Do You Know How Long A Blog Post Should Be For SEO?

Ah, those three little words: search engine optimization. Although their importance is undeniable, the debate often rages regarding how SEO can best be achieved.

Today we decided to tackle this aspect of the question: how long should a blog post be for SEO?

blog post seoFirst Consideration: The facts are always changing. This is because Google itself is always changing. People who base their SEO data on what Google does this week might not be offering information that will still be current next week. Because of this ever-changing system, nailing down hard facts, such as an exact word count, can be tricky.

Second Consideration: Specific keywords are just a jumping off point. For those unsure of what SEO is and how it works, we recommend this excellent summary, not only because it offers such a succinct analysis of the process, but because it also reminds bloggers that while keywords are important to help bring potential customers to your site, the keywords are only a starting place. Framing those keywords within a setting of unique and fresh content will go a long way towards ensuring that your posts are effective.

Third Consideration: Freshness counts. In his wonderful article on how content influences Google rankings, Cyrus Shepard has this to say about the issue of freshness:

Instead of revising individual pages, websites add completely new pages over time. This is the case with most blogs. Websites that add new pages at a higher rate may earn a higher freshness score than sites that add content less frequently. Some SEOs insist you should add 20-30% new pages to your site every year. This provides the opportunity to create fresh, relevant content, although you shouldn’t neglect your old content if it needs attention. (The Moz Blog).

Fourth Consideration: Nobody agrees. A recent article from Forbes reminds bloggers that a case can be made for both long and short blog posts. Depending on style, content, and purpose of the post, the length could vary anywhere between 200 to 1,000+ words and still be effective.

So where does that leave us?

Remember that although word count and keywords do matter for SEO, they only matter to an extent. Rather than attempting to hit a specific formula by focusing solely on these two issues, focus on offering interesting, relevant posts regularly.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us.

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Blogging For Innovation, Motivation, And Inspiration

This is a sample of how a blog post can feature a current news topic and use it to get people thinking. Blog posts can motivate, inspire, and make use of crowdsourcing to come up with creative and fresh ideas in any field. Using something currently in the headlines can show consumers how your business is attuned to the latest trends.

bloggingIn today’s fast-paced technological world, new product ideas are increasingly coming from unconventional places. As the headlines reveal, product development is now often the result of crowdsourcing, disruptive innovation, and grassroots efforts.  Highlighting these headlines on your blog will not only make it more engaging and topical for your readers, it may inspire your own product development.

A recent article in the Washington Post told of a group of four undergraduates who developed a nail polish that could prevent date rape. The polish will change color when exposed to common date-rape drugs such as Rohypnol, Xanax, and GHB (Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid). All a woman has to do to find out if one of these drugs has been slipped into her drink is to stir it with her finger.

The group received $100,000 from an investor who saw their product at a student competition showcase. But we don’t have to depend on the younger generation to provide us with fresh ideas. Blogging for product development can inspire and motivate individuals to become innovative. Here are three ways that putting interesting headlines in your blog can keep you looking ahead:

  1. It’s no accident that the “who” behind a lot of these stories of innovation is from the younger generations. As we age, we tend to let some of our creative imagination slip away. From children at playtime to students in competitions, the message you should take away is “never stop learning.”
  2. If you are going to develop a new product, it is more likely to become successful if it helps people.  Everyone is looking for ways to make a job easier, save some time, money, or effort, or as is the case with this new product, to offer some sort of protection.  The nail polish appealed to many because, as one of the inventors stated, “All of us have been close to someone who has been through the terrible experience [of date rape], and we began to focus on finding a way to help prevent the crime.” Highlight issues in your blog that your products can help address.
  3. Raise your hand if you’ve ever asked yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Somewhere inside you is that person saying, “I coulda, woulda, shoulda,” that may just need a little inspiration and guidance to come out.

You can find out more about ideas, innovation, and inspiration that can be developed through blogging when you contact us and follow us on Twitter.

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Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of Choosing A Professional Writing Service

You might believe that your small business is about as far away from the celebrity world as the moon is from the sun, which is about 93 million miles, by the way. However, if you want to become a true star in your business and stand above all of the others in your industry, you simply can’t entertain those kinds of thoughts.

professional writing serviceThink about any awards show you’ve seen: whether it’s the Emmys or the Oscars, whom do the winning artists usually thank? Many thank a higher power, most thank their parents, and some thank the other celebrities they worked with or collaborated with. But whom do they also tend to thank? Their agents.

