Blogging For Doctors: Give Patients Healthcare Information

Blogging for doctors is a new way for doctors to communicate with their patients. As a doctor or other kind of healthcare provider, you’ll be able to impart general medical information to your patients that traditionally is conveyed one-on-one, taking up time that might otherwise be used for specific patient care. The type of blog entries you have on your site will depend on whether you are a general practitioner or a specialist.

blogging for doctorsFor instance, a general practitioner will highlight blog entries that impart news about wellness. These can include the latest studies about how proper nutrition and exercise can stave off ailments. They can also include news about various dietary supplements, their pros and cons, and recommendations.

At least one blog entry should be about what a patient could expect in an annual physical exam. What sort things will be measured? What kinds of issues could a standard physical exam reveal?

Other blog entries will describe various specialized exams and why people should have them. Why, for example, should a woman get a breast exam and a pap smear, and when and how often this should take place? When should a patient get a colonoscopy and what is it meant to prevent?

A specialist will naturally cover the area of practice that she specializes in. An oncologist will discuss the various forms of cancer, what sort of treatments are available, and the importance of early detection. A cardiovascular doctor will write about heart disease, how it is prevented, and what sorts of treatments are available for those who come down with it.

The doctor with a well written, informative blog will have a powerful tool to communicate healthcare information to patients, making it a part of the service rendered as a healthcare provider.

However, the main thing that a doctor should remember about maintaining a blog for patients is to not get too technical and avoid the use of jargon. Think of the blog as part of your patient consult, explaining healthcare issues in terms that an ordinary person can understand.

For more information about how to get blogs written for you, contact us.

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The Benefits Of Blogging For Ecommerce

blogging for ecommerceCompanies are always looking for better ways to get their ecommerce websites noticed. Traditional advertising and website optimization can provide a good amount of traffic, but if you are looking for more, having a blog on your site can help you boost the number of visitors to your website. Blogging for ecommerce is a way for any company to provide consumers with news, information, and advice, while also selling products and services. Here are the top benefits you’ll glean from including a blog on your ecommerce site:

1. You’ll build a reputation. 

The easiest way to sell more products on your website is to tell your visitors how much you really know about the products and services you provide. A regularly updated blog can help you establish the reputation as an expert in your field, whether that’s Internet technology or fishing gear. However, it is important to remember to go beyond the marketing sales pitch—visitors will want useful information, not just another advertisement.

2. You have control over making site stand out from the competition.

Some websites get lost in the enormous amount of information available on the Internet that are selling and promoting the same types of products and services. Establishing and regularly updating a blog on your site can provide you with fresh content so you will not get lost in the shuffle.

According to marketing data reports conducted by HubSpot, blogs that are updated at least once a week can see twice as much traffic as websites that do not update as often. Inbound sales leads for your site can double with two posts each week. With regularly scheduled updates, search engines will also give your website higher preference of those that update infrequently.

3. You will generate more leads. 

Not everyone who visits your company’s blog will turn into a customer. In many cases, your blog visitors are not ready to buy the products that you sell, but your blog will help you to generate leads. Your blog can quickly provide you with a list of new leads that you can email, interesting the potential customers with what you have to offer. Although they come looking for a solution to a problem, your efforts could have them leaving with a product in hand.

Owners of an ecommerce website know that the customers always need to come first. With the addition of a blog onto your site, you are providing your customers with another level of service by providing useful information and advice in your area of expertise. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get great content for your ecommerce blog, contact us for more information.

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WOOF Round-Up: Cords and Clouds

WOOF round-upHere is your weekly WOOF round-up for the weekend! Get out there, and enjoy the ráfagas, like Ms. Marilyn Monroe did in the Seven Year Itch.

Tuesday: Cord — A group of woodwinds. (1980 An Exaltation of Larks)

Wednesday: Stentorian — Very loud. From Stentor, a Greek warrior in Homer’s Iliad. Stentor had a powerful voice of bronze, like that of 50 men. (1987 Dictionary of Classical, Biblical, and Literary Allusions)

Thursday: Malapropism — The substitution of one word for another which is similar in sound. E.g., Homer Simpson, “Is the leaning tower of pizza just a statue?” (1978 Dictionary of Linguistics)

Friday: Ráfagas — Spanish word for a small gust of wind, clouds. (1941 Conversational Spanish for the Army Air Forces of the United States).


