Blogging For Addiction-Treatment Centers: A Sample Post

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are more than 14,500 specialized drug-treatment facilities in the U.S. that provide counseling, behavioral therapy, medication, case management, and other types of services to persons with substance-use disorders.

That’s a whole lot of websites for someone to slog through in order to make a potentially life-saving decision.

If you are a staff member at one of these 14,500 treatment centers, we know that you want to get to this beleaguered site-searcher as rapidly as possible. Time is slipping by, and you want to help her.

Content marketing is one way that your facility can cut through the crowd and reach this person quickly and effectively.

The following blog post is one example of how you can provide valuable and timely information to those who are seeking information and guidance. By doing so, you also direct people to your website, but without using a gimmicky sales approach.

 Addiction Recovery: Join The Movement

I cherish the freedom that recovery has given me to create goals, actualize dreams, and share a connectedness with so many authentic and genuine people – those in recovery.

But we have been silent for too long; our experiences speak to the ability and value of change, overcoming tremendous obstacles, and finding solutions for how to live a productive and contented life.

Marilyn Davis, a long-term recoverer

blogging for addiction-treatment centers

Attitudes towards addiction recovery are changing, and there is now greater public awareness of substance-use disorders and treatment options.

The Recovery Movement is real and it’s spreading throughout the country. The movement promotes a new approach to treating substance-use disorders. It recognizes and supports a person’s potential for recovery. Originating from the 12-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the civil rights movement, it views recovery as a journey, rather than a single event.

Proponents of this movement work to tear down barriers—societal, legal, and in health provision—faced by people seeking recovery. In the past, the general public often assumed that recovery from addiction was rare, partly due to the anonymity retained by those in long-term recovery. Because of the stigma, people in recovery kept quiet, and as a result, few people understood how prevalent recovery was.

The sensational media coverage of celebrities in active addiction added to the misconception that recovery from addiction was rare, something that runs counter to the truth that substance-use disorder is a very treatable health condition.

The good news is that because of the Recovery Movement, attitudes towards addiction recovery are changing, and there is greater public awareness of substance-use disorders and treatment options. Policies are slowly being changed to ensure better access to services.

Recovery community organizations are opening up nationwide, providing post-treatment support and giving those in long-term recovery an opportunity to pay it forward.

In 2013, a feature documentary, The Anonymous People, was released. It showcases the Recovery Movement, and highlights the 23.5 million Americans living in long-term recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. This is a huge step in spreading the good news of the reality of recovery.

For many Americans, the first step in joining the Recovery Movement is the one that takes them through the doors of an addiction-treatment center.

We invite you into our fully licensed detox and residential addiction-treatment center to witness the reality of recovery for yourself. If you or someone you care about is ready to join the 23.5 million Americans in recovery, contact us today to speak with an addiction specialist.

Chances are good that the site-searcher who reads the post above has learned something, gained a little bit of hope, and is ready to click the contact us link to start working with you.

Now it’s your turn: contact us at BlogMutt to learn more about how blogging for addiction-treatment centers can help you to quickly reach those who are seeking your services.

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You Don’t Need to Be a Brand Publisher to Win at The Toughest Race You’ve Never Heard Of

So first, some shameless promotion: There’s still time to RSVP for this late afternoon’s (early evening’s) HubSpot User Group event that we’re co-sponsoring. You don’t have to be a HubSpot user to attend to get free drinks (read: beer), Chiptole (read: dinner) and a fantastic primer on inbound marketing with HubSpot’s Dan Tyre (read: expertise and job security).

Do it! Do it now! 

Now onto the #MuttLine!

You Don’t Need to Be a Brand Publisher to Win at Content Marketing


Before you start calling yourself a brand publisher, slow your roll.

Ronell Smith takes on brands that call themselves publishers or aspire to be publishers and provides sage advice on what to be good at first.

This is such a good read because it’s well written, relatable and doesn’t sugar coat it.

(Photo Source)

The Toughest Race You’ve Never Heard Of


Being in Boulder means we’re surrounded by folks doing ultras, 26.2 stickers on bumpers, roof racks, cycling (don’t call it biking!!), and a whole bunch of other outdoor activities. But I challenge any of the Boulderites to head to the Icebox of the United States and try their hand at this brutal, BRUTAL race: the Arrowhead 135 in International Falls, Minnesota.

