Blogging for International Business Consultants: An Example Post

As an international business consultant, establishing credibility with your potential customer base is absolutely crucial. Companies will only consider consulting with you if they truly believe you know your international business, so you should put a considerable amount of time into building thought leadership. One way to do so is to blog about relevant topics, such as emerging markets. Here is what a sample blog for international business consultants might look like.

3 Reasons Peru Should Be Considered the Next Great Emerging Market

Talk to international business experts about emerging markets, and the usual suspects come up: China is at the top of anyone’s list, followed by sleeping global giants like India, Brazil and South Africa. But sometimes, taking a closer look at smaller countries can prove worth the effort. These economies often fall through the cracks of market analysts; nonetheless, they can offer great market opportunities for companies looking to expand their target audience efforts. The latest such example is Peru, for three reasons:

1) Rapid Economic Growthblogging for international business consultants

Often merely thought of as the home of Incan ruins and llamas, it’s easy to overlook just how quickly Peru’s economy is growing. Bloomberg predicts the country’s GDP will jump over 27 percent by 2017, while per capita income has doubled since 2004. Peru’s economy is growing fast, which makes now a perfect time to capitalize.

2) Economy Diversification

Peru has long relied on mineral production as its major economic driving force. But according to the Emerging Market Center, the country is looking to diversify its economy in the years ahead, focusing on other exports than the metals that it’s relied on for decades. Too many emerging markets fail because of an over-reliance on one industry. Through diversification, Peru looks to achieve stability in addition to growth in the years ahead.

3) Ease of Supply Chain

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly to companies looking to expand their reach from the United States, Peru — unlike most prominent emerging markets — is not located across an ocean. Selling goods in China, Thailand or South Africa requires major supply chain calculations, as the products have to be shipped across major waterways just to reach their destination.

That’s not true for Peru, which is located less than 2,000 miles south of the U.S. border – with no ocean in between. In addition, the Peru-U.S. trade agreement makes shipping goods from one country to the other much easier.

In short, Peru offers a major opportunity for companies looking to expand their business beyond U.S. borders. For more information on how to take advantage of emerging markets, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’re intrigued, but don’t believe you have the time to write well researched posts on relevant topics, contact us! Our cadre of writers will write posts like these, tailored to your needs and audience.

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#MuttLine: 26 Blogging Tools to Livestream Your World

#MuttLine is the wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

Ah yes, the digital toolkit. Today, we highlight 26 blogging tools and a new tool from Twitter that is making its debut today.


26 Blogging Tools to Simplify Your Life: An A-Z List

This post from Social Media Examiner is a digital Swiss Army knife of tools that you can use to make your blogs better, more readable, shareable and useful.

I would definitely take a look at the top grammar tools. I’ve used the Hemingway Editor in the past and found it quite good at simplifying my writing. I’m really excited to check out the other one, Grammarly.

(Source: Social Media Examiner)

Twitter’s Periscope App Lets You Livestream Your World

First it was Meerkat. Now it’s Periscope. This is how fast the digital world moves. 30 days ago we’d never even considered livestreaming our daily lives. The technology didn’t really exist for the masses.

Now we have two competing technologies making livestream possible, for everyone. Incredible. But unlike Meerkat, Periscope’s integration into Twitter makes it a much more attractive app (with synergies!).

It will be interesting to see how the two technologies co-exist. Does Meerkat win out with its first mover advantage or does the support of Twitter’s user base carry the day?

(Source: Wired)

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Blogging for Talent Recruiting Agencies: Attract Candidates With Better Job Descriptions

Talent recruiting agencies have a difficult task. Their goal is to get highly talented candidates to apply for positions posted by their clients, acting as a mediator between the organization and potential employees. But how do you convey just what type of career awaits potential candidates?

One way to success is blogging about the position. Not only does it give potential candidates an idea about what awaits them in a given job, it also gives your agency the opportunity to optimize a specific blog post around a job title and thus be found more easily on search engines. Consider this sample post, geared towards candidates looking for a career in marketing and licensing.

