The Value Of Evergreen Blog Posts In Content Marketing

Many blogs focus on newsworthy events and the latest trends in the industry. This can be a great strategy, but the blog content often becomes outdated rather quickly. It packs a short-term punch with little long-term value. As an alternative or addition to news-centered blog posts, there are also great content marketing opportunities in posting evergreen blog content.

evergreen blog content

Evergreen blog content is always relevant.

Evergreen content contains information that may be useful for years. It might not initially attract tons of web viewers, but over time, posting this type of content can be well worth the investment. Instead of a short-term punch, evergreen content is more of a “slow and steady wins the race” approach. As search engines and users engage with evergreen content, its traffic can grow steadily over time. Most readers will find evergreen content via search engines, so you will be attracting readers with a legitimate interest in the subject matter who don’t already know you.

Constructing evergreen headlines for your blog posts will help attract readers in both the short term and long term. For example, a real estate agent could write a blog post called Why I’m the Best Realtor to Stage Your Home. This might be a great post for readers already subscribed to the blog, but it’s not likely to attract new potential clients. Instead, consider a title such as 5 Staging Tips to Get More Money for Your Home. This could be a helpful resource that web users might discover and read even five years from now. And once those users find the blog post, they might very well discover the real estate agent, too.

The major downside to producing evergreen content is it can be hard to write quality content that will be valuable for years. If you’re interested in filling your blog with this type of content, but you don’t want to write it yourself, contact us. Our writers can produce the content and you can reap the benefits for years to come.

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The New Face Of SEO Blogging For Small Business

Once upon a time, blogging for SEO was a simple matter of keyword stuffing something that vaguely resembled the English language. If the right keywords were there in the right frequency, the blog ranked well on Google, and the blog king lived happily ever after. Today, Google’s algorithms are fantastically complex, capable of delivering the user content that is readable, valuable, and targeted to the reader’s needs. So how can you develop a blog that meets your SEO goals?

blogging for small businessDomain Names And URLs Matter

It’s tempting for small and startup businesses to build free blogs on platforms like WordPress and Blogger. But Google crawlers look at the domain name, as well as the URLs associated with the blog posts. Since the algorithms rank established and authoritative sites higher, it pays to invest in a permanent domain name. Once you’ve established your domain, use URLs for each page, and blog posts that feature the keywords targeted by the content.

For example, an insurance agency in Dallas can benefit from a domain name like, and blog posts with URLs like InsureDallas/blog/homeowners-insurance and InsureDallas/blog/auto-insurance. However, keep in mind that if you change your URLs, it will break any backlinks you’ve built to your blog, so only incorporate this naming system for new posts.

Build A Body Of Original Content

Another factor that Google uses to rank blogs is original content, including written content, videos, photos, graphics, and podcasts. Blogs can no longer rehash what you’ve posted about over and over. The content should be something new, fresh, and relevant. Blogs with more content are ranked better than those with less content, and well-written content ranks more favorably than posts with bad spelling and grammar. Google also examines how frequently content is updated, so it pays to go back and update content from time to time. When blogging for a small business, schedule a post at least once a week, though three times is better, and once per day is best. Just don’t sacrifice quality for frequent posts.

Thoroughly Research Your Keywords

The keywords that customers use to find content like yours isn’t always readily apparent. For example, Detroit real estate agents might only offer content with keywords like “Detroit real estate” or “Detroit homes for sale.” But this agent would miss business from customers who search for “Detroit 3 bedroom houses” or “Detroit homes with fences.” Do due diligence in researching the keywords most frequently used to find businesses like yours. Once you’ve covered the more popular keywords, begin building blog posts with the lesser-used keywords to maximize traffic.

Incorporate SEO Plugins

Less tech-savvy bloggers shy away from Google sitemap plugins or SEO plugins, but these are simple to use, and offer a lot of value for improving your blog’s search engine rankings. The plugins allow you to incorporate valuable SEO tools like meta titles, meta descriptions, and keywords for optimizing your blog posts.

Spend Time Engaging On Social Media And Other Blogs

What you do on your own blog is only part of the SEO puzzle. The most successful small business blogs are active on social media and engage on other blogs. How can contributing comments on other blogs help your rankings? Each time you use your business identity to contribute to a post relevant to your industry, that creates an automatic backlink to your blog. Also, as readers learn to recognize your name, they will associate you with industry knowledge and expertise.

Post links to your blogs on all of your social media accounts. Social media posts with pictures or video get more likes and shares than posts with text only, so find interesting and attractive images whenever possible.

Do you need engaging, well-written content for your blog? Contact us! BlogMutt’s writers do the blogging for you, so you can focus on all the other aspects of building your small business.

