Cashing In On A Legitimate Opportunity To Work from Home

legitimate opportunity to work from homeIf you find a legitimate opportunity to work from home, you are fortunate, indeed! The most recent United States census statistics indicate that more Americans than ever have begun to work from home. With new technologies making telecommuting possible for more and more industries, the years 1997 – 2010 saw an increase of 4.2 people working from home.

This comes as no surprise, since working from home allows workers to cash in on some serious benefits.

  1. The coffee is better. When you’re commuting to work, it’s easy to cave to the temptation of stopping at Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for a sweet and sugary pick-me-up. The problem is that each of those delicious cups of java will set you back a couple of bucks and add tons of calories to your daily count, whereas brewing an entire pot of coffee at home and adding cream and sugar yourself will not only cost less, but will probably be easier on your waistline. Working from home is just one way to eliminate the temptation. Get thee behind me, venti salted carmel mocha frappuccino.
  2. The commute is shorter. According to Forbes, telecommuters save somewhere between $1,600 to $6,800, and fifteen days of time, once they stop driving to work or taking public transportation.
  3. The wardrobe is flexible. Hate wearing a uniform, dressing up in a shirt and tie, or squeezing your feet into dress shoes on a regular basis? You’re in good company. Fortunately, once you work from home, the only arbiter of your wardrobe is you.
  4. The world is your office. In truth, working from home is a metaphor for working practically anywhere: in your favorite corner of the college library, under the leafy trees in the park, perched out on the fire escape, curled up in the coffee shop, or hiding out on the couch in your Aunt Tildy’s basement.

The choice is yours.

Remember, though, that not every company offering you at-home work is equally legitimate. Make sure to do enough research to ensure that you’re not getting scammed. Once you make the plunge, though, you’ll find many more benefits to add to the list above, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner.

At BlogMutt, we employ a full stable of work-from-home writers who couldn’t be happier to be part of the team. Feel free to check out the writer-information page if you have any questions about writing for BlogMutt.

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Senior Care: Two Example Posts

Taking care of the elderly requires special knowledge and awareness of their changing needs. The declining health of a loved one can also be a very stressful time for family members. Providing pertinent and helpful information can help those responsible for elderly care to navigate this often journey.

Many blog writers have industry knowledge to share, and enjoy writing on this subject. Here are two example posts for the senior care industry.

Example Post 1

Choosing The Right Elder Care: Four Options To Consider

It’s not easy to juggle a job, family life, and the added responsibilities of being a caregiver. If you find yourself in this position, you may want to consider asking for help. Finding someone to care for your loved one on a full-time or a part-time basis is less daunting if you know your options. Below are four types of elder care services that are most commonly used.

1. In-Home Part-Time Care

senior careIf your family member is still able to get around easily and live on his own, but needs a little help, home visits may be the answer. A licensed nurse or certified caregiver will come to the home on a regular basis to monitor and assist the senior. Some services are centered around doing household chores such as laundry, cleaning, and cooking. Other times, a licensed nurse may come in to administer medications and monitor a patient’s health issues.

2. Live-In Care

In some cases, there is a need for 24-hour care or assistance, and a live-in care provider may be a good option. When a loved one begins to encounter medical problems that require monitoring and the experience to respond quickly, it can be stressful. With a live-in care provider looking after your family member, medical emergencies and daily activities are managed by a professional.

3. A Retirement Facility

One popular option is a mix between independent home living and managed 24-hour care. A resident retirement facility oftentimes resembles an apartment complex for the elderly. Community meals, planned activities, social interaction, and other amenities are very common. There are also trained medical staff on site to assist individuals with daily needs and emergency situations.

4. Facility Care

When it is no longer an option for an elderly person to live in his own home, facility care may be necessary. Nursing facilities or nursing homes are geriatric-care facilities that provide medical attention, assistance with daily living tasks, provide for dietary concerns, and provide physical therapy. There are staff on duty 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to provide care and emergency treatment if needed.

We understand that it can be difficult to make these life-altering decisions, and we want to help. If you have any questions or concerns about elder care in your area, contact us. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you anytime.