If you’re looking for a career in marketing, licensing is probably not a concept or career path you pay much attention to. But in the digital age of social media and electronic communication, it’s becoming an increasingly important function of merchandisers and other consumer product companies looking to extend their brand.

Licensing managers and coordinators are special kinds of marketers. Unlike most in the field, they don’t work directly with their company’s customers, whether those are other businesses or consumers. Instead, they focus on manufacturers and retail outlets to ensure that their company is adequately represented in products on which it appears.

blogging for talent recruiting agenciesConsider a large university. Thanks to its successful sports teams and positive brand image throughout the country, numerous retail outlets would love to carry its uniforms and shirts. How does that university ensure that it is accurately represented? By having a licensing manager communicate with the retailers to monitor the types of products being sold and ensure the right logo, colors and styles are used.

Of course, that’s a rather simplistic example. In reality, the digital age has made licensing a more complex, but rewarding, field. It is now easier than ever for anyone to design and create merchandise, making it increasingly difficult to track whether products are being sold illegitimately. At the same time, being directly responsible for increasing brand awareness through new licensing deals, thus making a direct impact on the marketing efforts, is incredibly rewarding.

In short, licensing is a career path that will only become more important to marketers in the near future. As a result, licensing positions are a great way to jumpstart your career and enter a field that promises to thrive in the years to come. Browse our website to learn more about this exciting career path along with opportunities in your area!

Blogging for talent recruiting agencies is a great method to attract quality candidates for your clients. Contact us to learn about how a content writing service can help you reach your goals!

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BlogMutt’s Twitter List for Content Marketers


I’ve made no secret about the fact that I have an unhealthy obsession with Twitter in the office. It’s an incredibly useful tool that has cut down on me jumping from site to site to site to find useful information for my personal and professional life.

Before Twitter Becomes Overwhelming

If you’ve used Twitter for awhile and casually start following accounts, you quickly realize that you can’t keep up with the stream. And once you get up to following >1,000 accounts Twitter starts to become overwhelming.

Fortunately, one of Twitter’s features that doesn’t get enough love are their lists. Twitter lists are the best way to cut down on a feed that becomes increasingly overwhelming. For even more reasons why Twitter lists rock, check out Violeta Nedkova’s blog post singing its praises.

The Best Information for Content Marketers in One Twitter List

But here’s the most frustrating thing. After reading yet another listicle article like this: “8 Great Marketing Blogs You Probably Don’t Follow (But Should)” I NEVER see a corresponding Twitter list that compiles these “best of” blogs or Twitter accounts articles.

So, I’ve gone ahead and created a Twitter list with these “best of” Twitter accounts, blogs, and content marketing thought leaders, the works really. I’m constantly updating it as well with new accounts (for example, I just added the blogs referenced in the aforementioned article).

Subscribe to Our Twitter List

If you want to get all the best content marketing articles from leaders in the industry, you can subscribe to the list here.


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Why Hiring a Blogger Will Increase Your Sales

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 72 percent of marketers are producing more content than they were one year ago. Why? Because creating quality online content is key to increasing sales. Here are a couple other statistics to think about: three out of four marketers say compelling content is a driving factor in closing sales, and 60 percent of customers feel more positive about a company after reading quality content on its website. What is content marketing? How does blogging fit in to it? Why should you care?

What is Content Marketing?

The official definition from the Content Marketing Institute is, “a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience.” What differentiates it from other marketing? The key term is “valuable.” Customers want to consume it, unlike traditional advertising that they usually try to avoid. Content marketing can come in many different forms, including infographics, books, websites, podcasts, videos and blogs. Instead of traditional sales techniques that require a salesperson to convince the customer they need a product, content marketing allows the client to find the content and realize they value it. By the time the client contacts the business, they have already decided it is a trusted source of what they need.

