#MuttLine: How to Write Content That is Goddamn Magical


The #MuttLine is the wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.

How to Write Content That Engages Mobile Readers

If you’re writing a list of the Top “X” things for [insert marketing tactic] and struggling to find one more, just add mobile. It’s one of those things that cannot get enough run of late.

ESPN recently redid their website in a “mobile-first” approach. Which is a fancy way of saying that it’s going to look nice for folks reading ESPN on their phone.

But now there’s a thing called “mobile copywriting.” Which means just because your site is responsive for mobile doesn’t mean that your mobile strategy is done.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

This 1991 Commercial for Sizzler is Goddamn Magical

Pleats. Oh my the pleats.

This is video harkening back to a simpler time in advertising. When stock video wasn’t maligned. When we weren’t completely hardened cynics of anything remotely promotional.

This industrial video, in the throes of Sizzler’s rebrand back in 1991, defies logic with some of the vignettes on display. For instance, there’s a real-life version of The Sea Captain from The Simpsons dispensing advice to a young boy on a pier. WHY? Why catch your dinner when there’s a Sizzler down the road?

Now the majority of the Internet and social hive mind will poke fun at this video for its camp and cheesiness. But now, with advertising getting ever more subtle, it’s hard to distinguish what’s promotional and what’s not. I kinda miss the blatantly promotional stuff. When there weren’t “synergies,” “cross promotion,” and the incessant need to “go viral.” This video is a glimpse back to that time.

Source: Digg (h/t Esquire)


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Could Blogging For Insurance Be What You Need?

You may be wondering, could blogging for insurance be what you need? Let’s look at some statistics from HubSpot, as quoted by business2community.com, about the success rates of insurance companies that do use blogs:

  • Companies that use a blog 15 or more times per month receive five times more traffic than those that do not use a blog.
  • Companies that blog 51 – 100 times per month have almost 50 percent more traffic than those that blog 50 times or less.
  • Companies that blog three to five times per month will generate nearly twice as many leads by simply blogging six to eight times per month.
  • Companies will have 75 times the amount of leads as they do now, if they have a blog with 200 articles per month.

blogging for insuranceAn insurance blog is an excellent vehicle to inform potential customers about common insurance issues, like workers’ compensation, employee benefits, personal lines, and commercial polices. Those potential clients just might be more inclined to buy from the source they are getting their information from, as well.

Here are some examples of topics that could be covered in an insurance blog, and topics that will be most helpful to new customers:

  • A post on why renters need insurance. Many renters wrongly believe that they don’t need insurance. They haven’t thought about what would happen if they were robbed, or if there was a fire in their apartment.
  • The benefits of flood insurance. Many people never think of purchasing flood insurance, their area unexpectedly has the worst flood in 100 years, and they lose everything. A post would help educate people on this very real insurance need.
  • The gaps many people have in their various polices, such as their home, life, and automobile insurances.
  • Whether a customer needs a policy with high or low deductibles, and how each type of policy might serve certain types of people better.
  • A post educating the public on the dangers of tornadoes. Such a blog could help the public learn steps to take to be safe during an emergency and also help them consider if they have adequate home insurance.
  • A post on insurance for sporting vehicles, such as golf carts, boats, and RVs. Many people have never even thought of the need for this kind of coverage.

Looking for more compelling reasons to have a blog for your insurance business? Your competitors are already doing it. If they have a well written blog with strong keywords, their blog may already be showing up in Google.The most successful blogs are well written, with strong keywords, and the topics are not randomly chosen.

There are countless reasons a blog could benefit your insurance company. To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us.

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Blogging For The Tech Industry: A Sample Post

The Evolving Business of Data Security

Data breaches, in one form or another, occur every single day. In fact, according to a report from Wired, in 2013 alone, there were 600 data breaches that impacted U.S. consumers. How have data breaches changed over the years, and what measures have been taken to prevent them? What more can be done and what can you do to protect your business information and the information of your customers?

