The Impact Of Panda 4.1 On Blog Writing And Content Marketing

By Ken Bradford

On September 25, 2014, Google made the announcement that it was slowly rolling out a new algorithm update called Panda 4.1. It appears that with each new update, which seem to be coming about each quarter, Google continues to inject the human factor in search results. So, what is the impact of Panda 4.1 on blog writing and content marketing?

content marketingIf your content is thin, you can’t win!

Are you relying on one single page of high-quality web content to drive the search rankings for your blog ? If so, you had better re-evaluate, because all your pages must now be high-quality. Whether you rank on the first page or the 78th page of Google, your content needs to be useful and relevant.

Duplicate content is not appreciated by people or search engines.

It appears that Panda 4.1 severely impacted affiliate websites due to excessive duplication. Also, if your blog relies primarily on aggregated or syndicated content, you have probably already felt the impact of this new update. People and search engines are demanding original and quality blog content. The importance of quality writing is being more strongly reinforced with each new algorithm update.

How is Google defining quality blog content?

The blogs that will rank best in the search are those delivering 100% original content that provides value to the general public. Panda 4.1 goes a step further. It seems that search results will now be impacted by the engagement of those who read blog articles. So, now your blog content must not only be useful, but it must encourage engagement in the form of comments and shares.

Quality blog content will not only improve your search rankings, but it will ultimately strengthen your brand and products. Quality content should be the cornerstone of any content marketing strategy. If you are doing that already, you should survive Panda 4.1. If you are not sure, you probably need some professional blog-writing help.

At BlogMutt, our first concern is quality. It is the foundation of our business, and it can be seen in the blog articles we create. If you are concerned about the type of information you are delivering in your business blog, hire our blog writers to deliver your message as it should be delivered.


Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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How To Blog For Teachers: Three Helpful Tips

To blog for teachers, you almost have to have been one yourself. That’s because teaching is a profession like no other: a strange, all-consuming, passionate, behemoth of a job that almost defies description.

As a daily pursuit, teaching both emotionally invigorates and sucks you dry. It makes blog for teachersdemands that almost no other profession makes, and yet still offers more than you ever expected.

Excitement, adventure, horror, dread, fear, hilarity, challenge, reward, calamity — teaching offers a unique blend of all these and more, often on a daily basis.

So how do you blog for such individuals as these? I’m so glad you asked.

How to Blog for Teachers: Three Helpful Tips

1. Consider their struggles.

Although teachers bear a multi-function role similar to that of a parent, teachers are not parents. They must, however, deal with the sniffles, learn to discipline with love, teach children to clean up after themselves, and so forth. In short, teachers do much more than communicate information. Your blog posts should reflect these diverse responsibilities.

2. Consider the seasons.

There’s a reason why most education-related websites boast a seasons-related page. No matter what age group is being taught, a teacher’s schedule conforms to the seasons. Not only are lessons calibrated with regard to upcoming holidays, but student interest levels are often influenced by changing seasons and other extracurricular distractions. Timely posts reflecting your awareness of these issues, such as holiday-related posts or posts on how to help students suffering from Spring Fever, will be highly appreciated and very helpful.

3. Consider the subjects taught. 

Unless yours is a specialty blog, do not focus too much on one particular branch of education, such as elementary teachers or math lessons. Be sure that your posts appeal to as wide a range of teachers as you would like to attract.

Remember that we offer blog posts curtailed to your particular needs. Since many of our writers used to be teachers themselves, they are the perfect ones to tackle these issues for you.

Questions? Comment? Please feel free to contact us.