Four Big Reasons to Blog hire a blogger

Think about content marketing, specifically blogging, as a way to educate people. You’re not necessarily educating them about your products, but that is an inevitable outcome. Your goal is to get readers to know, like and trust you enough to want to buy from you. There are numerous reasons to create quality content via a blog. However, most lead back to these four. It’s a cycle. Good content attracts visitors, and those visitors help you attract even more visitors.

1. Get higher page indexing. 

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is search engine optimization. If customers can’t find you through a Google search, the business is lost. The same is true of other search engines. According to an infographic created by UK marketing firm Content+, blogs give websites 434 percent more indexed pages and 97 percent more indexed links. How does that affect search engine optimization? It helps in a few different ways, each of which support each other. High-quality posts will attract the attention of other bloggers within your industry. They’ll link to your article, which is housed on your website and contains links to your product. Your linked posts being shared across networks will attract the attention of Google’s algorithms, indexing your site for high-quality keywords.

Here comes the second piece of the cycle. Search engines also evaluate bounce rate when indexing your site. Simply put, your bounce rate lowers the longer someone stays on your site, and you want visitors to stay on your site as long as possible. If someone clicks a link to your site and immediately clicks ‘back’ to the search list, that’s a bounce. Higher indexing will lead to more people finding your high-quality content. In turn, more people will spend more time on your site, lowering your bounce rate and bumping you up a little more in the search engine’s indexing algorithm.

The third piece of indexing is that it generates high-quality leads. When your blog specifically answers the question input by the user into the search engine, you’re providing the specific answer to the customer’s problem. Compare it to old-fashioned cold-calling to find people who want to buy a new vacuum. Instead, now you have people with a broken vacuum searching for you. Higher indexing equals more high-quality leads, which turns into more conversions.

gain credibility by blogging2. Gain credibility.

It’s important to remember that blogging is not advertising. It’s marketing or branding your company through content. It’s a chance to position your company as a trusted resource in your industry. For example, a real estate agent could blog about his or her company, awards they have won, numbers of recent sales or other company-specific topics. While those subjects may be appropriate at times, think bigger. Blog about frequently asked questions from sellers or buyers. Discuss legislative issues important to potential buyers, such as recent changes in FHA loans. Explain terms related to mortgages and home buying. These topics will attract buyers and sellers simply seeking information. However, the agent is subtly carving the perception of their credibility as a trusted resource in the real estate industry. Secondly, commentary on news and legislative issues often attracts the attention of larger industry bloggers. Links or quotes within their blogs will further increase your credibility and indexing (back to No.1).

3. Easily integrate a blog with your existing strategies.

Don’t think of blogging as one more task to handle. Most likely, you are already doing some type of marketing, whether it’s your existing website content, an advertising campaign or a comprehensive social media plan. Blogging is an additional tool in your strategy and integrates perfectly. In fact, it will most likely add credibility to your existing strategies. Link to your blog via Facebook, Twitter, your website or any other online vehicles you are currently using. Further integrate by adding links in your blog that allow customers to share your quality content via their social media outlets. How important is this strategic integration? According to the infographic mentioned above, 67 percent of Twitter users buy from brands they follow and blogs are 63 percent more likely to influence consumer decisions than magazines.

4. Invest little.

For business owners, marketing comes down to time and money. What investment will reap the most benefit? When the right strategy is put in place, blogging can require minimal resources compared with the return on investment. “We haven’t spent a dime on our own content marketing or even that much time. Ninety-five percent of the success we’ve experienced can be traced to a handful of articles,” said Joshua Steimle, CEO of MWI in a recent Forbes magazine article about content marketing.

Though it’s not usually quite that simple, it is a task that’s easily outsourced. According to a report from The Social Media Examiner, 58 percent of marketers said “original written content” is the most important kind of content, scoring higher than other visual aids and videos. However, creating “original content” can be challenging for business owners with limited time. That’s where hiring a blogger comes into play. Professional bloggers offer fresh content for a reasonable price. Here’s the added bonus: their content is often better than what the business owner would create. It’s hard for entrepreneurs to detach themselves from “sales” writing. A professional writer knows how to write about topics that will grab the attention of both clients and industry leaders, as well as how to incorporate effective links. Skip the research, data gathering and writing. Outsource to a ghost writer and focus on the task of taking care of all the new leads that will come in.