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Legitimate Opportunity To Work from Home For Recent College Grads

It’s springtime, and that means college graduations. At every graduation, there’s a commencement speaker, who is supposed to summarize the college experience and give advice on post-college life. Here are four things this year’s commencement speakers might’ve neglected to mention:

  1. Your college education didn’t prepare you for the real world. Did any of your classes teach you to balance your checkbook, pay your bills on time, file taxes, repair a leaky pip,e or keep a brand new baby bathed, fed, and alive? Probably not. In the upcoming years, you will find yourself searching for this information, and more — probably online — since it wasn’t provided as part of your college education.
  2. Your knowledge is already outdated. You may think that because you just finished school you have all the up-to-date knowledge about your field, but the world is changing quickly, and to stay current, you will need to continuously update your knowledge. Fields such as engineering, real estate, and medicine are constantly evolving.
  3. This is not the pinnacle moment of your life. You should absolutely celebrate the accomplishment of graduating from college! You worked hard and you deserve a pat on the back. But college will not be the biggest mountain you climb in life, and it will not be your most difficult challenge. You are young and you will likely experience many failures and successes in the years ahead. Don’t stop striving because you have reached your goal of graduating college. Continue to pursue new and far-reaching goals.
  4. Reunions will shock you. You may think that since you graduated with a 4.0 GPA you will be the top earner when you show up to a reunion in 20 years. Think again. The kid next to you that barely managed to graduate will be a multi-million dollar CEO. Good grades can’t hurt your chances of getting a good job, but your new co-workers won’t care how you did in Calc III.  They want a hard working and dedicated employee. If the D-average student fills that role then he will succeed in life. Mix in a little luck and tech savvy, and even he will be making millions.

work from home opportunityAfter graduation, go out and celebrate your success, but when you wake up the next day, start focusing on surviving and even excelling in the real world.

If you are a recent college graduate still trying to find a job in your field, consider freelance writing as a legitimate opportunity to work from home to fill in the gap. Writing for a blogging site will allow you to continue to grow your writing and communication skills. Researching information for blogs will allow you to continuously learn about the changing world. At the same time, you will earn needed cash to pay your bills.  Contact us to learn more about freelance writing opportunities.

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Why Social Media Is Good For Small Businesses

By Kari Fallon

Social media is an integral part of most people’s lives.  People are glued to their smartphones, visiting sites like Facebook and Twitter, and businesses have begun to take advantage of the advertising opportunities this brings.  While social media can be a great asset for big, national companies, many overlook the benefits of social media for small businesses.

small business social mediaSmall businesses generally target a local customers and aim to gain repeat customers. Smaller businesses also don’t have a well-known brand that’s recognizable to the general public, so they focus their advertising on brand recognition.

While this technique can be very successful for many small businesses, using only this procedure limits the growth potential of the business.  Utilizing social media is an avenue that can greatly broaden a potential customer base and increase profitability.  Below are three of the major ways that social media can help small businesses flourish.

Social Media Can Cut Advertising Costs

Advertising on television or the radio is expensive.  Even something as simple as a brief advertisement in a local newspaper can break the bank.  Using social media is a free and effective way to advertise.

Small Businesses Can Sell Around The World

Small businesses have a disadvantage when it comes to selling to a wide range of customers.  By involving social media in their marketing plan, even small businesses can reach people around the world.  Businesses can even sell products through their websites to people who can’t visit the storefronts.

Customers Can Easily Contact The Business

Having a website as well as a Facebook page for a business makes it convenient for customers to reach out.  Whether they have a question or complaint and don’t want to leave their house, all they have to do is go online and either send a message or easily find a phone number.

There are countless benefits that social media can have on businesses. For more information on this topic, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to answer any questions that you have about how to market through blogging and social media!

Editor’s Note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.

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The Essential List of Content Marketing Acronyms

If you think ToFu is something you might find in your miso soup, and SWOT is what you do to a mosquito, then it might be time to brush up on your marketing acronyms.

Marketing Acronyms, ToFu, MoFu and BoFuEvery industry seems to have their own secret language of jargon and acronyms, and the marketing realm is certainly no exception. Remembering the difference between CPC, CPL and CPM can make you feel like you need CPR. But if you’re going to be communicating with people in the content marketing world, you’ve got to be prepared to speak the language.

While it’s important to know these terms yourself and be able to toss them around with others in the marketing biz, it’s a whole other story when it comes to writing for a more general audience. The key in that case is to consider your reader. Since when you’re writing online you don’t always know who your readers are going to be, it’s hard to say how familiar they will be with even the most common acronyms. A good rule of thumb: if you’re not absolutely sure that readers will be familiar with an acronym, then spell it out.

With that in mind, you’re probably reading this thinking, “WIIFM?” (What’s In It For Me?) So, let’s define some acronyms!