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Blogging For The Tech Industry: Choose Topics To Suit Your Audience

Building a blog in the tech industry is not futile. In fact, having a blog sets your business apart, and makes you more visible in the Internet realm. But your blog should be effective, and not just something put together for SEO purposes. To increase your traffic, your blog should have content that your customers and potential customers want to read and utilize. This is especially pertinent if you’re in the B2B market, trying to attract the attention of businesses. Business owners are more likely to have a higher level of knowledge than the average consumer, so your blog will need to meet their needs. Bottom line: avoid rehashed, generalized content.

blogging for the tech industrySo, you know what your potential customer base doesn’t want. But how do you determine what your audience does want? First, you need to understand the types of technology blogging that exist. They come in two distinct forms: news articles and tutorial articles. There are often gray areas between the two, but for the most part, tech blogs will utilize one of these two key concepts in each of their posts.

News articles give readers information about new developments in the technology world. This could be new software updates, hardware announcements, or company news. These articles are meant to be objective ways to educate the reader on a specific recent event pertaining to technology.

Tutorial articles are different from news articles, because rather than teach the reader about an event, tutorials educate the reader on a certain skill. The tutorials can be step-by-step guides for software applications like Photoshop or Outlook, but they can also include more opinionated pieces, like a guide on how to choose a tablet for your business. The tutorial article’s main purpose is to teach the reader how to do something.

When blogging for the tech industry, it’s important that you understand some key information about your customers when determining what to blog about. A company that targets more educated end users, such as business owners, engineers, and software developers, might want to focus more on news-related articles (specifically, on news that affects common business application,s like Salesforce or Microsoft). This type of consumer is often already very knowledgeable about various aspects of technology, and is less likely to read a blog focused on tutorials.

On the other hand, if your business is targeted towards the average consumer, such as low-level employees, “tips and tricks” type articles do quite well. These consumers might not be as knowledgeable about certain software applications or hardware selections, and will be able to learn new things from tutorial-based technology blogging.

Once you know your audience well enough, you will be able to integrate a mix of both types of articles into your blog. Lower end users might be interested in news articles about the next iPhone release, for example. The trick is keeping everything relevant to your target markets’ interests and making sure it is written for the appropriate knowledge level of the reader.

Remember not only to cater to your customer’s interests, but to integrate your business’ services into the blog as well. A managed-service company might write tutorials on utilizing Microsoft Outlook, but also encourage consumers to call them if the consumer needs help setting up his email.

BlogMutt helps small businesses populate their blogs with a variety of relevant topics. Contact us today for more information on how blogging for technology will benefit your business.

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WOOF Round-Up: Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all!

gold standard

Scrooge McDuck was probably a Gold Bug. Or at least a Gold Duck!

This is your weekly WOOF Round-Up. If you missed a word of the day, you’ll find it here. You’ll also find a thrilling and brief economic history of the United States’ move to and from the gold standard.

Wednesday’s #WOOF, Gold Bugs, are what the supporters of the U.S. moving to a gold standard were called. In 1900, the U.S. government began using a gold standard, which meant that gold was the only standard by which paper money could be redeemed. Prior to this, the U.S. held a bimetallism standard, which meant that paper money could be redeemed for either the value of gold or silver.

(There’s your bonus WOOF for the week: bimetallism. You’re welcome!).

But the gold standard was dropped in 1933. In fact, in that same year, in order to fight deflation, Franklin D. Roosevelt banned private ownership of significant amounts of gold coins. The deviation from the gold standard was considered temporary, until finally, in 1971, President Nixon officially and unilaterally cancelled the convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold. Now, the U.S. dollar has its own free market exchange price.


Monday: The Flags Of Japan — For more than a thousand years, the sun has been the fundamental element in Japanese flags. The sun is the legendary ancestor of the emperor. The war flag and the war ensign are variations on the sun symbol. The emperor’s emblem consists of a stylized chrysanthemum. (1982 Guide To The Flags Of The World)

Tuesday: Tera- — A prefix denoting one million million (ten to the twelfth power). (1982 Dictionary Of New Information Technology)

Wednesday: Gold Bugs — Name used in the USA in the 19th and 20th centuries to describe supporters of the gold standard. (1983 Dictionary Of Historical Terms)