Some investment of time and money is required to maintain a quality blog, but the payoff is there. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute estimates 60 percent of B2C marketers plan to increase the amount they allocate to content marketing because they’ve already seen a return on their investment.

Build your credibility. Position yourself as a trusted resource. Generate more leads. Start reaping the benefits of providing quality content through a blog. BlogMutt provides access to hundreds of professional writers. Our flexible service can provide the quality and quantity of content you want. Contact us to find out more about our services.

Editor’s Note: This post is an example of the longer posts we now offer. You can choose a plan that gives you posts at 250+ words, 600+ words, 900+ words, or 1200+ words. The posts are not only longer, but are written by more experienced writers. 


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#MuttLine: 10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest More In Bunny Feet Deviled Eggs

#MuttLine is the wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

We warned you. The #MuttLine is random. There’s no logic behind it, except to provide a little useful information and juxtapose it against occasionally useless information (like today). But one person’s uselessness is another person’s Easter centerpiece.


10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Invest More in Content Marketing

You’re not alone if you don’t have the time to invest in content marketing. 70% of B2B small businesses cite “lack of time” as their main reason for not getting around to blogging.

And the small businesses that are doing content marketing? Well, they’re not necessarily doing it well. This presents a huge opportunity for you.

Pratik Dholakiya, for Search Engine Journal, presents 10 reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer.

Bunny Feet Deviled Eggs

Never look at eggs the same way again. And you’ll really put a, erhm, hop in the step of your Easter brunch with these deviled eggs. Look! They’re little bunny feet! Awwww.

The #MuttLine shoots for a range when it comes to the second blog post we use. We’ve never done a blog post on a recipe before. Talk about pulling a rabbit out of our hat. Sorry, we’re done.

Thanks to John Farrier writing for Neatorama for the recipe and post.


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Blogging for Health Care: An End-of-Life Care Sample Post

When considering blogging for health care, it’s important not to forget about end-of-life support and all of its surrounding issues.

Below you will find a sample post that takes these issues into consideration.

blogging for health careThere is little doubt that the enormous popularity of American writer John Green’s bestseller The Fault in our Stars, a book about two teens who meet at a youth cancer support group, has led increased attention to the importance of end-of-life support. What is not as well-known is the fact that Green based his book on the revelations of one amazing teenager, Esther Earl. Although she died in 2010, Esther’s journey continues to inspire.

According to The Daily Mail, Esther’s parents recently released their own complementary book, one which compiles her final letters. In it, readers are given a glimpse into the mind of someone dying of cancer. Someone acutely conscious of her own mortality.

Among her recorded thoughts are the following:

  • “[I]f I had the choice of going back in time, somehow, and preventing the cancer, I wouldn’t, since it would change so many things.”
  • “I’m so scared. God means so much to me, but I wish He could heal me.”
  • “I don’t ever cry during the day. If I have to, I hold it in and plan to cry that night.”
  • ‘I do think about dying a lot but I don’t know. I feel like I’ve finally like, grasped that I’d no longer live on Earth. But I’m working on the actual progress of death and the people missing me part, you know?’ (The Daily Mail)

From such insights, it’s clear that Esther Earl found herself in need of specialized care and understanding during the time of her death and that she thrived on the support of those around her. No matter the patient’s age, these are constants when it comes to end-of-life care.

Because caring for those facing death is such challenging work, those called upon to do so require compassion, fortitude, and specialized expertise.

At the end of a post such as this one, our writers, who are experienced in blogging for health care, would conclude the post with a specific call to action: for further specialized training, to learn more about the topic, or to contact the company.

If you’re looking to add thoughtful, productive posts such as these to your health care blog, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working together with you.