Yesterday And Today

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has compiled a list of data breach incidents in the U.S. since 2005. As of this writing, there are more than 4,500 entries on that list. Then, and now, hacking is a common cause of data breaches. And the number of people impacted — as well as the ways they’re impacted — can be staggering. The differences, it would seem, in comparing old cases to new ones, are in the number of incidents taking place and the difficulty in calculating just how many people are affected. Some of the most serious hacking cases have happened in the past few years:

blogging for tech industryA hacking incident in 2014 at the University of California Berkeley caused the names, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and driver’s license numbers of an unknown number of people to be obtained.

The State Compensation Fund of Pleasanton, California, revealed that a hacking incident resulted in the theft of emails that contained the names, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, dates of birth, and workers’ compensation claim numbers for an unknown amount of clients.

The La Jolla Group reported that a hacker obtained the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, CVV2 data, and credit card expiration dates for an unknown number of customers who checked out at its clients ecommerce apparel websites.

These are just a few examples, but perhaps it gives you a view of where we’ve been and where we are.

How Hackers Strike

During the Christmas season of 2013, credit and debit card information for 40 million people was exposed to hackers, along with the email and mailing addresses of about 70 million. According to a report from Network World, hackers were able to infiltrate Target’s network by stealing network credentials from a business partner. Those responsible for the Home Depot hacking incident used the same method.

J.P. Morgan’s information breach was caused when hackers broke a server that didn’t use two-factor authentication, the report noted.

Another common way that hackers gain access to information is through “phishing” emails. About 20 percent of untrained users fall for these emails. One to nine percent of trained users also fall for them.

Web malware also ranks high as a preferred tool for hackers. Network World states that pharmaceutical and chemical companies are the most common targets for web malware.

Counting The Costs For Business

A 2013 research report from the Ponemon Institute and Symantec found that the cost per compromised record to organizations in the United States who experienced a data breach was, on average, $188. This was the second highest per-record cost of the countries Ponemon surveyed, coming in only slightly behind Germany. The U.S. and Germany also ranked highest in average total cost of data breaches at $5.4 and $4.8 million respectively.

Organizations in Australia and the United States experienced the highest number of compromised records of the countries surveyed, 34,249 and  28,765, while Italy and Japan experienced the fewest.

The report also found that the U.S. organizations were among the best in decreasing the costs of data breaches through strong security postures, incident response plans, the appointment of a CISO, and the use of outside consultants during the data breach remediation.

U.S. companies were among those who spent the most on notification of a breach, the report noted, including the creation of contact data bases, determination of the regulatory requirements, the alerting of victims, and the engagement of consultants. The amount spent on such efforts was an average of $565,020.

Seeking Justice

In 2005, the U.S. Justice Department released its first report on cyber-crime attacks against businesses. At that time, of 7,818 businesses surveyed, 67 percent said they’d experienced at least one cyber crime incident per year. The 2013 Ponemon report surveyed 60 businesses, for which the average number of successful cyber attacks against those businesses was two per week.

blogging for the tech industryIn 2010, the Obama administration began a review of the federal cyber-security policies, the Wired article notes. A subsequent report stated that the problem of cyber crime is not going to be solved by technology alone, but by educated users who employ sound practices.

Recent cyber attacks have led to proposed legislation, including The Personal Data Protection and Breach Accountability Act of 2014, introduced by Senator Richard Blumenthal. While it has yet to be enacted, the article notes that some version of this bill will eventually become law and will impose civil and criminal liabilities on companies who fail to notify individuals when a breach that compromises personal information occurs. The law also creates an avenue by which individuals could file suit against companies for compromising their information and would apply to those companies maintaining information for 10,000 or more U.S. citizens. The only way notification could be delayed is by law-enforcement authorities, if prompt notification might impede a criminal investigation.

The Role Of Big Data In Cyber Security

In a number of industries, the use of big data is helping in the arena of cyber security. For example, as reported by RigZone, the oil and gas industries — hoping to gain greater efficiencies through automation and wireless operations — are facing more and more ways that their information and that of their customers can be compromised. Those companies are finding that protecting information on the cloud is a different problem entirely from protecting a physical building, the Wired article notes.