We’ll start with ToFu, which along with MoFu and BoFu refer to the stages of the Inbound Marketing sales funnel:

ToFu = Top of the Funnel, which is where you attract prospective leads through informational pieces like blog posts, articles and eBooks. The goal is to draw in a large audience through answering common questions and solving problems.

MoFu = Middle of the Funnel. At this stage you are still providing educational content but also starting to position yourself as a solution and establish credibility. This content might include case studies, white papers or videos.

BoFu = Bottom of the Funnel, where you go for the sale. The leads that are still with you at this stage are interested in what you offer, and you can move to engaging with them on a more personal level. This is where you might offer a free trial, assessment or a discount code that can be used for purchases.

And now, here’s a handy translation guide with more of the most commonly used marketing acronyms. If there’s one we’re missing, put it in the comments.

  • B2B = Business To Business
  • B2C = Business To Consumer
  • CMS = Content Management System
  • CPA = Cost Per Acquisition
  • CPC = Cost Per Click
  • CPL = Cost Per Lead
  • CPM = Cost Per Thousand (In case you were wondering…“mille” is Latin for thousand.)
  • CR = Conversion Rate
  • CTA=Call To Action
  • CTR = Click Through Rate
  • DR = Direct Response
  • EPC = Earnings Per Click
  • EPM = Earnings Per Thousand
  • KPI = Key Performance Indicator
  • MLM = Multi Level Marketing
  • MoM = Month-over-Month
  • MVT = Multivariate Testing
  • PPC = Pay Per Click
  • PPL = Pay Per Lead
  • PPV = Pay Per View
  • PR = Page Rank
  • PV = Page Views
  • QoQ = Quarter-over-Quarter
  • RFI = Request For Information
  • RFP = Request For Proposal
  • ROI = Return On Investment
  • RTD = Real Time Data
  • SEM = Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization
  • SERP = Search Engines Results Page
  • SMM = Social Media Marketing
  • SMO = Social Media Optimization
  • SMP = Social Media Platform
  • SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
  • UGC = User Generated Content
  • USP = Unique Selling Proposition
  • UV = Unique Visitor
  • UI = User Interface
  • UX = User Experience (or sometimes) Unique Experience
  • VM = Viral Marketing
  • WOMM = Word of Mouth Marketing
  • YoY = Year-over-Year

If you’re looking for help with creating great content for your ToFu, that’s where we come in. Contact us to learn how we can keep your blog updated with fresh, interesting material so you can attract more PVs and UVs clicking on your CTAs and converting into customers to increase your QoQ sales!

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Blogging: A Perfect Writing Opportunity For Seniors

writing opportunities for seniorsThe news was shocking back in November of 2009. A layoff was imminent and my head was on the chopping block. The company had been acquired by a foreign entity and my services were no longer needed. Ouch.

After a brief period of silent cursing, I cleaned out my desk, deleted my voicemail, and headed to the nearest watering hole to bid adieu to my team.

Welcome to the perils of corporate management: today a hero, tomorrow persona non grata. The reality of corporate America is that you’re a commodity, and anyone who thinks, “it can’t happen to me” is in denial.

That said (without bitterness, really and truly), it was time to pound the pavement. My Human Resources management background was a match for several industries, and I’d never had a problem finding employment. So, after polishing up the old resume and creating a supply of awesome cover letters, I set out in search of my next perfect job.

It took no time at all to figure out that the next perfect job didn’t exist, not in that market. What a shocker. Was the economy THAT bad that there were almost no jobs for an experienced senior manager? I had lots of experience and could dance around the competition, couldn’t I?

Well, happy birthday to me. I’d just celebrated turning 57 years young, but the competition was full of candidates who were the same ages as my kids. I could feel my ego turning purple.

What to do? No problem, I’d just switch gears a little and pursue an almost perfect job. Take a pay cut? No problem. Commute? I was used to traffic jams and the 5 o’clock rush. Attitude? Pretty good given that I was getting scared. Heck, I was used to receiving multiple offers and picking out the dreamiest of jobs.

I collected unemployment and relentlessly pursued my job search, but it wasn’t going to happen this time. The recession had kicked in at full strength, jobs were few, and although this aging baby boomer didn’t feel aging at all, the book was being judged by its cover.

I was also harboring a secret. I hated commuting. Rush hour gave me anxiety, and dealing with corporate life had made me nauseated for a decade. I had fraudulently been performing as an extravert in the hustle of corporate life when my real self was an introverted mountain dweller who was longing to work from home.

Then a friend asked me to write a cover letter for her.  I whipped up something fabulous and she landed the interview. A second friend requested a cover letter and she landed the interview, too. Was it my cover letters or their awesome resumes that did the trick?