Thursday: Freedom Of Movement For Workers — Workers of member countries of the European Economic Communities (E.E.C.) are entitled to look for and take up employment without a work permit, and automatically qualify for a residency permit, and there must be no discrimination either in granting jobs or benefits. (1978 Dictionary Of The European Economic Community)

Friday: North-South Effect — An effect due to the influence of the earth’s magnetic field on the paths of the cosmic particles. (1970 Elsevier’s Dictionary Of Nuclear Science And Technology)

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Effective Content Marketing Must Begin With Great Writers

By Ken Bradford

Many business owners seem to feel that the primary objective of content marketing is just to broadcast a lot of web copy. This misconception is the main reason for the failure of many blogs and websites. If your blog or website isn’t attracting the attention you feel it content marketingshould, you may want to re-evaluate your content writers. For any content-marketing strategy to be effective, it must begin with great writers.

So, how do you recognize great content writers?

There’s just no way to start a discussion about great writers without immediately thinking of one of the most famous authors on the planet, Stephen King. Here’s what he has to say about writing in general:

“Writing isn’t about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid, or making friends. In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life, as well. It’s about getting up, getting well, and getting over. Getting happy, okay? Getting happy.” –Stephen King

So, what does this have to do with your selection of a web-content writer? You must demand writers who place the interests of your target audience above everything else. If your blog or web content is focused primarily on your brand or is nothing more than a sales brochure, it will probably fail.

Great writers are constantly growing.

You may have already discovered that writing quality web content on a consistent basis is hard. You may not have the time, or there may be no one in your organization who can write effectively. Great content writers experience frustrations too, but by studying web content and writing everyday, they learn to overcome the obstacles. They are constantly looking for ways to hone their skills and make every effort to see that the next article is better than the last.

Great writers favor substance over style.

Many freelance writers or content-writing services adhere to a strict writing style, like AP style. Even though a definite writing style may sometimes improve the content quality, it often interferes with the message you are trying to deliver. When visitors come to your website or blog, they are looking for information, not style.

Great writers impact your audience.

You must understand that quality web content doesn’t have to be brilliant. It just has to be effective. The primary goal of great web-content writers is to make the right connection with your target audience. Great content writers understand how to deliver your message in a way that retains peoples’ interests and fills their specific needs for information.

If your goal is to fill your blog or website with quality information, you may want to consider outsourcing your content writing. By using the talents and expertise of great writers, you can deliver your message in a way that people want to receive it. There are many content writers available to you, so choose wisely.

At BlogMutt, we have a talented team of great writers who have the time, patience, and commitment to get the job done. A great content marketing campaign must begin with great content, and that’s what we deliver. Contact us today and let us show you what we mean.

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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Increase Your Web Traffic: Blogging For Real Estate

Did you know that 90 percent of consumers think that informative content on a website is important? Did you know that 70 percent of consumers say that they learn about companies through content posts rather than ads? Did you also know that 72 percent of businesses use blogs as a content marketing strategy?

So, if you’re in the real-estate business, why not have informative blogs that attract people to your website? Be the website that people want to read, so that when they’re ready to sell a home, you’re the first real-estate company on their minds. Be part of that 72 percent of businesses using content blogs for marketing.

If you are wondering what a real-estate blog post might look like, we have an example for you. Below is a sample post that provides information about how to sell a home in winter.

Five Easy Tips To Sell Your Home This Winter

blogging for real estateIf you have heard that it’s best to sell your home in spring, we want to challenge that theory. In this blog post, we’ll show you how easy it is to sell your home in the winter. It’s true that there might be fewer people looking at homes when it’s cold and snowy, but you know that the people who are looking at homes are serious buyers. This means that you don’t have to deal with those people are are “just looking.” Here are the tried-and-true steps we can all take to make a successful winter sale.


1. Make sure it’s warm.

You might usually turn down the thermostat while you’re at work. However, if an agent wants to show your house, you need to make sure that your house is ready, warm, and inviting. So always keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature while your house is for sale.