Example Post 2

For Caregivers: Helping Your Loved One Transition To Long-Term Care

When any loved one is faced with needing assistance that requires long term care, her current caregivers will often be met with resistance. Strong emotions regarding her loss of privacy and independence can cause abnormal behaviors that can be troubling for all concerned.

An elderly person may be set in her ways and unwilling to admit that there are any problems. She may also have feelings of guilt about the financial costs of needing elder care and becoming a burden to the family. Memory loss is also a significant factor in behavioral changes, making it difficult to explain the situation satisfactorily.

elder careHelping your loved one with this transition can often poses many new questions for you. What can you do to help your loved one understand that you want to do the best by her?

Being able to truly empathize and understand what she is experiencing can help in assisting you to find the best plan of action for all parties.  Here are our top tips for approaching the situation.

1. Ask For Help

First of all, you need to remember to take care of yourself during this stressful time. Ask your family members for help. They can take some of the weight off of your shoulders, and can help you talk out the options.

2. Ask What Your Loved One Wants

Asking her for her personal preferences is a meaningful way to show that you truly love and earnestly care about her. If her preference is not possible, is there any way that you could both compromise? Fulfilling her wishes to the best of your ability can help you both achieve a common ground.

3. Open The Door To Other Possibilities

If you’ve already decided on what to do, take a step back and try to objectively assess the situation. Is there another option available to you that is temporary? What are the most pressing needs of your loved one? There are many elder-care options available, such as daytime care and in-home caregivers.

4. Be Patient.

The subject of needing elder care isn’t something that your loved one wants to discuss. You can allow yourself to let it go for awhile. Try to find a time when you both are relaxed. Speak to her clearly about the situation, and listen to her needs and concerns.

By becoming more compassionate and anticipating your loved one’s fears, you will form a keener understanding of how overwhelming everything seems to her. Let her know with your words and actions that you are someone to be depended on.

It’s important to keep posting helpful information to your blog on a regular basis. To find out how you can speed up the process and kick-start your content-marketing campaign, or if you’d like any more information on posts ideas dedicated to elder care, please feel free to contact us.

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Simple Tips For Choosing A Content Writing Service

By  Ken Bradford

Presenting error-free and organized content is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of those who take the time to visit your web real estate. If you are in the initial phase of website design, or even in the process of updating and refreshing an existing website, here are some simple tips to help you choose a content writing service.

Your website must be visually appealing.content writing service

It is important to understand that all elements of your site must work together to make a favorable first impression. Professional content writers focus on constructing headings, sentences, and paragraphs to impact your website’s readability and increase perceived trust in what you have to say.

Content must be an easy read.

Let’s face it: most website visitors don’t want to read a novel. They don’t want to think too much or work too much to try and determine what your page is about. Experience content writers understand the importance of using short sentences and paragraphs to deliver the message. They avoid unnecessary jargon and needless repetition that only complicates things.

Content should be written for scanners.

Few visitors will ever read your entire web page. They are searching for useful information that can answer a question or solve a problem and they want to find it quickly. This is where professional content writers use their imaginations in developing attention-grabbing sub-headings and use other content elements like:

  • Bullet points
  • Bold text, CAPS, or italics
  • Words and phrases customers are looking for

Linking to reliable sources is just the right thing to do.

An interesting article at Small Business Trends outlines some important questions you should answer about writing content that appeals to your target audience. Since this information adds credibility to this article, it’s only right and fair that this source be properly cited. Experienced content writers understand that quality linking not only adds trust and credibility to your brand or products, but that it may also result in quality backlinks from the source. It’s a win-win situation for both websites.

Writing effective web content is all about delivering your message in a way that is clear, simple, and direct. It is not the place to showcase a vast vocabulary or a chance to dazzle your audience. Professionally written web copy that is clear and persuasive is the best way to stand out and be found on the web.

At BlogMutt, our primary goal is to write quality blog content that is not only visually appealing, but that also provides useful information your visitors need and are looking for. Contact us and let us take the worry and stress out of writing the content that works.


Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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Blogging For Coffee Shops: Taking Customer Service Seriously

By Ken Bradford

Did you know that some of the world’s most expensive coffee is first eaten by a wild animal? That’s right, the harvesters wash off the feces, then they make coffee. On the Indonesian islands there is a small cat-like creature known as a luwak. The luwaks love to eat the ripest and reddest coffee beans, but they can’t digest them. So, people decided they could gather these coffee beans from the forest floor, wash them, and then sell them to us for $100-$150 per pound. Does your coffee shop serve Kopi Luwak coffee?

It probably wasn’t necessary to get into the story about Kopi Luwak, but for a blog article to be effective, it must either inform, educate, or entertain. To write an article solely about blogging for coffee shops might not grab your attention and having your attention was necessary.

blogging for coffee shopsSo, why should your coffee shop be blogging?

Many marketing experts are saying that if a business isn’t blogging, it really isn’t in business. There’s a lot of truth to that statement. Most businesses have websites, but you can only put so much information in a traditional website. There is often little room to convey your individual personality and to let people see the human side of your business.

A well-designed coffee-shop blog will compliment your website and actually increase traffic to it. Your blog is also an excellent tool to promote your brand, products, and exceptional customer service in social-media networks.

What a coffee shops needs to be successful.

If you own an independent coffee shop, you may be wondering how you can make your coffeehouse stand out above the major chains. By establishing a coffee-shop blog, you can let everyone know that you have all the things a great coffee shop must have, including:

  • Great coffee
  • Right equipment
  • Right environment
  • Signature coffee drinks
  • Outstanding menu options
  • Wi-Fi

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to let people know who you are and what you do, a well-crafted coffee-shop blog is your answer. It not only allows you to tell people about your business, but it also allows you to build the trust and confidence you need to be highly successful.

Your coffee shop can connect like the big guys.

If you really want to see how effective a coffee-shop blog can be, please take a look at My Starbuck’s Idea. The most popular coffee company in the world actually takes the time to listen to ideas from its customers. What a concept!

Even though your coffee shop is smaller and your brand is not as well-known, by creating a well designed business blog, you can show the same desire to do everything possible to deliver quality customer service. By delivering quality information and by welcoming ideas and opinions, you can let your current and potential customers know that they are appreciated.

If you are like a lot of small business owners, you may feel that you don’t have the time to keep a blog filled with current information. Effective blog writing takes time and you may want to consider hiring a professional blog writer to deliver your message.

The writers at BlogMutt often entertain themselves with a freshly brewed cup of house coffee or a caramel macchiato, but what they really enjoy is writing top-notch blog articles for coffee shops like yours. You already have the best coffee, the right equipment, and a comfortable atmosphere. The only thing left to do is to contact us and let us help you tell people about it.


Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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WOOF Round-Up: Linguistic Mysteries

bigfootBigfoot and The Bermuda Triangle may top the list of some of the world’s greatest myths and mysteries, for which we might never have a good explanation. Add to that list the origin of one of the WOOFs this week, jalopy.  If you look up its history, you’ll be faced with the dead-end declaration: “of unknown origin.”

We know that a jalopy is an old automobile, and that the word came into usage around the 1920s, but we don’t know where it came from. There are many alternate early spellings of it, which means that it was probably a word that began as slang and was orally transmitted. There have been a few guesses as to the etymology of the word — that it’s related to Jalapa, Mexico, where there were vehicle scrapyards, or that the word is related to an Italian pronunciation of the phrase “jelly apple,” which was a treat sold on the streets from old broken-down carts. But in the end, we just don’t really know where or how the word jalopy came into existence.

voynich manuscript

A page from the undeciphered Voynich Manuscript combines an unknown language with confusing pictures. Is the book a medical document?

This is especially frustrating, because written language is something that we can track, and watch grow through history. Once in awhile, there’s a little anomaly in that well-documented history, and we end up with linguistic mysteries like the Voynich Manuscript.

The manuscript is an undeciphered piece of writing from c. 15th-century Italy. Linguists and historians aren’t sure what language it’s written in, or if it’s written in a kind of code, or if it’s just gibberish. One theory is that the writer of the manuscript couldn’t actually write at all, and was swindling money from someone who also couldn’t write, with the scribe claiming that the scratches he put on paper were actually words. There’s an interesting documentary that talks about why this theory, among others, isn’t plausible.

What do you think? What’s the Voynich Manuscript about? Are there any other linguistic mysteries you stay up late trying to solve?

