available to you.

Tool One: A small lightbulb will appear in your blog window. From now on you won’t need to face that empty blog window with a sense of dread. Just click the lightbulb and an idea and a rough beginning of the post will magically appear in your blog window. If that idea doesn’t work, fear not! Just click again and another idea will populate your blog window.

Tool Two: If you want to do a Google News search, we have a small search icon next to the BlogMutt lightbulb. Click that, and a custom search appears in a new tab.  

Tool Three: You’ll get a weekly email with five headlines that are produced by the BIG. 

Those tools are all part of the BlogMutt Idea Generator — the BIG — that you can download right now from the BlogMutt WordPress Plugin Page, or you can read more on our page.

I hope you use these tools in good health, and they inspire you to many great blogs.

-Scott Yates
Founder, BlogMutt

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2014 Statistics That Will Make You Say Wow: Blogging For Small Business

We’ve all heard that blogging is important and that it will positively impact business. But do we really know that? Take a moment and look at these statistics.

In 2014, HubSpot reported:

blogging for small business1. Companies that blog generate 67 percent more leads each month than companies that do not blog. Why? Because people are more likely to research companies or products before contacting a company. Blogs can provide valuable information. When a person likes a blog, they are likely to subscribe, and then share via their social media. This has great potential to generate more leads.

2. Eighty percent of people say they are active blog readers. Why? People have discovered that there is valuable information on the Internet, and they use that information to make decisions. And technology is making it easier and easier to be an active blog reader. So that 80 percent will probably be closer to 90 percent in a few years.

3. Companies that have a blog linked to a company website have higher Internet rankings. Why? Blogs give websites 434 percent more indexed pages and 97 perfect more indexed links. So, the more blog posts you publish, the more likely your site will rank high on search engines. However, know the guidelines for publishing blog posts so you are not demoted from search ranking for spamming key words.

4. Seventy-five percent of people never scroll past the first page or search results when using the Internet. Why? If a company isn’t ranked high on an Internet search, then why take the time to find them? Also, most of people want the Internet to give fast results and don’t want to spend time scrolling through multiple pages of search results. So take point number three to heart, and realize how blog posts can increase ROI by increasing Internet ranking.

5. Eighty percent of people who are making a business decision want to be educated. They do not want to read marketing. Why? People are reading your blog posts to learn more about products and your company. If they want to learn more, then they will respond to marketing. So, be sure your blog posts are a healthy balance of marketing and education.

Did you catch all of that? Wow, blogging for small business is important. The statistics confirm what we all thought. We’d love to continue this conversation with you, so please contact us, and let’s talk.

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#WOOF Roundup – Caisson

An illustration of a Brooklyn Bridge caisson.

An illustration of a Brooklyn Bridge caisson.

Welcome to the #woof roundup, a compilation of our many words of the day from the dictionaries of the day.

From The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture, the word caisson is defined as an air chamber, driven down to the soil and filled with concrete (complete definition below).  Caissons were first used in American marine construction in the late 1800s, and they gained fame during construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, and the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, Missouri.  Both construction projects were undertaken on a massive scale.  The caissons for the Brooklyn Bridge were so large that workers entered the caissons to dig down to the final foundation bedrock for the bridge pilings.  The caissons were pumped full of pressurized air to keep water and other debris out of the work area.  As men surfaced from their job site, some began to fall ill, and even died, due to the rapid decompression of air in their surroundings.  They were suffering from decompression sickness, which became known as Caisson Disease.  Today, Caisson Disease is commonly called the bends.

The architectural definition is only one of many for caisson.  From The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition, here’s the full definition:

Caisson – 1. A watertight structure within which construction work is carried on under water.  2. A device used to raise sunken objects, consisting of a hollow structure that is submerged, attached tightly to the object, and pumped free of water.  3. A large box open at the top and one side, designed to fit against the side of a ship and used to repair damaged hulls under water. 4. A floating structure used to close off the entrance to a dock or canal lock.  5.a. A horse-drawn vehicle, usually two-wheeled, used to carry artillery ammunition and coffins at military funerals. b. A large box used to hold ammunition.

Meaning #2 is used for sunken ship retrievals.  Meaning #4 was recently put in place to help save Venice, Italy from crippling tidal floods.  The image of meaning #5.a. was burned into recent American memory during the funeral of President John F. Kennedy.  Meanings #5.a. and #5.b. were woven by Edmund Gruber into “The Caisson Song,” re-written by H.W. Arberg as “The Army Goes Rolling Along,” the official song of the U.S. Army.

What unites these engineering and military themes?  Their original shapes.  Caisson is a word descended from Latin, Old French, and French, meaning box, or large box.

Wishing you a great week!


Caisson – An air chamber, resembling a well, driven down to a firm foundation stratum in the soil and filled with concrete. Used for construction below water or on waterlogged ground. (1966  The Penguin Dictionary of Architecture)

Syntax – The study and rules of the relation of words to one another as expressions of ideas and as parts of the structures of sentences; the study and science of sentence construction. (1978 Dictionary of Linguistics)

Ground Lease – A long-term lease (i.e. 30 years or more) of land alone. (1992 Dictionary of Personal Finance)

The Alb – A floor-length white robe a priest wears during mass. From the Latin “tunica alba”.

Mugwump - A person who remains aloof from party politics. From an epithet used to describe independent Republicans in the 1884 US election.

Jubilus – The long melismatic vocalization of the Alleluias, sung to the final vowel ‘a.’ (1947 Harvard Dictionary of Music)

Jaunty – The adjective jaunty is said to be an anglicized, phonetic representation of the French word gentil, meaning an easy, sprightly manner. Used as a noun, jaunty, or jonty as it was sometimes spelled, means the master-at-arms aboard a British warship–the officer responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations, as well as for meting out punishment. The nautical jaunty is said to be a corruption of gendarme, the French word for “police officer.”

(1996 When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There’s The Devil To Pay, Seafaring Words in Everyday Speech)

Mental Hygiene – Science of maintaining healthy mental and emotional responses and preventing development of insanity and neurosis. (1943 Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary)

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