Using big data, however, will soon enable these companies to find and fix their vulnerabilities before hackers do. And about the differences between protecting a physical building and the other one involving information on the cloud? Addressing those differences at the same time isn’t just a matter of convenience. In an industry threatened on several levels and by many forces, it’s a necessity.

The big push, then, becomes how to analyze the data. And that relies on having people who are trained to do so, something that this industry and others are hard pressed to find outside of Silicon Valley and New York City.

Protecting Your Customers’ Information

Education is one of the most important ways that businesses can protect the personal information of their customers. We’re not talking about the Silicon Valley type of education, but about a set of policies governing access to secure files, use of the internet, BYOD, and other employee practices. Companies should also have a disaster-recovery plan that governs the response to a number of incidents that businesses face, including data breaches.

Managed IT services can provide you with expert-level protection and monitoring against cyber attacks, and can arm you with the standard protection tools, including anti-virus software and anti-malware.

For more information about keeping your company’s information and the information of your clients secure, contact us.

Would you like to have posts like this for your blog? Let us know! Blogging for the tech industry is one of our specialties. We’d love to write for you.

Editor’s Note: This post is an example of the longer posts we now offer. You can choose a plan that gives you posts at 250+ words, 600+ words, 900+ words, or 1200+ words. The posts are not only longer, but are written by more experienced writers. 


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How a Blog Writing Service is Like a Chipotle Buffet

My son is a huge fan of Chipotle. If we ever go to Chipotle, he remembers all the details. So if we go after, say, a trip to a hardware store, and then — months later — I notice that we need something from a hardware store, he’ll say, “Let’s go! And then we can stop by Chipotle on the way home!”

And then I have to say, “Son, it’s 8:30 a.m. I don’t think they’re open yet.”

Some things just don’t make sense to an 11-year-old.

Like Every Great Story, It Starts with Blogging

Recently the BlogMutt team attended our local HubSpot User Group. We love these events because we’re a perfect complement to HubSpot’s methodology of inbound marketing. In fact, HubSpot wrote a post on the benefits of frequent blogging.

So often, we’ll get new HubSpot customers who haven’t fully realized the potential of inbound marketing until they set up a blog. To quote HubSpot: “Inbound marketing starts with blogging.”

Yes, Son, There Is A Chipotle Buffet

For logistical reasons, I needed to bring my son with me to this one. My wife asked what we’d do about dinner. I said that they had a Chipotle buffet set up for food, and he could just eat there.

“Wait,” my son says. It’s clear that the reality of this is just starting to sink in.

“You mean they have all the food from Chipotle all set out and I can get whatever I want and get as much as I want?”


What he didn’t say, but you could hear in the tone of his voice, was, “What kind of magical world do you adults live in that you can have Chipotle buffet at events?”

It was fun just being around him and his joy as he discovered this.

Why do I tell this story?

The Magical World of a Blog Writing Service Actually Exists

While the HubSpot user groups and meetings with marketing experts are great, for me they are never as great as meeting small- and medium-sized business operators who know they have to write blog posts to survive in the modern world of online marketing. They know it, and yet they just don’t have the time to write those posts.

And then I tell them that they don’t have to, that they can just hire BlogMutt for as little as $89 a month, and they have what I now call a “Chipotle Buffet” moment. They pause for a moment as it clicks in: “You mean I can get all of my blogging done and I don’t have to write a post?”

It’s true.

Living In This “Magical” World

I love being CEO of BlogMutt. I love that I get to write posts when I want to (like this one) and the rest of the time I can have our 5,000 writers go to town on the others. I love our in-office staff. I love our current customers and our writers. But the really magical moment for me is when I get to tell someone who doesn’t know about the fact that a service like BlogMutt even exists.

DIY vs. DI-BlogMutt

Sure, you could go down to the store, buy the rice, beans, tortillas, salsa, lettuce, chicken, steak, guacamole, peppers, sour cream, and cheese, prep all those things, and make your own Chipotle burrito at home. But if you’re strapped for time or not a cook, you’re just wasting time on something that could’ve been solved with a trip to Chipotle.

