4 Tips to Make Content Marketing Part of the Flight Paths of Birds

Getting after it on this Monday’s #MuttLine. If you look REALLY HARD, you’ll see a theme here. The journey of a customer and a bird, both important in the #MuttLine.

You can start the week putting these four tactics on content marketing to work right this second, AND, escape to warmer climates watching seagulls fly. What more could you ask for to start your week?

4 Tips to Make Content Marketing Part of the Customer Journey


If you’re not using content marketing to talk with customers, you’re missing an opportunity to provide valuable, relevant information they need. Jason Miller, Sr. Manager of Content and Social at LinkedIn, provides these four simple tactics you can start using today.

A Mesmerizing Video Visualizing the Flight Paths of Birds

Through the beauty of an Adobe After Effects feature, British videographer Parker Paul, shows the flight path of seagulls. The results are worth a couple minutes of your time.

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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Is Your Business Blog Like a Broken Dryer?

As close readers of this blog know, I am the CEO of a blog writing service, and I’m also a customer! I don’t write the blogs here very often, but I did write this one myself.

You see, I had the honor of speaking to the biggest annual convention of appliance repair professionals in the U.S., and wanted to share my thoughts.scott yates speaking in New Orleans

The appliance repair folks hold their annual convention each February someplace warm, and this year in New Orleans in addition to educational sessions about soap chemistry and refrigeration advances, they had a few sessions about how to attract new customers.

I enjoyed the experience immensely, with one exception. I’ll get to that in a sec.

The reason I enjoyed it so much is that the men and women (yes, there were a few women appliance repair professionals, you sexist) are all involved in something tangible and real. It’s all well and good to talk about the finer points of content marketing, but when my oven doesn’t work and my family wants homemade pizza, well, I’m glad that there are people who can fix that oven.

These are those people.

And like any group of small business operators, they struggle with ways to attract new business.

Talking to them after my speech, it was clear that there’s a wide range of opinions about the new methods of attracting customers. Some say Twitter is for the birds and they aren’t really convinced they need more than a one-page website. Others embrace the new technology, to a point.

Marketing With Blogs, and Keeping it Simple

I was one of a couple of speakers talking about these new ways of marketing, and the one thing that rubbed me the wrong way at the conference wasn’t the attendees, but one of the other speakers. I sat in on part of his presentation, and was amazed. The guy was talking about tactics that were so advanced that I can really only imagine them being used by a large enterprise or a sophisticated ad agency.

It’s not that the content was over the heads of the audience, it was that it was in a whole different ball park. For instance, this guy was talking about detailed tactics in “influence marketing.” There’s nothing wrong with what he was saying if he was speaking to, for instance, General Electric or the American Heart Association. But Joe’s Appliance Repair? Gimme a break!

There was also a speaker from Yelp. He was an excellent speaker, and tried to make Yelp sound great, but you just can’t get away from the fact that Yelp really is not a simple site for reviews. As a recent court case made clear, Yelp is really an advertising network with some user reviews as part of it.

He does get points for playing this video for the group.

So my advice for this audience was simply that they shouldn’t worry about getting too deep in the weeds with social media. I told them that they could do what BlogMutt did for the first year or so, which is that we published one post a week on our blog and that worked well for search, and it worked well to let prospective clients know that we are active and engaged with the business.

Now we blog more often just because our space is getting more competitive and because we sell a five-post-per-week plan and we wanted to show how that can work. (We also just signed up to get one 1,200-word post per week because we just started selling that.)

The attendees at ASTI came up to me after and seemed genuinely appreciative of what I had to say. They liked that I gave them a specific thing they can do every week that will help them over the long run.

Keep that lint trap clean, and fill up your blog

One of them told me that he will now think of blogging like he thinks of cleaning out the lint trap on his clothes dryer. So many repairs on dryers are needed because people just don’t clean those out.

And he’s right, of course. Regular blogging does work, especially for people using other social media software. I hear all the time from users of software like HubSpot that the software doesn’t work. The reality is that the software — like an appliance — generally works fine as long as you use it as directed in the manual.

If you don’t clean out the lint filter, your dryer won’t work and if you don’t blog regularly, your marketing automation software won’t work.