While an agent is not exactly like a professional writing service, there are similarities. A talent agent helps stars find work, whether they’re actors, athletes, writers, or musicians. What does this have to do with blogging? Well, an engaging blog post can get you more business, and a professional writing service creates blog posts that you can use without having to write them yourself. It’s like the agent finding work for a movie star or helping find a publisher for a writer’s latest novel. Obviously, the agent doesn’t do all of the work — a blog post alone won’t run your business — but it is a way of getting more attention and keeping your customers engaged. The more they want to keep coming back to read your blog, the more interested they become in your brand.

Of course, blogging alone won’t make your business a star, but it does help find new customers and keep the ones you already have. On social media, for instance, how many times have you seen a title of a post and clicked it just to see what it was about? These titles may sound silly or annoying like, “At First I Was Shocked, Then I Was in Tears,” or “I Can’t Believe What She Found Under the Sofa!” While these titles are extreme, they get attention — in the form of clicks. Though you’ll probably opt for a more professional tone, writing services are experts at coming up with titles that appeal directly to your target audience, so your blog can get the attention it deserves.

The great thing is that you choose the keywords and writing topics and the work gets done for you. You don’t have to write the engaging content yourself but you still get to reap the benefits. If you want to become a rock star in your own industry, the right tools are crucial. Even James Brown, the hardest-working man in show business, needed a manager. Want to learn more? Simply contact us and we’ll help you become a real celebrity in your business.

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Blogging For The Freelance Writing Industry

blogging for the freelance writing industryMost freelance writers are avid blog readers. If you are writing a blog post targeted to freelance writers, you can almost guarantee that you will have an audience.  The challenge to blogging for the freelance writing industry is that these readers will be discerning in their choice of blogs. The readers will not waste their time on a blog that does not provide them with the information and resources that they need.

Good Writing

The most important part of targeting your blog to writers is that your writing needs to be superb. One misspelled word or grammatical mistake could turn many readers away. This audience will know immediately whether your writing is good or not, and the only way to keep them reading is to put in the effort to clean up your posts.


One way to keep your audience interested in your blog is to provide resources for them. By adding links to freelance writing sites or other helpful blogs, you will gain their trust and appreciation. You can use your own writing experience to provide helpful links for your audience. Double check your links and your information to make sure that they are accurate before including them on your blog.

Detailed Advice

Use your writing experience to give advice to your readers. Writers are more likely to take the time to read detailed instructions than many other audiences, so include details that you have found important through your own experience. Be willing to give away your trade secrets to help other writers and gain readership.

When writing for a blog that is targeted to freelance writers, take the extra time and effort to create a well-written and helpful post. For more blogging tips, please contact us.

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Three Good Reasons Blogging For Small Business Is A Lot Like Fantasy Football

By Nicole Colwell

When you think about fantasy football, you probably don’t consider how much your league has in common with blogging for your small business. As a matter of fact, you probably think they couldn’t be more different. However, we’d like to show you how similar they really are, and we might even make you think twice about whether or not you should change up your strategy.

blogging for small businessFirst, think of your keywords like you might think of the best players on your team. If you were smart, you drafted a good mix of running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. You probably had the opportunity to choose a great quarterback, but you picked up a pretty good backup, just in case you needed him. Your keywords can function in much the same way for your website. Even if you managed to draft Peyton Manning for your fantasy team, you know he’s not going to be able to carry you through to the playoffs on his own, right? One keyword won’t carry your website either, even if it’s the greatest keyword in your industry right now.

Second, you want to be sure you’re checking your team on a weekly basis so you can be sure it’s performing well. How would your team do if you found out your best running back was out for the season with a torn ACL three weeks after the injury occurred? That doesn’t sound too pretty, does it? In the same way, you have to check up on your website. You have to know what’s working and what’s not. What types of posts are your customers sharing on social media? How many clicks do your links get, and how are potential customers finding you? What factors seem to be most successful in converting website visitors into customers? Keeping track of how your site is doing will give you the best chance for success.