Blogging’s no different. Sure, you could research a blog post, write part of it, procrastinate, write the last part of it, find images to include, go back and edit, edit some more, and on and on. But if you’re not a writer or don’t have the time, blogging can be solved with us.

There’s a whole world out there. A world of Chipotle buffets and a blog writing service like BlogMutt. Some people know about these things. Some people don’t.

And to quote Ferris Bueller… “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.”

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Blogging For Lawyers: A Personal-Injury Sample Post

By Sharon Hendricks

Many personal-injury attorneys have discovered the advantages of hiring someone to write the content for their website. One service that content writers also offer is blogging for lawyers, and for personal-injury practices. Such blogs give clients and potential clients useful information, and outsourcing the writing allows attorneys to concentrate on their clients’ claims.

Consider the following post about food poisoning.

6 Types of Bacteria That Lead To Personal-Injury Claims

blogging for lawyersA common type of personal injury that people suffer is food poisoning. Below are the different types of food poisoning that are possible, depending on where you eat and what you eat.


This is the most typical kind of bacteria that causes food poisoning. It is found on red meat, poultry, untreated water, and unpasteurized milk.


This is another common kind of bacteria which leads to food poisoning. It’s found in poultry, meat, unpasteurized milk, and eggs.

Clostridium perfringens

This bacteria is found in poultry and meat. It also is often found inside soil, so it’s essential that you wash food products properly.

Listeria monocytogenes

This can be found in some pâtés and cheeses and can lead to stomach pain and food poisoning in large amounts.

Escherichia coli (E. coli)

This bacteria is generally harmless, but there are different kinds of E. Coli which produce poisons that can lead to stomach pains and illness.

Bacillus cereus

These bacteria are found on rice that hasn’t been cooked. Supermarkets usually go through a very extensive process so that the bacteria are eliminated, in order to prevent the problem of food poisoning.

If you have been afflicted with food poisoning from a restaurant or anywhere else, you may be able to make a claim. Why not contact us and see what we can do for you? We will let you know whether or not you have a claim.

At BlogMutt, this is the type of informative and well-researched blog that we can provide for your practice. Do you want to know more? Contact us and let us tell you more!

Editor’s note: This blog is an example of the kind of writing you can get for your blog. The only thing that’s different is that it has the name of the writer. For your blog, you can say you wrote it. That’s fine with us. We’re happy mutts. Click here for more explanation of this series of posts.


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Buy American Blogs: A Profile of A BlogMutt Writer

In the course of competing for search engine rankings, businesses are always pushed to deliver new information of value to their readers without breaking the bank. This prompts many businesses to outsource their blog writing overseas. While outsourcing to many content mills and e-services seems like a good way to produce cheap content, quality control is difficult, and the writers are disconnected from and inexperienced in both your culture and your language.

When your business buys blogs from BlogMutt.com, you are engaging a community of active, American bloggers with a wide range of skills, passions and reasons for blogging. Since we are an anonymous group as of yet, it is easy to think of the writers providing content as faceless algorithms, but the Mutts at BlogMutt are all individuals with various backgrounds and reasons for providing you fresh, invigorating content to educate your users and keep your website current.

buy blogsA Mutt’s Story

I am a Mutt on BlogMutt.com (Yes, we do call ourselves Mutts). When I attempt to explain what I do to friends and family, there are many interesting responses. I am not building my business, I am building the businesses of many different BlogMutt subscribers. Many people are interested, others are just confused, at the idea that I spend my time creating an intellectual product which someone else will own at the end of the day.  

As a young man, I love writing technological blogs on business systems (CRM, ERP and CMS), but I have written articles on toothpaste, healthcare management, fly-in fishing trips, women’s lingerie…you name it, I have done it. I spend time every day learning something new, and meeting many new businesses, even if they never know my name. The diversity of my average day is astounding and educational for me, as I hope my writing is for the readers of the sundry blogs I write for. 