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Six Tips For Hiring A Small Business Content Writing Service

small business content writing serviceIn order for potential customers to find out more about your services, they have to be able to find you. Web content, blog posts, and articles that are targeted to a very specific topic, attract readers.  If that content is done well, it will keep readers coming back for more. These inbound marketing techniques, as they’re called, are essential attention-getting tools for business of all sizes. Finding a good writing service to help can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips to make your search search for a small business content writing service easier.

1. Find A Reputable Service

It isn’t difficult to find content writing services — there are many of them online. Check into the service’s history, and look for indicators that both customers and writers are treated well by the company. Ask for examples of work that the service has done for others. A good content writing service will be more than happy to provide you with samples. It shows that they’re confident about the work they produce.

2. Find The Service Plan That Works For You

Your workload changes over time, and so do your business needs for content. At times, you may need more content due to a new website, or just an additional blog post to promote a new service. Being stuck in a limited contract that only allows for a certain number of articles or blog posts may not always work out so well. If you expect a high volume of content to be needed in the future, find a writing service that has flexible service plans. Once you’ve found a good fit, it’s time to put the writers to work.

3. Communicate Your Needs

Despite the fact that blogs are marketing tools, generally, they’re not blatant advertisements. For many businesses, the goal is to provide good content to readers, about the industry, or to help the reader solve a problem. Think about what issues and concerns your customers experience, and develop ideas for topics based on this insight. Be as specific as you can. Remember, it’s up to you to give clear and concise instructions to the writers about what you want — they aren’t mind readers.

4. Think About SEO

Your website content and blog posts have to target key words and terms related to your business. Making sure that these target keywords are included is called SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Using this technique, businesses can be sure that content is delivered to the visitors who have the most potential to turn into paying customers. It does take some expertise and experience to write content that is keyword rich, but not too much of a pushy sales pitch. Content writing services cater, for the most part, to business customers and content writers are generally well versed in SEO tactics.

5. Expect Excellent Customer Service

No matter what business you’re in, customer service is one of the key factors for success. Look for a content writing service that offers a quick response time to customer inquiries. Time is money, as they say, and you don’t have time to wait for a customer service rep to get back to you in a few days. The advantage of hiring a writing service with excellent ratings is that you can have the confidence to rely on that service if a problem or question comes up.

6. Spend Your Time Wisely

There are several things to keep in mind when hiring a small business writing service, but most importantly, remember that it will save you time. If you’re spending your time writing, you can’t focus on other tasks. Hiring a writing service allows you to shift your focus from content creation to relationship-building, company expansion, and other profit-building activities.

If you’re a business owner, you’ve got a lot of things on your mind every day. Taking the time to write content to market your business may not be your greatest strength, and that’s okay. You don’t have to go it alone. Contact us to find out more about how hiring a small business writing service can help your business achieve its marketing goals.

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The Blogging Manifesto

By Ruhi Jiwani


Everyone has to start somewhere. So start doing what you love, and start writing for pay.

Many writers looking for work get turned off by the phrase “content mill.”  They imagine that they’re going to be churning out writing day by day without any thought as to quality.  Writers who might be writing for more prestigious print publications also do their best to enforce the idea that writing for the internet is somehow not as worthwhile as what they do.

Plus, there are the people who will tell you that you’re not making enough money or that you deserve to have your name attached to anything you write.  And, of course, there’s the usual “you’re better than this” form of encouragement, which is really discouragement in disguise.  If you’re a writer thinking about taking up blogging for small business, you need to squelch the naysayers.  So read on for a few good reasons why you should take up blogging.