More than that, if you don’t blog regularly, all of your marketing efforts will fall apart. Even if you are paying Google for an adwords account, you’ll pay more if you don’t have an active site to send people to from your ads. If you have an active site with a well-written blog, Google will give your ad placement above those sending people to boring sites.

And as I said during my presentation, even if your best method of getting new business is word-of-mouth, blogging helps. When someone gets a recommendation of a service provider, typically the first thing they do is check out the site. If they see that your last blog post was nine months ago, they may think that you’ve been hit by a bus, and they’ll keep looking around.

So no matter what your best method is of getting new customers, regular blogging will help.

So thanks to the organizers for having me, and thanks to the men and women who keep our appliances working and the writers who keep our blogs filled up.

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Blogging for Online Banks: Help Them Choose Your Bank Over Others

Blogging for online banks has many advantages if you are trying to market your services to potential customers. There is a lot of information that you can give to your customers and potential customers to help them choose your bank over others. Consider the following example blog for online banks:

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Online Banking

Online banking is one of the best ways to save time and learn what’s happening with your bank account, or so you would think. The truth is that along with the advantages of online banking, there are things that can cause you problems if you aren’t careful.

Here are 4 things you should avoid in online banking.

blogging for online banksFees for Bill Pay

There are a lot of online banks that charge you a fee when you are using a bill pay service. Before you sign up for an online bank, make sure that you’re reading the fine print and that you understand what is involved. This way there will be no nasty surprises.

Unresponsive Customer Service

If you are a banking customer and you have a problem, you want to know there will be someone there to help you.  The best way to avoid unresponsive customer service is to read reviews of the online bank. Read what other people have said about using the service and take their reviews to heart. Remember there will always be customers who won’t be satisfied no matter what. But if there are more negative than positive reviews, avoid using the bank.

Bad Apps

Most online banks have an app that you can use for using their banking service. When you are looking for a bank, research the banking app to find out how easy it is to use. It’s also essential that they have one that will work for your device or devices. Will it work on your smart phone or tablet? Or is it just for certain makes and models?

Unsecured Log In

Anytime you are dealing with money or your credit, you want to make sure that you are on a secure website.  If you see an “s” at the end of the http on the website’s address, that means it’s a secure website. If it’s not there, then you want to look elsewhere for an online bank.

Choosing the right online bank can be difficult and frustrating. You want the convenience of online banking. But you also want to be certain that the one you choose gives you good service and keeps you safe.

Our bank gives you all the ease and convenience you’re looking for in an online bank, and we are just as concerned as you are about your online safety.  Please feel free to look around on our website and read more of our blog. We are always ready to help you and give you advice. If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you hire BlogMutt to create blogs for you, this is the type of informative post that you can expect to receive for your blog. Want to know more? Just contact us and we will happily go over with you what we can do for you and your business.

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5 Things I Learned About Writing Headlines From This Year’s Oscar Nominees

It’s an Oscars-themed #MuttLine today. Ever since Ellen broke Twitter with her selfie, it’s an open secret that there’s no better way to watch the painfully long Oscars broadcast with your Twitter stream riding shotgun.

Five Things I Learned About Writing Headlines from Twitter


Twitter is the ultimate tool for mastering brevity. And that’s not the only reason for Twitter’s ability to improve how you think about headlines. You’re competing for readers’ attention amidst a wash of hundreds of other tweets. Being brief, interesting and witty isn’t easy, but this article is a start.

(Photo Source: Twitter)

8 Things You Didn’t Know About This Year’s Oscar Nominees

If you’re attending an Oscar party or engaging in idle Oscars chit-chat, you can regale your company with these eight facts. Especially if you haven’t seen most of the best pictures (like me).

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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Blogging For The Vaping Industry: Fight Back Through Your Blog!

Electronic cigarettes sure have gotten a bad rap in recent months, haven’t they? People who use them think they’re the greatest things since sliced bread. People who are against them — well, they think quite the opposite.

Right now, there are plenty of debates surrounding the issue of vaping. If you operate a business that specializes in electronic cigarettes, you are undoubtedly feeling the pressure of a government that’s about to make some big changes. The problem is that you’re not sure what to do to raise awareness about how helpful electronic cigarettes can be to help people stop smoking cigarettes. You’ve educated your customers, you’ve joined all of the appropriate organizations, but there must be more you can do, right?