I’ll never know, but writing the letters was inspirational. I had written stacks of documents in my professional life. Presentation pieces, policies, procedures, professional correspondence, performance reviews, and more – and loved it. Why not do it for a living?Boom!

But would there be any type of writing opportunity for seniors?  This old dog was adept at learning new tricks and I wanted to write — and I was determined not to let my age stand in the way.

And so I did.  Before long, I was working full time at home as a bona fide freelancing senior citizen, composing articles, blogging, writing the day away, and loving every minute of it. Not bad for an aging baby boomer.

Goodbye forever, corporate America, hello freedom. I finally found my dream job.  Me, a senior citizen, with a brand new career. And believe me, if I can do it, so can you.

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WOOF Compendium: Care For A Sweetmeat?

sweetmeats WOOFThis is your Friday WOOF compendium. Have you ever eaten sweetbreads? Have you eaten sweetmeats? Sweetbreads are the pancreas, and other innards of a cow, while sweetmeats are yummy confections and candied fruits.

How did those two phrases become so etymologically twisted?

And according to Google Ngram Viewer, the use of the word sweetmeats in literature was at an all-time low around 2000, and has seen a brief resurgence. Sweetbreads has been much less popular, though.  Are there words we use today that you think will fall out of favor — words that aren’t just slang?

Monday: Tin Lizzie — A term of endearment for the Model-T Ford. Short for “tin limousine.” (1978 O Thou Improper, Thou Uncommon Noun)

Wednesday: Christmas Tree Bill– A bill adorned with extra, often unrelated pieces of legislation, especially tax breaks and hometown projects.  (1993 Congress Dictionary)

Thursday: Sweetbread — (n.) A calf’s pancreas. (1930 Popular Webster’s Dictionary)

Friday: Kalyptra – A veil. From the Ancient Greek verb kalupto, to conceal, and ultimately from the root kalupt-, to hide, from where we also get the word “eucalyptus,” meaning well-hidden.  (1971 Dictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms)


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Blogging For Lawyers: Attract And Inform Potential Clients

As with other business blogs, there are two reasons lawyers have blogs. The first reason is to provide information for potential clients, and the second reason is to attract people to their websites with interesting and searchable content.

blogging for lawyersMost lawyers specialize in specific areas of the law, which means that blogging for lawyers has its own sets of challenges and needs.  For instance, some lawyers are involved in criminal defense, while others engage in drawing up contracts, such as wills or business incorporations, while still others practice civil litigation.

A typical blog post for a criminal defense lawyer might focus on murder will need to take into consideration questions like, “How is murder defined in the particular state that the lawyer practices in?,” “What sort of punishment would a defendant expect if convicted?,” and “What are some of the typical defenses?”

For a contract lawyer, a blog post might focus on wills, and provide answers to questions like, “What are the various types of wills?,” and “What are the advantages of having a will?”

A civil litigation lawyer might have a blog post that discusses the sorts of law suits that can arise from an automobile accident, for example. A civil litigation blog should answer questions like, “How is responsibility determined?,” “What sort of damages can be expected?,” and “What are the limits to liability?”

The second type of blog post a lawyer should consider, would consist of a news story that focuses on his or her area of the law. A criminal defense lawyer might like an account of a high profile murder trial. A contract lawyer might prefer an account of how a state legislature is mulling changes in inheritance law, while a civil litigator would feature a blog post about a high profile civil suit, especially if it involves one or more celebrities.

A lawyer’s blog should serve her practice, not only as an advertisement for the firm, but as a service to potential clients by providing interesting and informative content related to the law.

For more information about blogging for lawyers, contact us.

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BlogMutt poetry?

Look, blogging is serious business. It’s important to write posts that follow all the best practices for bla bla bla blogging.

We do that, and it’s how we attract a lot of customers and writers alike.

But the great part about a blog is you can also have some fun!

We have a vibrant and supportive forum for our writers, and one of them recently composed this poem:

You can’t write your blog all alone,
So write us or pick up the phone.
Don’t sit there and cry,
Give Blogmutt a try.
We’re good writers, so throw us a bone!

And another writer responded with a jingle sung to the tune of “Call for Super Chicken…”

When you’ve got a blog to write
And inspiration takes a flight
There’s a site that is alive and kickin’

BlogMutt writers will come writing
No more fussing, no more fighting
Awwwk! Like Super Chicken!

I love it!

OK, back to the regular posts tomorrow. Or as regular as we get at a blog writing service named for a dog of unknown lineage.


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