  1. No one’s going to say no to good writing.  If you’re afraid that you’re going to have to produce bad writing in order to get published, you can rest easy.  No one at BlogMutt is actually going to say “no, you can’t produce quality content.”  Most customers love it when you put a bit of thought into writing something good for them.  If you give them something original, quirky, or creative, they are most likely going to accept it.  Some companies may have restrictions about the type of content they need but no one’s actually going to make you produce bad writing. At some point, you might have to stop revising and just turn in your piece. But this is true of writing for any medium.
  2. The internet is the future.  You must have noticed how bookstores are now closing down and people have started reading e-books instead.  The internet is replacing newspapers and magazines as a source of news and entertainment.  So those people who keep telling you that writing for print is more prestigious?  They’re jealous.  Yes, that’s right.  They’ve spent all this time writing for print and print is now going out of fashion.  You probably just started writing a couple of years ago but you are now pretty good at writing for the internet.  People who have been writing for print are going to have to develop a new set of skills, to which they’re resistant.  So pay no attention to them.  If you’re getting a job writing for print, that’s great.  But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with writing for the internet.
  3. You can make money blogging.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  If you haven’t written much in your life, you can’t expect to start making pots of money right away.  Consider Malcolm Gladwell who started writing right out of college.  Now, Gladwell writes for The New Yorker and has also published several non-fiction books.  But when he was a recent graduate, the only job he was offered was for The American Spectator out in Indiana.  He worked at a couple of smaller publications for three years, then moved to The Washington Post and finally ended up at The New Yorker.  The process of getting to The New Yorker took him 12 years.  Have you been writing day in and day out for 12 years?  If not, you can’t really expect to be at the New Yorker level, can you?  Follow Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule by putting 10,000 hours into doing what you love.  At the end of it, you will surely have the job of your dreams.
  4. BlogMutt is a great place to write.  For people who are struggling with the “you’re better than this” comment all the time, consider the fact that BlogMutt is a great place to write.  The people who work here are always polite and helpful, even if you accidentally mess things up.  You can write as much as you want or as little as you want.  You get paid on time.  And if you get to level 8, you even become a co-owner with shares in the company.  If you really want to see your name attached to your blog post, write a few posts for BlogMutt itself so you can show them off to friends and family (unless, of course, they are the naysayers you’re trying to fight off in the first place!)

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

This is from a writer who loves to find the (admittedly sometimes absurd) connection between celebrities and blogging for small business. Her last was about Taylor Swift. It’s a little wacky to connect the two, but somehow she does it from her home office in New Jersey. (Maybe it’s because she lives closer to real celebrities than I do in Colorado.) Anyway, while it’s wacky, it shows how fun a business blog can be. There’s no need that every post be super educational, and it still has the right keywords in the right spots, so it still helps with SEO, etc. And real people love this kind of stuff. — Scott

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#Woof Roundup – Mandalas

A basic mandala design.

A basic mandala design.

Mandalas are sacred geometrical symbols used to focus the eyes and mind during meditation.  The word mandala means circle, and most mandalas are concentric circles, overlaid by squares, six-pronged stars, or inverted, crossed triangles.  Many mandalas are two dimensional, but some are sculpted, and some are even planted as gardens for walking meditation. Historically, mandalas have been identified with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Bon, an ancient Tibetan religion. Native Americans also created mandalas through dream catchers and medicine wheels.  Some consider the zodiac to be a mandala.  The psychologist Carl Jung is widely credited for bringing mandalas to modern western attention.  Jung advocated making personal mandalas on a daily basis, and encouraged patients in his practice to draw and paint mandalas as part of their therapy.  Like geometry, color is an important component in mandala design, used for visual appeal and guidance in meditation.  Mandala creation is a current practice, with expressive aids available such as coloring books for children and adults, pages of mandalas for tracing found online, intricate examples on Pinterest, and frequent museum showings.  Whether simple or elaborate, religiously shared or private, mandalas are always associated with visual delight and deliberate spiritual focus.

Have a great holiday weekend!

Epizeuxis – The repetition of a word for emphasis, as in John Keats’ “more happy happy love!” from “Ode on a Grecian Urn.”  (1995 The Poetry Dictionary)

Tort – Any wrongful act, not including breach of contract, for which an injured party may bring a civil action against the alleged wrongdoer.  (1946 A Dictionary of American Politics)

Mandala – An intricate symbolic design, usually circular, with an inscribed square, widely used in the East as an aid to meditation.  (1994 A Dictionary of New Age Ideas)

Bas-relief – A sculpture or design done on a flat surface and projecting from it.  (1950 Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases)

August 29th – The feast day of twelve Catholic saints, including Blessed Richard Herst, an English martyr who stepped down from the scaffold to give the hangman a hand with the rope, in 1628.  (2001 The Birthday Book of Saints)


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Blogging For Niche Audiences

blogging for niche audiences

Think of successful blogging using a fishing analogy: you’re trying to catch a particular kind of fish!

There’s really no getting around it: blogging for niche audiences can be challenging. Just for fun, think about blogging in terms of fishing. Blogging for a wider market is like seine fishing. You are casting a wide net, in hopes that doing so will scoop something up. Blogging for a niche market, however, is more like baiting a hook and trying to catch a few very particular fish.

In practical terms, the difference between blogging for a wide market and blogging for a niche audience shows itself in the intent of each post. Instead of trying to cast the net wide by covering as much popular ground as possible, and catching random readers, each post centers on something that both the writer and the specific audience are passionate about. In that way, a niche blogger can reel in readers one-by-one.