2. Clear away snow and ice from the sidewalks, porch, and driveways.

Just as you would mow the lawn in the spring, keep the outside well maintained and safe in the winter.

3. Keep all the lights on, just in case it’s a cloudy day.

You might also have someone light a fire in the fireplace right before a showing. If you have a gas fireplace, tell the agents to turn it on before showing the house. Just be sure someone responsible makes sure the fire is out or turned off after everyone leaves.

4. Be aware of winter clutter.

In winter, we usually wear gloves, hats, galoshes, and all kinds of other winter gear. Be aware of this clutter in the house. Keep the space free of mess, so that potential homeowners see your home at its best and tidiest.

5. Include flyers or brochures of people who can be hired to clean driveways or provide firewood.

Show potential home buyers that there are people in the neighborhood who can be hired to fulfill their needs.

Those are five tips that will help you sell your home this winter, and best of all, they won’t take much of your time! If you would like more tips, feel free to contact us and let’s sell your home this winter.


This is just one example post that you could use to help increase your web traffic when blogging for real estate. We have many capable writers, who would love the opportunity to write for your business. If you are interested, just contact us and let’s talk.

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Blogging For Travel Agents: A Writing Service Example Post

When it comes to blogging for travel agents there are many different angles to consider. Regardless of the concept, a travel blog post should give potential customers ideas, tips, tricks, and information about traveling. In the sample blog post below, the focus is on pet-friendly accommodations around the world.

Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels Around The World From Posh To Playful

Traveling is always better when you get to do it with your furry friend. The very idea of going off on a fun vacation and leaving her is just unthinkable. No matter where you travel around the globe, there are beautiful hotels that cater to pets and their humans. Here are the top 10 pet-friendly hotels around the world. From posh digs to adventure-filled getaways, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago, Illinois, is the height of luxury, and not just for human guests. Trump Hotel knows how to treat pooches right, with a comfy bed, and gourmet treats to make them feel at home. An in-room dining menu with gourmet meals assures your pet is well-fed at every meal.
  2. The Milestone in London, England, is one of the poshest, most pet-friendly hotels in Europe. The Milestone welcomes pets with open arms with a personal hamper, a special toy, a treat, and a Milestone tag. Pets also enjoy a custom-made bed, special food, water bowls, and turn-down service that includes a bedtime snack. Your pet will be treated like royalty here.
  3. Le Meurice in Paris, France, has been a pet-friendly hotel for over a century. Whether your furry friend is a cat or a dog, she’ll be welcomed at this lush hotel. Le Meurice will put together a complimentary pet basket, made specifically for your pet. Plus, Le Meurice staff create a custom bowl engraved with your pet’s name that he can use for the delicious menu provided.
  4. The Fairmont, in San Francisco, California, takes pet friendly to a whole new blogging for travel agentslevel by providing a mini-bar for you and one especially for your four-legged friend. Your pooch will get a yummy snack of special dog cookies and crunchy organic peanut-brittle. That’s not all, he’ll also get a keepsake ceramic bowl, blanket and a fun new toy to play with. Both you and your pet deserve this kind of luxury experience.
  5. The Boat Hotel in Aviemore, Scotland, is a great place to vacation with your furry pal. From yummy organic snacks to long walks along Loch Gartens or through the surrounding forests, The Boat Hotel a pet paradise. The pet-oriented concierge services include local pet services such as grooming and daycare. Pet-friendly activities are plentiful in, and around the area.
  6. Cape Otway Cottages in Victoria, Australia, love every one of the special canine guests that bring their humans here. A comfy dog bed close to the warm wood fire, fluffy soft pet towels and natural dog food treats are just a few reasons pooches love this hotel. Plus, Cape Otway Cottages are close to the most picturesque dog beaches in the country, where dogs can run free and have fun.
  7. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi, Japan, is exotic and plush for human guests, but is a veritable paradise for dogs. There’s an exclusive grooming service for the lucky dogs staying at the hotel. A special food-bowl set and bottled water awaits each pet. Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo also provides your pooch with a comfortable and cushioned mattress so he’ll sleep comfortably.
  8. The Benjamin, in New York, New York, treats both humans and dogs with the same high-end service. Upon arrival, furry guests receive a BarkBox with toys and treats, hand-picked just for them. Plus, the in-room pet mini bar is stocked with treats from Bocce’s Bakery and Bowser Beer. Pet parents also get 24-hour access to an on-call veterinarian, just in case they need it. A comfy bed and water bowl are also included.
  9. The Loden Hotel, in Vancouver, Canada, welcomes four-legged friends with some special pooch services. Dogs get home-made dog biscuits, and specialty pet food items can also be provided. Concierge services are available for dog-walking and dog-sitting services, or to arrange for a day at Bark & Fitz for your spoiled pooch. Pet parents aren’t left out: they get a copy of Modern Dog Magazine to read.
  10. El Porto Sedona Hotel, in Sedona, Arizona, is not only upscale, beautiful, and luxurious, but is friendly to pets of all sizes. El Porto Sedona Hotel offers personalized concierge services for guests and their pets, and cater to your every need. In order to accommodate canine visitors and keep them safe, there’s a fenced-in dog-friendly patio area. Pet snacks and comfy beds are available.