There is more you can do: fight back through your blog!

blogging for the vaping industryBlogging has become absolutely essential for every type of business, and blogging for the vaping industry can work for you, too. Imagine using your website as a platform for what you believe in. Many businesses do just that with their blogs every week. In fact, some of the most successful businesses in the world have experienced incredible growth in recent years because they continually present their customers with great information through their company blogs.

So, what should you do if you want to start blogging about the benefits of vaping? We have a few ideas.

1. Debunk the myths behind electronic cigarettes. You know they’re out there because you’ve done the research yourself. Those who are against electronic cigarettes love to talk about all the negatives, like how they contain antifreeze (not true), that they can blow up (not when they’re charged and used correctly) or that they can cause other health issues (again, not true). Take matters into your own hands and present some real research on your blog.

2. Share positive testimonials.  Your customers have had some terrific and life-changing experiences because they switched to vaping instead of smoking. Why not parade those success stories on your blog? People love hearing firsthand accounts of success stories, and you’ll be a hero for giving your readership a platform to share those stories on.

3. Give some valuable tips for newbies. Even though electronic cigarettes are great, they do come with a learning curve. You’ll help more people be successful at making the switch from smoking to vaping  if you use your blog to help point them in the right direction. You’ll also position yourself as an expert in your field, which is an excellent place to be, right?

4. Face controversial issues head-on. Vaping is controversial, and this is evident by all of the news articles that are shared on social media every day. Your blog offers you a platform to face these issues head-on. As soon as there’s something for you to refute, you can use your blog to do it. You’ll gain readers and customers because of your insight and knowledge on such an important topic.

These are just a few of the ideas we have to help make your new vaping blog really successful. The best news is that there are plenty of writers to craft blogs like this one for you.

Here at BlogMutt, we love to help new businesses create blog posts that make a difference. If you want to know more, contact us!

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Copywriting Lessons from Sterling Archer Draper Price

We finagle our way into the bowels of HubSpot for a guest post on copywriting lessons and feature a Tumblr mashup of two shows you really should be watching in today’s #MuttLine.

Copywriting Lessons from Companies Doing It Right


Ok, this is a bit shameless…this is our guest post for HubSpot. But seriously, it’s a great primer on the companies that are nailing copy and what makes/breaks strong copywriting.

(Photo Source: HubSpot)

Sterling Archer Draper Price


Just like the #MuttLine is a mashup of two great blogs headlines, so too is this Tumblr feed for Archer and Mad Men fans. Mad Men screengrabs + Archer quotes = Tumblr gold.

(Photo source)

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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Blogging For A Security Company: Teach Your Customers How To Prevent Theft

By Sharon Hendricks

Are you trying to reach customers in the security industry? Blogging for a security company shows people that you care, while giving them helpful information. Consider the following post, which is a good sample of the kind of post you can receive from BlogMutt for your security business.


5 Tips To Reduce Copper Theft In Your Business

Copper theft is a common problem in many businesses. Thieves break into the businesses and steal the valuable copper to sell it as scrap metal.

If you have had problems with people stealing copper from your business, there are things that you can do to stop the theft. Here are the top tips that you can use to deter thieves from stealing your copper:

1. Paint the copper black.

An inexpensive and easy way to deter people from stealing copper is to paint all of the components that are made of copper black. This is going to make the copper look like worthless, regular tubing that isn’t worth stealing.

2. Fence in the areas containing copper.

Areas that house items containing copper are an obvious target for breaking in. Based on the item’s value, you may find that a fence is worth the investment. The amount of copper in most commercial air conditioners isn’t worth a lot, but the true cost comes from the unit’s destruction and the length of time it will take to have it replaced.

blogging for a security company

By installing cameras alarms, you can not only deter copper thieves, but catch them, as well.

3. Install alarms.

Installing alarms is one of the best ways to deter any potential thieves — and you may just catch them in the act, too. There are many alarm systems available, and choosing the right one is going to depend on where the item containing copper is located, and exactly what it is. For cooling and heating units, you might want to choose an alarm that’s triggered when the unit quits working, for example.