Stick around to the end to be really inspired!

Watch the video.

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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Blogging For Veterinarians: A Sample Post

Regular blogging helps businesses grow by allowing new customers to find the businesses they’re looking for and by helping current customers stay in touch and informed.  A blog can also show that the business owner is an expert in his field.  This is especially important for veterinary professionals, who need to stand out from the competition.

Blogging for veterinarians has its own unique set of blogging needs. Here’s an example of what a typical post might look like.

Is Health Insurance “Going To The Dogs?” You Bet It Is!

blogging for veterinarians

Pet health insurance is a wise investment for some, but there are some key points you should take into consideration before you buy.

Many pet owners don’t think about health insurance for their dogs until those owners are standing at the specialist’s office with a huge estimate in front of them. And sadly, too many dogs are euthanized because their owners are unable to pay for the expensive medical care. Even if the owners wanted to pay for the care, and tried to obtain pet insurance after the fact, they would be unable to get the insurance at that point.

If you are thinking of investing in pet health insurance, here are some points to take into consideration.

  • Health insurance will give you financial peace of mind. You will know that you can afford to give your pet the best care that he needs, both in terms of routine care, and especially in emergency situations.
  • The cost of veterinary medicine is rising. More veterinarians are becoming specialized, which adds to their costs. Also, testing is becoming more like human medicine. There is so much that can be done today with pets that was simply not able to be done years ago.
  • Some pet health insurance will cover routine care, such as annual examinations, vaccines, and heartworm prevention. Other pet insurances will only help in an emergency situations. However, if you do not get health insurance when your dog is young, it will likely not help you out much when you really need it later on.
  • Most health insurance for dogs require you to pay the veterinary bill up front. After you pay the bill, the insurance company will reimburse you at a later date. Some insurance companies pay a certain percentage of the bill, while others have set fees that they pay per visit or illness. It is very important that you tell the veterinarian that you have insurance. The insurance company may require detailed notes before paying your claim.

The bottom line is that health insurance is generally a good bet. You want to know that you are able to afford the care that your dog deserves. Choose the plan carefully: you need to know exactly what the insurance pays when the time comes, and exactly how they pay. You should also be sure that you get insurance when your dog is young, so that your pet is fully covered.

We know that veterinarians and their staff are busy every day of the week. We also know that you don’t have time to write a weekly blog, so contact us to write your blog and to help you stand out above your competition. After all, we work like a dog to fill your blog!

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Is Blogging Happy?

Even if you’re having a case of the Mondays, it can’t be nearly as bad as CeeLo’s. Why? Gotta read today’s #MuttLine!

Is Blogging Dead?


In case you missed it, Andrew Sullivan announced that he was shutting down his blog, The Dish. Sullivan became notable for making blogging a full-fledged, legitimate career. So the recent news fueled speculation that the blog was dead.

But is it?

Here’s a well-crafted answer to this question by Jeremie Cohen-Setton at Bruegel for your consideration.

(Photo Credit:

Happy – Pharrell Williams (Official Music Video)

And the Grammy’s were last night. So in stark contrast to the morbid question “Is Blogging Dead?” I’ve included the winner of the Best Music Video “Happy” by Pharrell Williams to lift your spirits. Fun fact, this was a song originally recorded by CeeLo Green (of “Crazy” fame). And unbelievably, CeeLo’s handlers quashed it.

Blogging might not be dead, but whoever made that decision may have killed CeeLo’s career.

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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Small Business Blogging Service For Real Estate: Example Post

There are so many real estate professionals in today’s market.  When someone decides to buy or sell a home, she might have trouble choosing a good realtor.  So, how can you stand out as a real estate professional?  Blog!

By hiring a small business blogging service for your real estate business, you will show potential customers that you are a serious industry professional.  It will also show them that you are an expert and have plenty of experience that you will use to help them buy or sell their homes.

Here is a sample post for a real estate professional.

Relocation Tips For Moving With Children

Even though relocation can be difficult for you, you must remember how hard it can be on your family.  It can even feel unfair to your children, since they often feel like they don’t have a choice in the decision of where to live. Understandably, many children can be frustrated, as they don’t want to start over, and they don’t want to leave their current home and friends.

So, how can you help your children adjust to their new home, and make the relocation process easier?

small business blogging service

Moving can be difficult for children, so be sure to help them socialize in their new environment.