Pet-friendly hotels around the world embrace your furry friend and many provide exceptional amenities just for them. Do call ahead and inform the hotel that your dog or cat will be staying with you and make arrangements for dog sitting, walking, or grooming. Most of all, enjoy the precious time you have with your pet, exploring all the wonderful places around the world.

Writing blog posts can take time away from more important responsibilities. Our writers are always willing to give you a hand. We can tailor your blog posts for any travel-related subject of interest to your customer base. If you are a travel agent, contact us to find out more about how our blog writing services can benefit you.

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Blogging For Healthcare Sample Post: Open Enrollment Is Coming

With the launch of the Affordable Care Act, there have been significant changes in how people receive care, and how many people utilize their coverage. Despite the debacle last year, more than seven million people enrolled in health plans purchased through the government site. If you are in the business of blogging for healthcare, you will want to help your viewers understand what is going on with healthcare in this country, and how these changes affect their plans. Here’s an example post.


Shopping For Health Insurance

blogging for healthcareOpen enrollment begins November 15, 2014 and runs until February 15, 2015. Major life events will affect your health insurance, so updating your information when shopping for health insurance can result in lower costs, and better quality coverage. Be sure that you have a firm understanding of the following facts, which are most likely to change with major life events:

  • Your subsidy amount: This could change due to marital status, birth of a baby, job loss, or change of monthly income.
  • Your doctor: Doctors sometimes change networks, and the one you are currently seeing may not be covered in your network anymore.
  • Your current plan: The insurer may automatically enroll you in another plan similar to your current one, if it isn’t being sold anymore.

What Does Each Person Need?

When choosing a health plan, keep in mind the things that are wanted out of the coverage. Some people may be shopping for individual plans, and many will be shopping for a plan that covers their family. Four simple points to keep in mind are:

  • Health history
  • Medical needs of your family
  • Employer’s coverage vs. spouse’s coverage
  • Cost benefit of the plan


The best help you can offer your viewers is to be informative. Know that consumers whose income drops below poverty lines will get a break on subsidy paybacks, for instance. Do your homework, and find unbiased help around the web. Use great resources like this one. If you need help creating blog ideas, contact us.

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Halloween WOOF Compendium: Roman Festival Of The Dead

Mosaic from Pompeii, 30 BCE - 14 CE.  The skull is death, with a butterfly (the soul) and a wheel (fortune), below it.

Mosaic from Pompeii, 30 BCE – 14 CE. The skull is death, with a butterfly (the soul) and a wheel (fortune), below it.

In this weekly WOOF compendium, you’ll find all of the words of the day from the dictionaries of the day. We also have some Halloween treats for you: spooky stats on the ancient Roman festival of spirits, the Lemuria, and an ancient ghost story.