The good news is that having a niche blog almost guarantees a following. The more narrow your niche, the less blogging competition you will have. If someone launches a Google search for parenting blogs, yours is likely to get lost in the shuffle of many popular sites. Blog about something more narrow, however, such as creative mustache grooming, and you’re much more likely to find your blog at the top of the search engine pile.

One of the best ways to ensure traffic to your blog is simply to make sure that you fill it with good writing. Take, for example, the popular blog The Art of Manliness, which has gained a wide readership across gender lines due to the consistently high quality of its offerings. Although most readers will never find themselves asking out a woman in the 1950s, or escaping from a sinking car, the quality of the blog posts keeps readers faithfully coming back.

To take advantage of writers attuned to the specific needs of niche audiences, please feel free to contact us.

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Blogging For Life Coaches: A Sample Blog Post

By Veronica Grandeone of many talented writers at BlogMutt. As a mother to a preteen, Veronica understands the importance of keeping our online community well-informed.

Did you know that life coaching is reported as one of the fastest growing industries over the past decade? According to a recent article by Digital Journal, life coaching comes out on top with $2 billion annual revenue. Wow, that’s impressive. So the good news is that you are very busy with your booming business. The bad news is because of your busy schedule it’s been months since you maintained your blog. How about we give you the best news of all? We have professional writers here who can write for your industry so you don’t have to worry about your outdated blog.

Take a moment and read one example blog post.


Three Important Bs To Keep Teenagers Safe Online

blogging for life coaches

Be sure to talk about proper online etiquette and monitor your child’s online behavior closely.

Most will refer the triple BBB to the Better Business Bureau but in this case, however, they will mean something entirely different. Blogging is for all ages, but one particular age group who may need a bit of guidance (from a parent, guardian, or even a life coach) is the teenage group. Online safety is our top priority. So how can we make blogging for teenagers a positive environment? Let’s remember these three important Bs:

1. SafeBook Not Facebook

Teach your teen how to navigate through Facebook’s privacy settings and make sure she understands what each feature means, like unfriend, block, or set up an activity log. Encourage your teen to report anything out of the norm. You can use this safebook poster created by Fuzion Marketing PR Design as a guide for your teen. As a parent, it’s also important to make time and learn teen jargon. For example, when your teen says “turn up!” don’t reach for your volume controls but instead “have fun.” Open communication is key, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

2. CyberBully Awareness

There are so many anti-bully mobile apps available now, but here are just a few you can consider for your family. Bully Ban is a new communications technology system in which you can simply text “help” to 96000 and designated authorities will be notified immediately. You remain anonymous. A few others are STOP!T, KnowBullying (for parents), and BullyBox (for school districts). Unfortunately, bullying is a widespread issue around the world, with one in seven students, in grades K-12 is either a bully or a victim of bullying. So help yourself and your child be better prepared if bullying occurs on or off school property. This includes physical, verbal, indirect, and electronic bullying. Bullying is often a violation to the terms of service for social media sites and internet service providers. Remember to keep a record or take a screenshot of the incident. If you would like to pledge against bullying, you can also participate in Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up Week, which begins on Sept 29, 2014.

3. Inner Beauty

Let’s face it. It’s not easy being an awkward teen. Research has shown that it is quite therapeutic for teens to blog about their thoughts. Blogging helps to gain more self confidence, too. So talk about proper online etiquette beforehand and monitor your child’s online behavior at all times. Be sure to follow your child’s blog, and have another parent follow your child’s blog, too. You can even create a family blog together for a more collaborative project. If you need more strategies to ease your worried minds, check out these parental controls for your devices like Mobicip, Net Nanny Social or Safe Eyes.


Blogging for life coaches is one of our specialties. If you are interested in posts like this one, and you want to learn how to keep your blog alive, contact us today!

Editor’s Note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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Four Important Small Business Tools: A Grammatical Perspective

When we were in school, we all learned that the definition of a noun is a word that represents a person, place, thing, or idea.

But wait! That’s more than the definition of a noun. It’s also the rundown of four important small business tools.

small business tools

Think back to your grammar-learning days for tips to hone your marketing strategy: focus on people, places, things, and ideas.

Four Important Small Business Tools:


Since we all know what a vital role networking plays in starting a business, it’s no surprise that people come first on the list. For the small business owner, every new acquaintance is a potential client, and every client is a potential advocate. And according to Business Weekly, word-of-mouth is the best advertisement of all. People definitely deserve top billing on the list of important small business tools.


The three most important words in real estate — location, location, location — especially apply in the case of small businesses. Since location often influences visibility and foot traffic, the location in which a business finds its home will often be the deciding factor between success and failure. There are even location implications for online businesses. It’s much better to be discovered via Google than by some unsolicited email. Google is a better “location.”