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3 Recommended Articles for Building a Successful Business Blog


How to Launch a Successful Business Blog

Keywords are the #1 sticking point with our customers. “What keywords should I use?” “Where should I go for research?” “How can I impact SEO with my keywords?”

If you’ve never done any keyword research, start here. This article by Rachel Sprung at HubSpot provides a basic overview to get started on keyword research that works. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start reading the 1,500+ word tutorials on advanced keyword metrics, analytics and tracking.

I’m not going to lie, this isn’t a set it and forget it process. The content part is the easy part. It’s all the other stuff that you need to spend time doing to make sure that your content is working smarter, not harder.

(Source: HubSpot)

15 Insanely Actionable Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Ok, you got your foundation. You got your keywords. Now you need to drive traffic. This article outlines 15 ways to drive that traffic. Do one of these a month. See what works. What doesn’t. I can assure you that if you get 12 of these rolling, you’re going to see an uptick in blog traffic.

But again, content is just the tip of the spear. The rest of the work: building a strategy, keyword research, and then getting readers takes time and perseverance.

(Source: Digital Philippines)

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How to Reach Customers When You’re Blogging for Your Bank’s Website

By Sharon Hendricks

If you work at a bank or you own a bank, one of the best things that you can do is to start blogging for your bank’s website. Financial institutions can offer their customers a lot of valuable information this way and show visitors that they want to help them.

If you choose our service, below is an example of the type of the post you can receive from us.

3 Steps for Repairing Your Credit

blogging for your bank's websiteIf, like a lot of people, one of the things that you are searching for on the Internet today is how to repair your credit, you are going to find a lot of advice from many sources.  If you want to go about repairing your credit, you are going to find that it will take some time to do it. But here are three simple tips that you can use in order to help your credit score get back to where you would like it to be.

  1. Dispute old items on your credit report – The majority of negative items are only  able to be reported up to seven years. Items that are older than this length of time might not immediately disappear. You are able to use a dispute to have negative old items taken from a credit report.  Don’t forget that Chapter 7 will stay on the report for 10 years and tax liens, unpaid or paid, can remain on your report for as many as 10 years in California.
  2. Regularly make your payments – At least pay the minimum on the accounts even if they’re not on the report. Any balances that are past due might ruin your credit if it’s been sent to one of the collection agencies.  They almost always report their accounts to the bureaus.  Delinquencies are going to hurt a score even more once they get older.
  3. Don’t close your unused cards – Many people believe that closing an account will help their credit, but it will hurt it. The closed account will still be on your report and will likely affect your score.

Don’t forget that repairing your credit is going to take time. It’s not going to happen overnight. But when you take the three steps above, you’ll be getting yourself on the right road to credit repair. Just take the time to do it right and pay your bills. You will find that your score is going up and that things aren’t as bad as they used to be.

This is a short post, but it offers a lot of information that people want to have online. When you have a post like this on your blog, it will show customers that you want to help them and give them useful information.

If you are interested in having us write blogs for you, please contact us. We are always ready to help our customers and provide them with professionally written posts.

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#MuttLine: A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Beauty Tips to Young Girls

#MuttLine. The wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

Today’s MuttLine found a kick-ass approach to writing blog headlines and beauty tips. Don’t hate the MuttLine because it’s beautiful.


A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles

If 8 out of 10 people read your headline and only 2 out of 10 read your blog, the jury’s in: the headline is more important than the blog. The vast majority are reading your headlines, so make it worth their while.

Now obviously, it’s important that the blog content support a great headline, but facts are facts.

So what goes into a good headline? When you consider how important a headline is, do yourself the favor of reading this piece from HubSpot guest blogger Corey Eridon.

American Voices: Lego Magazine Offers Beauty Tips to Young Girls

The Onion‘s running bit, American Voices, weighs in on a recent Lego Club Magazine kerfuffle. For some reason, Lego veered from their lane and started advising young girls on hair and beauty tips. Why? Who knows. But The Onion tries to explain.

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