Finally, don’t be afraid to change it up now and then. Even the best teams can’t throw to the same wide receiver every time. Not only is that no fun, but they have to keep the other team guessing. In fantasy football, you have to make a decision each and every week about which guys you think are going to get the plays. The same is true for your blog. Which posts are going to be the most popular? What happens if you throw a little bit of comedy in once in a while? Changing your blog up periodically will keep your customers entertained, and they’ll be eager to come back for more.

We can’t think of a better way to keep your customers entertained than by offering them posts that have been created by the writers right here at BlogMutt. We have some of the best writers on the Internet, and they always produce great work. Not only do they take on a job that might be hard for you to fit into your schedule (what with managing so many fantasy football teams), but they give your blog a unique voice that your competitors just can’t duplicate.

What can BlogMutt do for your business? Contact us and find out!

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.


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Fun And Rewarding Work-At-Home Freelance Jobs For Retirees

Retirement is a time in our lives that many look forward to. Finally, we can relax and pursue the leisure activities we have waited our entire working lives to have time for. On the other hand, maybe you’ve retired and still have a thirst for work. Either way, unexpected expenses are bound to arise during retirement, as they seem to do during any period of life. Whether you have an unfulfilled passion for writing, or you are simply trying to make ends meet, work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees are always available at BlogMutt.

work-at-home freelance jobsAs a retiree, it is likely you are past the point in your life where you want to have a boss looking over your shoulder and directing your work. You hate being micromanaged and we don’t blame you. Blog writing at BlogMutt is an entirely self-directed and self-motivated freelance job. There is never a quota to meet, only self-set goals to help you keep the pace that makes sense for you. There is no designated lunch hour, and there is no clock to punch. Your schedule is yours to command.

Another great perk about blog writing is being able to choose your own subject material. BlogMutt has a wide variety of clients, which means the writers are able to choose between a large number of different companies and topics to write about. Interesting blog topics range from food reviews to the newest releases in cutting-edge technology. Motivating yourself to write is easy when you’re writing about topics that you’re actually interested in.

Part-time work no longer means flipping burgers or data entry. Making extra cash on the side can be done according to your own schedule, in the comfort of your own home, and most importantly, it can be fun! If you’re a retiree looking to earn additional wages to supplement your income, check out the details, and see if blog writing at BlogMutt is the right fit for you.

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The Story Of A Content Writing Service: Coffee And Good Writing

What is a writer? A writer is an artist whose medium is words and whose canvas is paper (well maybe a computer screen!). Writers, just like visual artists, begin with research that is fueled by copious amounts of coffee, and that often takes place in the wee hours of the morning.

Writers are usually also avid readers. To a writer, a new book full of words, or a great new website is like a box of brand new paints to a painter. Writers have the ability to inform, teach, entertain, and inspire, through stories.

content writing serviceWhere would we be without writers? We could watch TV! Sure, we don’t see the words, but they’re there in the scripts that the actors work from. How would we know how to put together our brand new bookcase without the instruction sheet that a writer put together? And what about the booklet that explains the use and care of your newest smart-phone? Policy and procedure manuals at work, training materials from human resources, the mouth-watering descriptions of the food on a restaurant menu, advertising copy, magazines, and holiday cards are all the work of writers.

The explosion of e-books and blogs on the internet has brought writers and would-be-writers from every corner of the globe. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone with a story is a good writer. A good writer is invisible. A good writer weaves words, sentences, punctuation and grammar in a delicate dance that makes reading effortless and even joyful.

Your business has a message, and it’s probably one that needs to be said! A blog is the perfect way to get your story out there. You want to present your business in the best possible light to your customers and clients.

That means that you need a good writer. Hire a content writing service! A writing service offers your business a pool of experienced writers versed in a wide variety of subjects. A pool of writers ensures that your blog will be filled with creative and relevant content on a regular basis. Even if you happen to be a writer yourself, a content writing service can provide your blog with a fresh voice, a slightly different perspective, and more time for you to focus on the business.

Contact us today to jump-start your blog with the creative and inspired work of great writers!

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Blogging For Electricians: Shockingly Simple

It must be hard not to get a charge out of blogging for electricians. With so many topics to choose from (and so many electricity jokes to make), it’s hard to imagine somebody not ready to blog about electricians and their profession.