4. Install security cameras.

Along with deterring the thieves, surveillance cameras can help police to capture thieves. If you have the thieves on tape, there’s a better chance that local police will be able to identify the thieves, and possibly recover the stolen goods. The thieves might also be jailed, which will help to prevent future thefts.

5. Hire security guards.

About 90% of the copper theft happens during weekends or at night, when businesses are usually empty. Hiring security guards for monitoring the business when it’s closed can help reduce your serious loss risk.

If you are interested in learning about security measures that you can use for stopping copper thieves, contact us. We can find a solution that is right for you.


This is the type of blog that we can write for you to publish on your own security site. If you want to know more, just contact us.


Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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This Content Marketing Tip Is About The Making of Conan The Barbarian

Visuals play a strong role in both articles for today’s #MuttLine. We have the impact of “visual content” and the gore-fest that was/and still is a classic, “Conan the Barbarian.”

This Content Marketing Tip Is Worth Gold. You Won’t Believe What Happened When I Did This!


How on Earth will you ever be able to grow your organic reach on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter now that they are increasingly becoming pay to play? Jeff Bullas shows the impact of visual content on Twitter and Facebook.

(Photo Source: Jeff Bullas)

Everything You Never Knew About The Making of Conan The Barbarian


Conan had a profound impact on my childhood and still remains a cult classic today. This movie had a little of everything: good acting, bad acting, Arnold’s big break (filmed right before The Terminator), and the sword-and-sorcery genre that has been revived with Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. This is a fantastic, thorough post on how this movie was made and rekindled a lot of moments I’d forgotten (notably some of the gory scenes I’d tried to forget).

(Photo source: io9)

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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Three Benefits Of Crowdsourcing

For the last decade or so, companies have been looking overseas, to India or China, for cheap labor. But now it doesn’t matter where the laborers are – they might be down the block, they might be in Indonesia – as long as they are connected to the network. (Wired)

Given the sharp uptick in crowdsourcing in many areas of business, the time has come to examine the trend in detail, sussing out the positives and negatives while determining how best to employ its benefits to your own particular branches of industry.

Three Benefits Of Crowdsourcing

1. Lower overhead. Companies who utilize crowdsourcing often do so via the internet, meaning that they do not need to provide the computers, paper goods, office space, and other tangible needs of the employees filling these roles. As a result, the company is able to pour more of its resources into other areas.


Crowdsourcing is becoming more than just a popular trend. Businesses are harnessing the problem-solving powers of crowdsourcing.

2. Higher creativity. The maxim that “many hands make light work” applies to more than manual labor. Within a traditional team — whether that team is marketing, sales, or management — the number of ideas generated in a given team meeting is somewhat dependent on how many people are in attendance. Within the realm of crowdsourcing, since the only thing necessary for involvement is connection to a network, the number of people who can be involved in a project is almost limitless.

3. Greater symbiosis. Since the rules of supply-and-demand operate within crowdsourcing as well as they do outside of crowdsourcing, the back-and-forth benefits of positive conflict still apply. Since more people are often involved in the process, however, the results are greater.

With more and more companies turning to crowdsourcing to handle some of their more challenging tasks, the time has come to seriously consider this popular trend as a viable option for your business.

For more information on how you can harness the crowdsourcing powers of BlogMutt for your business blog, just contact us.

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5 Insights About the Convergence of Content Marketing and Millennials

Father: One day, lad, all this will be yours.

His son: What, the #MuttLine?”

5 Insights About the Convergence of Content Marketing and SEO 


“Content marketing and SEO often live in separate silos, but they’re two sides of the same coin.”

This article makes a convincing case that great content does not an optimized site make. Nor does an optimized site make for great content. Head spinning yet? Then you should probably read this.

Monty Python and Millennials

CUSTOMER: This content is dead.

SHOPKEEPER: No it’s not, it’s resting.

CUSTOMER: Resting? Now look here, I clicked on this content not two minutes ago and was assured by your headline that I would receive, and I quote, “6 Reasons Why Topanga from Boy Meets Word Will Always Be Your Biggest TV Crush.”

Absolutely brilliant post from McSweeney’s on the Millennial-ification of Monty Python’s famous scenes.

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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