WOOFs For The Week

Monday: Rustle Something Up — To manage to prepare a meal, perhaps on short notice. (Folksy.) “I’ll rustle up some ham and eggs.” (1993 NTC’s Dictionary Of Phrasal Verbs And Other Idiomatic Verbal Phrases)

Tuesday: Betty Grable — (1916 – 1973) A cultural icon, often remembered as the World War II pinup girl with beautiful legs. Born in St. Louis, she starred in many movies and musicals. She maintained that her acting, dancing, and singing were mediocre. “My legs saved me.” (1999 Dictionary Of Missouri Biography)

Wednesday: Jalopy — A rattletrap automobile especially an old one, operated usually by youngsters. (1960 Dictionary Of Highway Traffic)

Thursday: Old Hickory — Epithet of Andrew Jackson. (1998 Webster’s American Family Dictionary)

Friday: Naive — Either a lack of urbanity or a candid simplicity. Guileless, ingenuous, provincial, and unsophisticated are synonyms. Provincial suggests lack of exposure to experience. However, Emily Dickinson and the Brontës were provincial, but hardly naive. (1968 Use The Right Word: A Modern Guide To Synonyms)

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Writing Opportunities For Seniors: Too Good To Pass Up

Many senior citizens launch into retirement with what seems to be an unstoppable joie de vivre, planning to keep busy with rounds of golf, trips, time spent with the grandchildren, and catching up with the never-ending pile of books accumulating on the night stand. What sometimes happens, though, is that once seniors actually settle into retirement, they find that they never knew how many hours there actually were in the day until they had to fill them with leisure.

writing opportunities for seniorsAlthough leisure does make us happy in small doses, the science behind happiness seems to suggest that work (especially voluntary work) contributes greatly to our happiness, a fact which often comes as an unpleasant surprise to recent retirees.

As Business Insider puts it, “the idea that working may be a significant contributor to your happiness and well-being is more surprising. After all, it’s something that many people spend their entire lives aspiring to retire from.” Senior citizens especially, who have worked their entire lives so that they could spend their twilight years in relative leisure, are often surprised to find that the lack of useful purpose in their daily life greatly diminishes their enjoyment in the day.

The solution to this quandary is not necessarily to take a head-on plunge directly back into the full-time labor market, but perhaps to consider part-time or freelance opportunities that allow for small amounts of time to be set aside for gainful employment, but which still leave the bulk of your retirement for well-earned rest and refreshment.

Some good options to consider are the many online writing opportunities for seniors. Companies hosting blogs and frequently updated websites are always in need of writers to keep their sites in ship shape.

For more information on joining BlogMutt’s stable of well-seasoned writers, please read check out the writer-information page, and see if an online writing job is a good fit for you.

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Blogging For Real Estate Lawyers: The Pros And Cons Of Probate Properties

Real estate lawyers can benefit greatly from content marketing, as can any other business. Providing answers to basic questions and explaining real estate laws are effective ways to attract potential customers and generate leads. Blogging for real estate lawyers can take many forms. The sample blog post below is just one type of post that can be used.

Introduction To Probate Properties: The Pros And Cons Of Investing 

blogging for real estate lawyersNo matter how you look at it, investing in real estate is a risky proposition, but it can also be hugely rewarding. When you consider probate properties, the pros and cons of investing have to be weighed. We can’t tell you if probate property investing is right for you, but we can help you see the good and bad sides so you can make an educated decision.

The pros of buying probate property:

Large Selection

This may sound a bit crass, but people die every day, and they leave behind houses and properties that have to be dealt with. Properties usually end up in probate because the deceased didn’t have a will, and the state steps in to sell the property. In most cases, there are debts that need to be paid from the estate, the property has to be sold to give heirs their cut or the heirs can’t agree on what to do with it. This isn’t something that happens occasionally: there are always probate properties available.

Motivated Sellers

Very often, there is a sense of urgency behind selling probate properties, giving the savvy investor a little bargaining power. Typically, the heirs aren’t interested in owning the home, and they aren’t willing to put anything into improvements to sell. Making a cash offer and having at least 10 percent available for the down payment, is one way to get the heirs’ attention. Offering to close on the deal quickly, especially when the seller is highly motivated, also stacks the cards in your favor.