I was not always a blogger. I started my career in education, helping start a college in my home state. The college was a very small startup when I started my family; the family motivated me to look for work in a more professional field and I chose selling B2C marketing via business-to-business sales. 

One of the difficulties, and joys, of door-to-door marketing is the need to travel. I had to spend time throughout my area prospecting and serving customers. It was a sacrifice to be gone from home a lot, but with a child on the way who needed financial support, it was worth it. 


Many people can relate to this, but I find it difficult to think about: my son was born with a life-threatening health condition. His jaw was too small and his tongue too large, causing suffocation. He could not be left on his back, he could not be in a car seat, and he could not breast-feed and barely ate from a bottle. My nice job with benefits and good pay and the joy of traveling several months out of the year became something I could not do because my wife and I were busy providing 24-hour care to an infant who could not breathe if left on his back. 

After my son was diagnosed, I went back to work for the non-profit: pay was not great, but I could manage my own hours, stay at home and care for my family. The emotional and financial cost was high, but it was worth it. During my time working in administration, researching and writing paperwork for government compliance, my family grew by an additional member, and then the non-profit ran out of money.

These things do happen. 


After our non-profit income dried up, I spent about a year and a half searching for ways to pay the bills and still keep the family commitments I have grown to cherish, including a now healthy young son and a daughter who also was failure-to-thrive, for entirely different reasons. 

I spent this time helping a friend publish a book, working for several freelance sites, and attempting to start a video editing business. In the year before I started at BlogMutt, I did freelance work for several Pakistani writing firms, writing SEO content for blogs and websites; I spent several weeks working my tail off for $4/hour net pay. Needless to say, after a few paychecks at $4/hr, I started looking for jobs at fast food joints. The joy of attempting to go build something on my own was swiftly eclipsed by the simple fact that I had no income. I went back to school, borrowing money to stay afloat. During Christmas break, while waiting on the next semester and out of farming labor work, I discovered that many businesses on BlogMutt were looking for skills that I have taken for granted my entire life (research and writing). 

The creative process required for survival is an amazing thing, and BlogMutt gives many people like me the ability to put those creative processes to use on a weekly basis and provide value to businesses and other entrepreneurs.

American Madeamerican bloggers

Born and raised in a small town in the Intermountain West, I have loved reading and writing since I first read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in 2nd Grade. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Vocal Performance and English, technical experience from building multiple website platforms, running SEM campaigns and more, I am a perfect match with BlogMutt. I have the diverse experience and knowledge to provide a high quality informational product to businesses, and want to spend my time writing, not outside of my home meeting and greeting business people who need my services. Through BlogMutt, businesses provide the jobs, and I get to pour my heart and soul into researching and writing high-quality educational articles. 

While I am one of many, we all have our story, and we are all qualified and ready to serve your business with high-quality content. 

-Paul Davis writes at BlogMutt, cares for his lovely family, and in his spare time writes his own blogs and podcasts about business, education, life, family and more. 

One Among Many

Writers at BlogMutt each have a unique story like this one. They are your friends and neighbors, writing from locations across the United States. Whatever level of subscription you buy from BlogMutt, you are supporting a diverse economy of independent entrepreneurs and getting a quality product as well.

American Built: Quality and Affordability

There was a time when the stamp “Made in USA” was a sign of quality, pride of workmanship, and affordability. At BlogMutt, this is still true: we take pride in our writing, work hard to increase quality, and are very affordable. With hours worked and rate of writing set entirely by the writers, BlogMutt is an environment designed to do one thing: create high quality, personalized content while keeping our costs competitive.

Since every writer becomes more invested in the company as time goes on, including eventual co-ownership through shares, the writers’ forum becomes a place of encouragement, instruction, and quality-building, even though the writers are all competing for your business!

When the writers’ community is combined with BlogMutt’s goal of creating a space where writers need be solely concerned with writing, the results are awesome! A truly symbiotic relationship exists between writers, BlogMutt and all of the businesses out there who become our customers.