Warehouses, permits, goods, services, tools, raw materials–these are the building blocks on which your business depends. And yet, as the saying goes, the most important things in life aren’t things. 

The most important things in life are people (as mentioned above) and ideas (as mentioned below).


Why do some businesses succeed and some businesses fail? Assuredly, issues like quality, affordability, and customer service do play a part. But beyond that, there are two sorts of business owners: ones who are open to ideas and ones who are not. Those open to new ideas foster innovation, and innovation, in turn, leads to growth.

One way you can signal to the world that you’re current in the world of ideas is by keeping a blog. Regular updates do more than promote foot traffic to your website. Regular blog updates also serve to promote the spread of new ideas and foster a spirit of communal growth within your industry.

For more information on how you can take advantage of regular, idea-rich blog posts for your small business website, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to partnering with you.

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Blogging For Moms: What Are They Reading?

One of the first principles of writing is that the author must first consider the demographic. As the writer plans out what she is going to say, the first principle in mind must be who’s going to read the article.

Blogging for moms is no exception. Before pen is set to paper (or, in this case, fingers set to keys), careful consideration must be made regarding the nature of moms. Who are they? What do they do? What are their interests? What are their joys? What are their problems?

For your benefit, we’ve done some advanced research and have compiled the list below for your edification.

blogging for momsWho are moms?

Moms are women who are responsible for the care and upbringing of children.

What do moms do?

First aid, quarterbacking, quality control, hospitality, crime scene investigation, plumbing, botany, hostage negotiations, teaching, engineering, toxic waste removal, consulting, cheerleading, child psychology, financial planning, mending, small engine repair, crowd control, custodial service, crisis management, life coaching, and pretty much everything else.

What are their interests?

Anything relating to the subjects listed above, plus (depending on the mom) additional areas such as the following: napping, entertainment, essential oils, exercise, music, spirituality, travel, astrophysics, chocolate, and coffee.

What are their joys?

Their children.

What are their problems?

Their children.

With such information on hand, it should be easy for a blogger to write for moms. All the writer has to do is to take the special interests, joys, and concerns of moms into consideration as posts are being planned.

Many of our own writers carry deep insight into the unique problems, joys, and pains associated with motherhood. How did they gain such knowledge? They’re moms themselves. If you would like to harness the power of our writers for your blog, please feel free to contact us.

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#Woof Roundup – The Mork and Mindy House

The Mork and Mindy house at 1619 Pine Street.  Photo courtesy of Liz, who always wanted a pair of rainbow suspenders.

The Mork and Mindy house at 1619 Pine Street in Boulder, Colorado. Photo courtesy of Liz, who has always wanted a pair of rainbow suspenders.

Nanu Nanu!  Welcome to the #woof roundup, a compilation of the words of the day from the dictionaries of the day.

Here in Boulder, Colorado, BlogMutt International Headquarters is situated only five blocks away from the famous ‘Mork and Mindy House’ located at 1619 Pine Street. Built in 1883, and remodeled in 1894, the Queen Anne-style house was originally the home of lumber magnate Ira McAllister. The home is officially known as The McAllister House, and is designated as a historical landmark.  Many of the neighboring buildings are also significant to that period of history, including the residence of a former Boulder mayor.

The McAllister House got an international boost when its exterior was photographed and featured as the home of Mindy McConnell for Mork and Mindy. Though most of the show was filmed in LA, many shots were taken in Boulder, including one of Robin Williams rollerskating down the Pearl Street Mall. On the Mall, the New York Deli was a popular hangout for the cast and crew, and is now the home of Hapa Sushi. According to IMDB, the McAllister House became the most visited landmark in Boulder in 2004. Unfortunately, that designation intensified after Mr. Williams’s recent passing. Thousands flocked to Pine Street to pay their respects and leave tributes to the beloved alien from Ork. Today, all but a few of the tributes have been cleared, and the street is quiet. We sincerely hope that Mr. Williams has found peace, and that his humor will be remembered by generations.

Halal - The Quranic term for that which is lawful or allowed…in particular, it refers to the permitted categories of food and drink.  (1996 The Muslim Almanac)

Nanu Nanu – A slang term which means “Hello” or “Hi” made famous by Robin Williams in the TV series Mork & Mindy back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. As in: “I am Mork from Ork, Nanu Nanu.” (

Solidago – The botanical name for goldenrod.  (1997 Taylor’s Dictionary for Gardeners)

Cerumen – Another word for earwax. (1986 Dictionary of Disgusting Facts)


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