The Lemuria, which isn’t technically Halloween related, was celebrated by the ancient Romans in May. It might’ve not have been a dark October holiday, but it was still pretty creepy.

The Romans believed that when a person died, she became a ghost, or shade. The Romans had a few different names for these ghosts, including Larvae, Lemures, and Manes. Generally, the differences among them are difficult to pinpoint, except that Larvae and Lemures tended to be more malevolent or needing appeasement, while Manes were generally venerated ancestors.

In 8 CE, the Roman poet Ovid wrote his Fasti, which was a long poem,as well as a kind of calendar. He says about the Lemuria at Fasti, 5.421:

ritus erit veteris, nocturna Lemuria, sacri:
inferias tacitis manibus illa dabunt.

There will be a sacred ancient ritual, the nocturnal Lemuria: they will give sacred offerings to the silent spirits.

During the Lemuria, dissatisfied and wandering spirits would come back to the places at which they had dwelled when they were alive. In order to ward off these inimical spirits, the living would rise at midnight, and either throw black beans over their shoulders with their faces averted, or spit out the black beans, bang some copper pots together, and chant verses nine times.

the nightmare

Fuseli’s Nightmare, 1781.

What was the point of the Lemuria?  It’s probably not quite right to think of the ancient Roman Lemures in the same way that we think of modern malevolent ghosts. But perhaps the Lemuria serves the same purpose that the American Halloween serves, as a cathartic experience. We like to scare ourselves on this one day, with thoughts of the undead and the horror of death itself. In the end, we also like to tell ourselves that it’s actually make-believe, and that we are indeed still alive. For the Romans, perhaps the Lemuria was a way of recognizing the bitter truth about death, confronting it, and finally protecting themselves from it.

Even though it’s not Lemuria on this chilly October night, it might be a safe bet to throw some beans over your shoulder and bang those pots at the stroke of midnight, just in case you find your house haunted this Halloween. And if you’ll be telling scary stories in the dark, here’s a translation of a veritable ancient Roman ghost story, by Pliny the Younger, in his Letter 27.

Monday: Cthonian Gods — (from Cthon, Greek for Earth) The deities who rule under the earth or who are connected to the lower world, as Hades, Pluto, Persephone, Demeter, Dionysus, Hecate, and Hermes. (1995 Dictionary Of Classical Mythology, Religion, Literature, And Art)

Tuesday: School Dreams — To dream of attending school indicates distinction in literary work. If you dream of being at school in your youth, you sincerely long for the simple trusts and pleasures of days of yore.  (1995 10,000 Dreams Interpreted)

Wednesday: Bonanza — 1. A rich vein of gold or silver ore 2. Informal. a source of unexpected wealth. (1970 Winston Dictionary Of Canadian English)

Thursday: Athenaeum — A building or an apartment, where a library, periodicals, and newspapers are kept for public use, or a public reading room. (1989 Dictionary Of Americanisms, reprinted from the 1848 edition)

Friday: Babili — To chatter. Ordonu al li, ke li ne babilu means “Order him not to babble.” (1909 American Esperanto Book)

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Why Agencies Lose Clients and How to Keep Them

Our Director of Marketing, Patrick Armitage, has worked for small and midsize marketing agencies in his career. He’s seen clients come and go for a variety of reasons. And from his experience, there’s one thing that stuck out as a key reason for why agencies lose clients (but you’ll have to read on to find out). Before joining BlogMutt he admitted that he had no idea blog writing services for agencies even existed. With hindsight, he shares his thoughts on the potential that awaits agencies who start working smarter and not harder by outsourcing some of their content needs. Enjoy!


Blog writing services for agencies

Bring a new idea to every client meeting.

There’s one reason marketing agencies lose clients: complacency.

I’ve worked at three agencies in my career. I’ve been in the trenches. I’ve put out the fires. I’ve fought complacency. I’ve made the logo bigger (again!).