Businesses can request edits, schedule delivery of posts, and reject ones that do not meet expectations, and live writers are engaged every step of the way, from first reading a business’s description through to publishing. So, take BlogMutt for a walk, and discover how American ingenuity is live and well on the internet, providing you high quality blogging services.

Editor’s Note: This post is an example of the longer posts we now offer. You can choose a plan that gives you posts at 250+ words, 600+ words, 900+ words, or 1200+ words. The posts are not only longer, but are written by more experienced writers. 


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Relief From Boredom: Work-At-Home Freelance Jobs For Retirees

You’ve looked forward to this for years: your retirement is here and you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want. Several months, maybe even a year or two in and everything is great. You are happily busy traveling, spending time with family, and focusing on a hobby. The options are wide open for you from here on out.

At some point, however, you may realize you miss having a job. If not, wonderful, but if you do…

work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees

If you miss the routine and productivity of having a job, freelance writing may be the retirement gig you’re looking for.

Some of us find that the change from the daily routine of years leaves something missing. We’re used to our experience working for ourselves and others. Being refocused away from that can make you feel at loose ends. Maybe it’s a little boring having all these days wide open once the novelty and initial excitement wear off.

Perhaps think about exploring a new job. You don’t necessarily need a major career, or even a full-time position. For some jobs you don’t even have to leave your house. No, this is not some pyramid sales scheme and yes, it really is a legal and legitimate job. Consider work-at-home freelance jobs for retirees as a writer, making use of all that experience you possess to create informational content.

If you can research a topic on the web and write a well constructed article about it, working as a freelance blog content writer may just be the boredom buster you need. Businesses of all types are seeking out writers to create intelligent content for their websites. Some want blogs that are more corporate in tone, while others are more fun and cheeky. The point is, they want well-written, timely, business-specific articles.

Think about it: you set your schedule, choose your topics, decide how many articles you want to work on. Freelance is just what it sounds like: your business on your terms. Your pace is completely up to you.

One of your choices will be whether to work with a blog service or independently. Working with a blog service provider can reduce some of the big headaches involved in setup for the freelancer. The service contracts with the clients, deals with the invoices, and transmits your pay. You write an article and submit it to the client. If the article sells, you get paid. What’s not to like?

BlogMutt is one such excellent blogging service. They have a great support crew, knowledgeable guidance, and an extensive list of clients. The writer dashboard and content interface are user-friendly. The clients are diverse so there are many opportunities for topics that speak to your experience or possibly intrigue and even challenge you to research.

There are alternatives to the retirement doldrums and BlogMutt is an exciting one. If we’ve piqued your interest, please, contact us.

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#MuttLine: 11 Examples of Killer B2B Content Marketing Campaigns Including Pac-Man Maps

#MuttLine is the wit and wisdom of two blog posts. In one.


11 Examples of Killer B2B Content Marketing Campaigns Including ROI

91 % of B2B marketers are doing content marketing. But yeah, does it actually do anything? Well actually, it does. This post from Lee Odden proves that content marketing, done right, actually has a positive ROI. And trust me, there are some super dry B2B products featured.

Source: TopRank Blog

How Google Pulled Off Its Ingenious Pac-Man Maps

If you didn’t catch Google’s brilliant April Fools’ Day prank, allowing users to add a Pac-Man game overlay to their maps, you missed out.

The gambit was enlightening and a bit depressing that a company has resources so vast it can commit to doing something like this (and not even keeping the feature).

To learn about how the idea came to be, who developed it, and why it went away, check out Wired’s recent piece.

Source: Wired


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Automotive Industry Example Post: Show Why You’re Superior to Competitors

Like many industries, sales in the automotive industry depend upon convincing customers your products and services are superior to what your competition provides. If you are wondering what to include in your own blog, consider the following automotive industry example post.