The cons of investing in probate property:

It Takes Time

When purchasing property through a probate court, even with motivated sellers, there can be a wait time of several months. There are multiple parties involved in probate properties, from the heirs, to the executor of the estate, to the probate attorneys, and the court. A probate property purchase is not something that can be done overnight, to say the least. Disagreements between heirs and the unsettled financial obligations of the deceased complicate the process of settling an estate. It can take months, or even years to finally reach a resolution.

You Could Lose Money

When you make an offer on a probate property, you’re often required to include 10 percent of the offer price as a non-refundable down payment. Even if your offer is accepted, you can still lose out on your down payment and lose the chance to buy the house. In some areas, probate properties are advertised at the accepted offer price, plus a percentage of the price. This then becomes the new probate price and the house is marketed using the new figure, opening the door for other investors. It’s a risk that may not be worth taking if you’re short on cash reserves. You might be better off investing in other niches.

Probate properties present a lot of unique challenges to both novice and seasoned investors. If you have questions about how to invest in probate property, contact us. Our professional staff will be happy to answer your questions and offer expert advice on the subject.

When it comes to attracting new customers, there is nothing more effective than giving away good information. Contact us to learn more about how content marketing, and blog posts in particular, will help your real estate law office.

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Blogging For The Building And Facilities Industry

When blogging for the building and facilities industry, it can be challenging to present important and timely information in an engaging and interesting manner, while avoiding the overly dry and technical approach.

While it’s true that your audience is made up of a diverse and highly educated group of construction and facilities managers, civil and mechanical engineers, architects, real-estate consultants, maintenance directors, and others whose days are filled with very practical technical and mechanical issues, that doesn’t mean your articles can’t be creative, offer an unusual viewpoint, or even utilize humor.

The sample blog post below shows how a lighthearted approach to a subject as seemingly mundane as a floor drain can be a welcome addition to an industry blog.

The Nose Knows: New Eco-Friendly Solution For Any Floor Drain

Science tells us that our ability to smell is the strongest of all our senses. The average person inhales over 23,000 times every day, and each breath carries with it so many scent-laden molecules that it’s impossible to count them all.

Those molecules have the power not only to deliver aroma, but to activate physical responses, trigger emotions, and evoke memories of sights, sounds, and events, as well.

Just think of everything that floods your mind and body when you get an early-morning whiff of fresh-brewed coffee and sizzling bacon. Or when you smell corn dogs and cotton candy. Or funeral flowers. Powerful stuff, huh?

Yeah, but you’re probably wondering why this particular science lesson is being presented in a blog about eco-friendly floor drains.

building and facilities industryWell, it’s because those same powerful little molecules that make you willing to pay $12 for a bucket of movie popcorn can make you want to head for the door when they come bearing the pungent stench of sewer gas.

No matter how clean, modern, and efficient a facility is, the slightest hint of this unwelcome odor brings with it the impression that there is a lack of proper care, maintenance, and up-to-date systems expected by sophisticated building owners, clients, personnel, and visitors.

Sadly, sometimes this impression is based upon truth, because while cutting-edge technology is being embraced in many other facets of facility management today, often floor-drain maintenance is still of the “dump a bucket of primer or water down the drain to keep the traps from drying out” vintage. While this approach may be somewhat effective, it’s also time and labor intensive, and often doesn’t occur until after the problem becomes evident to everyone downwind of those nasty little molecules.

Fortunately, there’s an easy, cost-effective, eco-friendly solution for any floor drain, whether you need to retrofit existing systems or install new construction. Featuring a state-of-the art one-way valve, this new drain will not only eliminate odors, but it will prevent liquid backflow and stop disease-carrying insects and bacteria in their tracks – all while reducing time, labor and water costs, and the need for hazardous chemicals.

If you’d like help making your specialized building and facilities subjects interesting, fun and memorable, contact us. At BlogMutt, we have a fabulous group of writers equipped to do just that.

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4 Things To Look For In A Good Copywriter

By Sharon Hendricks

If you have a business and you are looking for someone to write your website copy for you, you will want to find a copywriter. But you may be asking yourself, why do I need to hire someone to write copy for me?

