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Blogging For Coffee Shops: Taking Customer Service Seriously

By Ken Bradford Did you know that some of the world’s most expensive coffee is first eaten by a wild animal? That’s right, the harvesters wash off the feces, then they make coffee. On the Indonesian islands there is a small … Continue reading

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WOOF Round-Up: Linguistic Mysteries

Bigfoot and The Bermuda Triangle may top the list of some of the world’s greatest myths and mysteries, for which we might never have a good explanation. Add to that list the origin of one of the WOOFs this week, … Continue reading

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Writing Opportunities For Seniors: Too Good To Pass Up

Many senior citizens launch into retirement with what seems to be an unstoppable joie de vivre, planning to keep busy with rounds of golf, trips, time spent with the grandchildren, and catching up with the never-ending pile of books accumulating on … Continue reading

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Blogging For Real Estate Lawyers: The Pros And Cons Of Probate Properties

Real estate lawyers can benefit greatly from content marketing, as can any other business. Providing answers to basic questions and explaining real estate laws are effective ways to attract potential customers and generate leads. Blogging for real estate lawyers can take … Continue reading

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Blogging For The Building And Facilities Industry

When blogging for the building and facilities industry, it can be challenging to present important and timely information in an engaging and interesting manner, while avoiding the overly dry and technical approach. While it’s true that your audience is made up … Continue reading

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4 Things To Look For In A Good Copywriter

By Sharon Hendricks If you have a business and you are looking for someone to write your website copy for you, you will want to find a copywriter. But you may be asking yourself, why do I need to hire someone to … Continue reading

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WOOF Compendium: Sinister Etymology

This is your WOOF Compendium, wherein we compile the WOrds of the day from the dictionaries OF the day for your review. One of our favorite words this week was the adjective sinistrous (and its equally cool-sounding cousin, sinistral). Of … Continue reading

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Small Business Tip: Use Professional Pictures

You want your business to be successful.  A common small business tip tells you that you should always remain professional, no matter the circumstance.  So, you always dress and act professional, and you hire someone to design a professional website. This is … Continue reading

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The Impact Of Panda 4.1 On Blog Writing And Content Marketing

By Ken Bradford On September 25, 2014, Google made the announcement that it was slowly rolling out a new algorithm update called Panda 4.1. It appears that with each new update, which seem to be coming about each quarter, Google continues to … Continue reading

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How To Blog For Teachers: Three Helpful Tips

To blog for teachers, you almost have to have been one yourself. That’s because teaching is a profession like no other: a strange, all-consuming, passionate, behemoth of a job that almost defies description. As a daily pursuit, teaching both emotionally … Continue reading

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