According to the 2015 Car Brand Report Cards by Consumer Reports, one of the Top 5 car brands is Subaru. Although Subaru tied for fourth place, with only two points separating second and fourth place, and only five points separating fourth place from first place, it was a tight competition for the Top 5 car brands. The rankings were based on road-test scores as well as predicted reliability with several Subaru vehicles doing extremely well overall. Even though Subaru as a brand did not take the top spot, it is the brand with the most vehicles in Consumer Reports’ 10 Top Picks of 2015 and one of only two brands (Toyota, with the Prius and Highlander, being the other) which got more than one vehicle in the 10 Top Picks listing.

blogging for the automotive industryThe Subura Impreza got the award for the Top Compact Car. The Consumer Reports review of the Impreza said:

The Impreza’s interior packaging is outstanding, especially when you put friends (who you want to remain your friends) in the backseat… The ride is more comfortable than in some pricier cars.

The Subaru Legacy received the award for the Top Midsized Sedan and got a score of 89 out of 100. The Forester took the award for the best Small SUV and received a five out of five on reliability. Of course, there are many other great vehicles created by Subaru. For example, although the Outlander did not get a vehicle category award from Consumer Reports, it got  U.S. News and World Reports’ 2015 Best Wagon for the Money and Best Wagon for Families Awards. Subaru as a whole was also given Kelley Blue Book’s  2015 5-Year Cost-to-Own Award for Best Brand as well as their 2015 Resale Value Award for Best Brand.

Of course, we do not expect you to just trust other people’s opinions about the top vehicles. We want you to test-drive a Subaru to see for yourself why so many people love them. As the top Subaru dealer in the area, we encourage you to visit our dealership so we can help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

If you need help with your automotive industry blog, contact us.

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Promoting Your Content: 143+ Ways to Get Started

We know writing a blog post can be hard enough. But the reality is writing is only half the battle. The other half is promoting your content. That alone can take longer than writing a the blog itself.

Social media is a quick win for promoting your content. But if you don’t have anyone following you to begin with, you’re shouting into the void.

Blogging and promotion rewards the patient and dogged. It’s slow, steady progress toward building content and an audience that wants to read it.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of resources and technologies available to assist you in promoting your blog. If you’ve got a bankroll, content promotion is easy. But is the growth genuine? Is the audience truly interested in what you have to say? If you don’t have the money, it’s going to be hard, time-intensive, but not impossible.

And the audience you build will be more loyal than the audience you buy.


100+ Ways to Promote Your Content

I stumbled upon this article in my daily Inbound.org newsletter roundup. Sujan Patel does a fantastic job breaking down the limitless potential of your content.

The content promotion tactics are practical. And as you go through each tactic, you realize the inherent value that comes with every piece of content you produce. It doesn’t just start and stop with a blog post. Great content promoters realize that within one blog post comes the potential for a video, infographic, new email signature, the start of a content series, newsletters, and on and on.


How To Promote Your Blog Posts To Get 10,289 Social Shares (Without Spending a Penny)

This article, written by Robbie Richards, deals specifically with generating more social interest and “passive traffic” for blog posts. He provides a ton of useful best practices for promoting blog content (especially for WordPress users).

And truthfully, these can’t all be done in one day. But focus one day on promoting your blog post through one of the recommended channels and you’ll be begin to see slow steady progress.


43 Bright Ideas for Promoting Your Lead Gen Content

You’re a business and creating content. But if it doesn’t produce results (i.e. leads, sales, traffic), what’s the point? Let’s not kid ourselves. We’re creating content to raise awareness about our businesses, attract interested customers, create fans, and hopefully initiate a sale.

This article from HubSpot’s Amanda Sibley deals specifically with promoting lead gen content.

Creating lead gen content is a useful practice for being more proactive about your content strategy. Your sales team wants leads. Marketing is responsible for generating leads. Ergo, content marketing is lead generation.

But like any other content, if you’re creating it and no one knows it exists, it’s useless.



Finding time to blog is a real struggle. BlogMutt can obviously help you get there and save time. But the promotional side of content is another matter entirely, requiring time and effort.

Our advice? Don’t boil the ocean with all of these tactics at once. First, start with a keen understanding of your audience and find the 1 or 2 tactics that best appeal to this audience.

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