Based on a survey done by HubSpot which covered over 7,000 businesses:

  • Companies with 51 to 100 pages on their websites are generating 48% more traffic when compared with the companies that only have 1 to 50 pages.
  • Companies which publish a minimum of 15 blogs each month receive 5 times more traffic when compared with those which aren’t blogging. Businesses that only have 1 to 10 employees see huge gains when they post more often.

The entire report can be seen here.copywriter

Now that you know why having someone to write your copy is so important, you will need to find the best person to do it. But there are many people who claim to be able to do the work that are vying for your business. What should you look for when you are choosing someone to write your copy?

There are four important things to look for when you are searching for the right person.

1. Excellent spelling and grammar skills

You should choose someone who has excellent spelling and grammar skills. Remember that the writing that is on your business website will be a reflection of you. You want that writing to be as professional as possible. When your copy is filled with grammatical and spelling errors, it will make you and your business look bad.

2. Ability to adapt to your style

When you choose a writer, you want to choose one that will be able to adapt to your style. You have certain expectations about what type of writing you want on your blog or website.  Maybe you would rather have a narrative copy rather than bullet points. Maybe you prefer a combination of subheadings and bullet points. The writer you hire needs to adapt their writing style to what you want.

3. Great research skills

If you hire a writer, you want to choose one that has good research skills. He may not have written about your particular niche before, but if he has the right research skills, he will be able to give you the copy that your business needs.

4. Great customer service

The last thing that you want to do is to hire a writer who doesn’t return emails or phone calls. Find someone who will give you advance warning when he will be out of the office or on vacation.

Remember that when you are hiring a copywriter, you are entrusting the story of your business to him. Choose someone who will present your business in the best possible way.

If you are interested in learning more about our blog writing services, contact us. We have a large community of excellent bloggers ready to create content for your website.


Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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WOOF Compendium: Sinister Etymology

This is your WOOF Compendium, wherein we compile the WOrds of the day from the dictionaries OF the day for your review.

woof sinisterOne of our favorite words this week was the adjective sinistrous (and its equally cool-sounding cousin, sinistral). Of course, the word sinister most commonly has the meaning of being evil or under-handed. But it comes from the Latin word meaning “left.” So, at what point did the left side and the idea of evilness become associated?

In Ancient Greek augury (the interpretation of omens and foretelling the future), observing birds or other omens coming from the right was favorable, but in Roman times, it was favorable if those omens were observed coming from the left. In its Latin usage, sinister did retain some of its meaning of good luck when used to talk about omens, but did carry the meaning of being unfavorable or wrong, in poetry and in post-Augustan prose. For example, in his Georgics, a 29 BCE work on agricultural topics and poetry, Vergil says:

namque urget ab alto
arboribusque satisque Notus pecorique sinister.

For Notus (the South Wind), presses up from the deep, unfavorable for trees and crops and cattle.

In the end, it looks like from the very beginning of the word, sinister was both associated with the left, and with some degree of unfavorableness. One source cites the connotation of evil, and not just being unfavorable, with the word sinister as not occurring until 15th century Latin.

 WOOFs From The Week

Monday: Sinistrous — 1. Of, pertaining to, or directed toward the left; sinistral. 2. Sinister; unpropitious; ill-omened [from the Latin, sinister, left]. (1951 Funk And Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary Of The English Language)

Tuesday: Stochastic — Randomly determined. In computer science, refers to trial-and-error procedures as contrasted with the fixed step-by-step procedures of algorithms.  (1966 Computer Dictionary And Handbook)

Wednesday: Bildungsroman — A class of novel in German literature that deals with the formative years of a main character. A coming-of-age story. It always ends on a positive note. If the grandiose dreams of the hero’s youth are over, so are many foolish and painful disappointments.  (1995 Merriam Webster’s Encyclopedia Of Literature)

Thursday: Cryptobiosis — The condition of an organism that must in theory have at one time existed, but has left no fossil traces. (1967 Dictionary Of Biological Sciences)

Friday: Tall — “It is better to have loved a short girl than never to have loved a tall.” (1977 Crosbie’s Dictionary Of Puns)

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