In my agency career, the best piece of advice I received was to always bring one new idea to a client meeting. It made clients feel special. It showed we were thinking of them off the clock. By just doing that extra 10 percent I found that it made all the difference in creating long-lasting client relationships.

Now, I can completely empathize with the tight timelines, meager budgets and crazy clients that inevitably get in the way of developing solid, presentable ideas. But the reality is, if clients don’t think they’re special, they’re gone. Clients confuse why they pay good money for top agencies. It’s not just to serve as their outsourced design shop or production house. They’re paying for ideas. Great ones.

Three Steps to a Successful Client/Agency Relationship

Open communication: Without open communication, you’ll never have the opportunity to share your ideas.
Trust: Open communication begets trust. When a client trusts you, they’re open to ideas.
Ideas: This is the big one. As trust develops, the free exchange of ideas can take root. And as mentioned earlier, ideas are the best route to creating happy clients.

Content Marketing:
The One Great Idea That’s Mutually Beneficial to Your Client and Your Agency

The buzziest marketing words of late have been “content marketing” and “inbound marketing”. If your clients haven’t asked about content marketing yet, be prepared. As media budgets tighten, PPC spend becomes unsustainable, and Facebook changes their algorithm yet again, clients are going to be looking for a more sustainable approach to their marketing.

If small to midsize companies can’t compete with larger ad budgets, their approach needs to be more sophisticated.

Content marketing remains the most mutually beneficial tactic in the relationship between an agency and its clients. With a content marketing strategy in place, the dynamic of the relationship between an agency and client changes from being transactional and project-based to one that’s collaborative and scalable.

And yet, content marketing, like communism, is great…in theory. But in practice, it’s much harder to execute. Agencies don’t have enough people to create content. Clients don’t have enough time to review content. This results in content development getting pushed aside for “hot”, last-minute projects. If it was never really a priority in the first place, it’s the first tactic to get the boot.

70% of B2B Marketers Are Creating More Content Than They Did a Year Ago. How Will You Keep Pace?

Businesses are seeing increasing value in creating content. But content development requires time, resources and budget–three things in short supply for many agencies and their clients.

Lemme throw out a couple options:
Get an inflatable mattress and tell your sole copywriter that they’re going to have to up their production, even if it means sleeping at the office.


Ok, how about adding five more writers to your staff?

Don’t like that either?

Well, there’s one more option: outsource. But even outsourcing carries risk. How are you going to manage a network of freelancers? And many freelancers are expensive or unreliable, or both.

Agencies are Increasingly Starting to See the Value of Content Writing Services

For agencies made aware of content writing services, the opportunity cost is considerable. Partnering with a content writing service gives agencies access to a network of writers that develop consistent, quality content at a value that beats hiring more staff or managing disparate freelancers.

With Blog Writing Services for Agencies Benefits Both Agencies and Their Clients in the Following Ways:

  • Reduces the potential of burning out your agency’s in-house writing team
  • Allows your in-house writers to focus on long-form content, interviews, and on-location pieces
  • Without having to spend an inordinate amount of effort developing content from the bottom-up, now agencies can use their energy toward reviewing content from a more strategic, top-down perspective
  • Each piece of content developed is another opportunity to reach out and maintain healthy communication with your client
  • Original content can be repurposed and shared via social media giving your clients greater credibility and authority
  • Content marketing remains the biggest influencer on SEO performance
  • Ongoing content development for clients ensures a recurring revenue stream for your agency
  • Agencies no longer have to worry about optimizing the workload of every in-house writer. If there are fluctuations in the amount of client work, agencies no longer have to reduce hours for employees or commence layoffs

Content marketing is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s only going to grow. New ideas for your clients can come from the strangest places, but starting with a solid content strategy (with the ability to execute) is the first step to getting there. Trust can start with a new blog idea that’s delivered on time and on budget to the client. And as clients start trusting and listening to their agency for new ideas, and see those ideas executed, the potential is limitless.

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