Possible Blogging Topics:

  • History of Electricity: Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, George Westinghouse, blogging for electriciansand the War of Currents! The drama surrounding these figures in the 19th century provides more than enough fodder for a multi-post “History of Electricity” series. We are positive that your readers would find such posts enlightening!
  • Tools: In a way, an electrician is only as good as her tools. Dear to her heart are her screwdrivers, multimeters, and knives. Without them, she would find work impossible. With constant innovation always just around the corner, though, as well as many specialty tools on offer, there is always room for a post or two about acquiring, using, and maintaining a good tool belt. Such posts are sure to generate some attention.
  • Alternative Energy: Electricians not only know how to harness and direct energy, but they also are aware of the many ways in which energy can be produced: solar, wind, water, etc. They are sure to enjoy posts on alternative energy–sure to enjoy them watts and watts!
  • Current Events: With recent developments, research, and new ways to crack old problems, the possibilities for this category are almost limitless. A little research will ensure that you do not miss anything shocking that is developing in the world of electricity.

Forced jokes and silly puns aside, blogging for electricians is much like blogging for any other niche market: first identify your audience, then speak to their specific interests and needs via well-written and well-researched posts.

For more information on writing for niche markets, please feel free to contact us.

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#Woof Roundup – Edmond Halley

Welcome to the #woof roundup, a compilation of our many words of the day from the dictionaries of the day.


A first edition copy of Isaac Newton’s Principia

Edmond Halley (1656-1742) embodied a true renaissance spirit in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Though most famous for his work with cometary astronomy, he studied and added to multiple academic fields.  One of Halley’s greatest gifts to mathematics was his financing of Isaac Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687.  Highlights from this work include Newton’s three laws of motion, and the third law is commonly known:  for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If not for Halley, Newton’s laws may never have been published.  Both men continued with illustrious scientific careers–  Newton represented Cambridge University twice in the British Parliament, and Halley was appointed Astronomer Royal of England in 1720.  In addition to predicting cometary orbits, Halley is credited with making the first catalog of the stars in the Southern Hemisphere, and was the first cartographer to use isometrical representation in map-making.  Halley also studied demographics, and with his publication of the Breslau Table of Mortality  in 1693, he laid the foundations for actuarial science, allowing the British government to sell life annuities at prices based on the age of the insured.   Though he will always be remembered by his namesake comet, Halley’s efforts in mathematics, cartography, and demographics continue to influence our current scientific understanding of the world.

Have a great weekend!

Edmond Halley (1656-1742) – Primarily known for his work in cometary astronomy, he encouraged Isaac Newton to write his celebrated Principia and paid for the publication out of his own pocket. (1994 Larousse Dictionary of Scientists)

Control logic – The order in which processing functions will be carried out by a computer. (1992 Webster’s New World Dictionary of Computer Terms)

Garrison flag – The largest (20′ x 30′) national (American) flag used on military installations.  It is flown only on special occasions.  (1984 A Dictionary of Soldier Talk)

Morally unstable – Of or pertaining to a prominent Communist who has rejected the Marxist-Leninist moral standard.  E.g., Svetlana Alliluyeva, Stalin’s daughter who defected to the U.S.A., was described as a morally unstable person.  (1972  A Communese-English Dictionary)


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Like A Russian Novel — Content Marketing Lessons From The #IceBucketChallenge

Flights of fancy, complicated plot twists, soaring optimism, crushing cynicism, a charismatic but doomed hero — this #icebucketchallenge is more like a Russian novel than a social media campaign.

And man that ice water is cold.

There’s a scene in the latest Star Trek movie where an officer asks if Spock is giving him “attitude.” Spock responds that he is expressing multiple attitudes simultaneously. “To which are you referring?”

Perhaps that’s what’s at the heart of what many marketers think about this viral phenomenon. We love it, admire it, want to learn from it, and be caught up in the enthusiasm. At the same time, we find the politics that took it over predictable, but still sickening. We feel like we’ve seen better-executed social campaigns before this that didn’t do as well. Sometimes we’re not really “joiners,” and we didn’t want to join this one, either, but…

And then when we heard that the guy who was at the heart of the original social phenomenon died after jumping into the ocean at a popular swimming hole, well, it kind of stopped us in our tracks. ALS is bad, sure, and some of us even know someone who has this terrible condition, but in general, it’s people older than your typical marketing worker. But a guy in his 20s, partying with his friends and celebrating the fact that the thing he helped invent is so big that millions of people are doing it — and who then drowns during the party?