  • Involve them in the discussion. Let them help make the decision to move. Many children get angry because they feel like they don’t have a choice in the matter. Be sure to listen to their feelings. Many times, they just want to feel like their opinions are heard.
  • Discuss some of the exciting aspects of moving. They can help look at new homes. Maybe they will get a bigger room or a bigger backyard. Maybe they can get a pet for the first time. Maybe the new location is warmer, which will allow the children more opportunities to play outside. Be sure to have lots of positives to talk about the move.
  • Spend plenty of time with your children. They no longer have their extended family and friends to lean on. They only have you. They will need extra attention in the coming months as they navigate their new town.
  • Encourage your children to join sports teams and other clubs. By getting involved in extracurricular activities, they can quickly meet other children. Be sensitive to the fact that it can be hard to make new friends, especially if you move during summer break.
  • Act like a tourist in your new neighborhood. What kind of attractions are close to your new town? Are there any amusement parks or aquariums? Spend some time as a family and take a few day trips exploring your new environment.

Relocating can be hard on everyone, but it can be especially hard on children. Make sure that you involve them in the decision so that they feel like they have been listened to. Once you move, be sure to spend time as a family and explore your new town. By listening to your children, and encouraging ways for them to familiarize themselves with the new environment and new friends, you’ll help your children acclimate to their new home more quickly.

Blogging  consistently will help your business grow. Because so many real estate professionals are busy, hiring a small business blogging service will allow you to fill the content of your blog, and show your customer base that you are on the forefront of your industry, without the time commitment. Contact us to write that content for you.  We have plenty of talented writers that will help you stand out above your competition.

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8 Questions B2B Companies Should Ask About Word Problems

I got 99 word problems and a #MuttLine ain’t one. Happy Friday, y’all!

8 Questions B2B Companies Should Ask About Mobile Optimization

Honestly, I can’t possibly download another app on my phone. I downloaded the Fandango app one time because it’s just incessantly advertised in movie theaters. I still haven’t used it and resent it every time I see it.

Good news is that I’m not alone. The handy infographic in this article by Marx Communication leads with the fact that “7 in 10 consumers prefer mobile websites over mobile apps.” Amen.

Oh, and one more kinda big piece of information: Internet usage on mobile has now surpassed internet usage on desktops. Do with that information what you will. But seriously, you should probably do something with that information.

Word Problems



We use words to define ourselves and describe our experiences. This little comic illustrates one person’s difficulty to find the right words and as a result eschewed words altogether. The ending is lovely reminder of how we can find our voice and reacquaint ourselves with the beauty of words.

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

(Photo Credit: Grant Snider)

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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Business Writing Service

“Time is short and life is fleeting.” Thus wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem “A Psalm of Life” in 1838, and thus goes the world still.

business writing serviceIt seems that everyone is busy, and small business owners might be the busiest of all. If your sheer busyness doesn’t already have you half convinced to hire a business writing service, perhaps the following list will.

Top Reasons to Hire a Business Writing Service:

1. Although you’re knowledgeable and passionate about your business, you’d rather walk a bed of nails than have anything you’ve written ever made public.

2. You know the basics of how your industry works, and you can even write fairly well, but you don’t have time to research articles that back up the claims you’d like to make in your blog posts.

3. Your crazy Uncle Ernie changed the wi-fi password and you won’t have internet access until you solve the riddle he’s given you, meaning that you must trust someone else to manage your online content for the time being.

Perhaps that last one is a bit far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.


But that’s not the point.

The point is that if you’ve decided to hire a business writing service, you’re in good company. In fact, hiring content writers has become such a trend that the Guardian kicked off 2015 by offering some advice on how to go about it.

They offer a helpful list of tips on what qualities to look for and how to interview potential candidates.

It sounds like quite a task:

Content marketers need a hard-to-come-by combination of skills, including the obvious writing and editing, but also the ability to put themselves into the shoes of audiences (empathy) and the potential to build audiences for clients, plus the capability to think creatively and analytically – all while fitting in perfectly with agency culture and asking for the right salary. (The Guardian)

If the process of interviewing, training, and managing content writers seems daunting, take heart. We employ a full array of experienced writers eager to serve you.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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The Content Marketing Expert Guide to Soy-Sauce Packets

Chinese food and soy sauce go together like content and analytics. You can’t have one without the other in today’s #MuttLine.