As Keanu Reeves might say, “Whoa.”

My experience with this is typical in many ways, but unique in a few.

The one way my experience is unique is that I wrote a book about water. While researching that book, the one thing that I discovered over and over is that water is really heavy. This may sound like saying “air is light,” but most people just don’t have a concept of how heavy water is because they never have to lift more than a glassful.

(Charity:Water and HubSpot helped people understand this poignantly with a chance at last year’s Inbound conference to carry 10 gallons of water just a few feet. It was a brilliant connection to the reality of so much of the world, where people often have to carry clean drinking water for miles.)

Water is really heavy, so I had a hunch that some people could really be hurt if water fell on them. Of course, if that happens, we all just make fun of them. And that’s just what happened, and why so many people were hit with the buckets instead of the water inside them. (So far, in spite of the rumors, it seems nobody has died from that.)

We knew it would happen, and still watched the videos. And laughed.

The fact that water is heavy played a small roll in my video. At about 27 seconds in, you can see Wade Green, the other founder of BlogMutt, raise up his bucket of water. And you can see the panicked look on my face. I thought he was going to dump it before I was ready. Most of the comments from friends and family were about the glee in his eye in wanting to dump freezing cold water on me. He did have a bit of zeal, but really, it was just heavy holding water the way he was, so he propped it up a bit to have a better hold. As always, the best moments just happen — they aren’t scripted.

My perspective is also unique because I run a content marketing company.

The whole idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge was to get people engaged with the ALS site, and ultimately to get people donating.

The difficult part about that process is letting go of control. With blogs, business owners have control over what happens on their own sites, unlike with Facebook, etc. There’s certainly something to be said for maintaining control.

And while the ALS people probably weren’t crazy about the politicization of the challenge, they now have plenty of money to hire whomever they need to deal with the fallout.

The political blowback against the ALS organization almost made me want to donate to ALS, but then two things happened:

One is I saw that the non-profit is taking in something like 100 times it’s normal amount of donations. When the flow of money changes that quickly, mistakes will be made. I don’t want my money being part of that.

The other thing that happened was that the ALS filed for trademark protection for the words “Ice Bucket Challenge.” They later withdrew that request when they realized how bone-headed it was, but still, that’s what they were thinking in the first place. They wanted control, and with this kind of phenomenon, there is no control. You just ride it.

So, I decided that I would instead donate to a couple of other causes. One is related to water, specifically clean drinking water in Central America. I like that one because it’s small, has almost no overhead, and does something really tangible. Charity:Water, mentioned above, also is a good one, as is, which Matt Damon did a nice job of highlighting in his IceBucketChallenge with toilet water video.

I also decided to write a check to a relatively small cancer charity, inspired in part by the incomparable Jennifer Sable Lopez, director of community at Moz. That turned into a good thing…

The biggest content marketing lessons, I think, are these:

  1. Don’t be a cynic. Just because you’ve seen it all before, just embrace what’s going on around you.
  2. Pay attention. Evergreen posts are great, but there’s something about a post with some new stuff in it. Just use the word “new” in a headline and watch what a difference it makes.
  3. Don’t avoid doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. All those videos of people with crazy strong reactions aren’t lying — the water is really cold and it’s a total shock to the system. Just have a towel and a change of clothes around. I didn’t, and I was a popsicle for a couple of hours after.
  4. Don’t waste the water. Here’s a photo I took after the Boulder County Commissioners did the challenge. boulder commissioners icebucketchallengeThese are the leaders of one of the most liberal counties in the U.S., and they got drenched on a sidewalk just a couple of feet from a  thirsty flowerbed. It’s not that the water wasted was that much, it’s that the whole act is symbolic, so getting the symbolism wrong is ham-handed.
  5. Do it soon! Summer is fading quick and you want to do it on a warm day.

Here’s one bonus lesson: Always take time to learn. I’m always learning from HubSpot, including from a new book they have out. Here’s your chance to grab a sample chapter for free.


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