The Content Marketing Expert Guide to Analytics & Metrics

Content is truly 50% of the battle for marketers. And creating content gets the lion’s share of attention. What’s missing is the other 50%. The analytics. The measurement. The metrics that actually tell you if all that time spent creating content is working.

This article is EXHAUSTIVE. With articles like these, take one deliverable away and go to work. Otherwise, you’re going to read it, your eyes will glaze over and you’re back to doing the same ol’ same ol’.

The Mysterious, Murky Story Behind Soy-Sauce Packets


See? This is why the Internet is glorious. The fact that they’ve taken the time to stop and consider the soy sauce packet is the type of dinner-table-conversation fodder I love. Read this article, suggest Chinese food the next time you’re out with friends and you’re the most interesting person at the table.

Like this little szechwan-glazed nugget:

From this vantage, soy-sauce packets appear not to be optimized for the substance they contain—a substance that, it should be noted, isn’t even technically soy sauce. Packaged soy sauce is often a cocktail of processed ingredients that resemble the real thing: water, salt, food coloring, corn syrup, MSG, and preservatives. But soy sauce, strictly defined, refers to a fermented combination of soybeans and wheat whose earliest direct predecessor was first mentioned in writing in the year 160.

There’s oh so much more where that came from! Enjoy!

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

(Photo Credit: Jonathan Feinstein/Shutterstock)


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Four Potential Work-at-Home Freelance Jobs for Retirees

Although most people’s idea of the American Dream involves retirement, many retirees find that once the golden day has arrived, they feel somewhat at loose ends. This is only natural. With decades of work behind them, they find that although they do not necessarily miss the daily grind, they do miss the sense of purpose and fulfillment brought by work.

To that end, many retirees find themselves re-entering the work force, at least on a part-time basis. One of the best options for this sort of employment is freelance work, which allows for flexible hours and low commitment.

work at home freelance jobs for retireesFour Potential Work-at-Home Freelance Jobs for Retirees:

1. Tutoring: This works best if you have retired from the educational field, but even if you haven’t, you can acquire certification without too much hassle. Top benefits of tutoring work include a strong feeling of satisfaction and the relatively high compensation rates; however, one drawback is the limited amount of hours that children are available for tutoring in the afternoons: generally just between the end of the school day and dinner time.

2. Childcare: This opportunity works best for active retirees who can keep up with small children. Top benefits include lots of extra exercise and the joy that can come from being around children. Downsides include a high degree of responsibility placed on you and the fact that the job can be quite tiring.

3. Marketing and Sales: More and more companies hire part-time employees to work remotely on sales and marketing projects. One advantage to this type of work is that you can work from your couch at home at any time, day or night. One disadvantage, of course, is that you must have knowledge of marketing and sales strategy in order for this to be an option.

4. Freelance Writing: Fortunately, marketing and sales departments are not the only sectors looking to employ remote workers. The online community teems with businesses on the prowl for freelance writers, and the good news is that whether you’re experienced in the writing field or not, there’s a niche for almost everyone. For the most part, businesses aren’t looking for Hemingway or Tolstoy: they’re looking for people who are experienced in a specific field who can write moderately well. Therein lies the sweet spot for almost all retirees, most of whom have just retired with 30+ years of experience in their chosen line of work.

When it comes right down to it, freelance writing is one of the best, most flexible work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees. You can make your own hours, work from the comfort of your home, and put to use decades of experience and knowledge.

Remember that BlogMutt is always looking to grow their pool of writers. Whether you’re retired or not, feel free to contact us.

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Which Social Media Platforms Make You a Terrible Person?

Today’s #MuttLine is a bit later than usual because it’s dumping snow in Denver/Boulder. Great for skiing. Terrible for commuting.

But like our nation’s proud letter carriers, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these MuttLines.

Which Social Media Platforms Drive the Most Sales? [Infographic]

Shopify is just a crazy good blog to begin with and a most follow for anyone in e-commerce. But in this article, they take up social commerce. Notably the impact social media platforms have on sales.


(Image credit:

Believing That Life is Fair Might Make You a Terrible Person

It’s called the “just-world bias” and in the face of worldwide doom and gloom if you convince yourself that the world isn’t so bad, you’re kinda bad.

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

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