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The Benefits Of Using A Small Business Writing Service

Every business owner already knows that the internet is a great way to find and impress new customers and capture additional market share.  Savvy small business owners already know that a basic website is a necessity of doing business these … Continue reading

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Could Blogging For Insurance Be What You Need?

You may be wondering, could blogging for insurance be what you need? Let’s look at some statistics from HubSpot, as quoted by business2community.com, about the success rates of insurance companies that do use blogs: Companies that use a blog 15 … Continue reading

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Blogging For The Tech Industry: A Sample Post

The Evolving Business of Data Security Data breaches, in one form or another, occur every single day. In fact, according to a report from Wired, in 2013 alone, there were 600 data breaches that impacted U.S. consumers. How have data … Continue reading

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Research Shows That Hiring A Blogger Can Help You Attract Millennials

Competing for market share is a challenge that crosses all industries. Is your business currently marketing to the largest generation segment, millennials? Now out-pacing baby boomers, millennials are 80 million strong in America alone, with $200 billion in annual buying … Continue reading

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Mistakes To Avoid When Blogging For Real Estate

These days, posting blog articles is an essential part of any successful real estate company’s marketing strategy. However, mistakes made in these articles can damage the company’s reputation and bottom line. Professionalism is paramount when blogging for real estate. Below are some important … Continue reading

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Blogging For The Health And Wellness Industry: A Sample Post

When blogging for the health and wellness industry, choosing a unique topic can help position your business as being able to help different patients. Below you will find an example that shows how you can post an in-depth discussion on a topic that … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About A Website Content Writing Service

A person could search for days for information about a website content writing service and not really know what’s going on. That’s why we’ve collected the information here, which is everything you need to know (and apparently aren’t afraid to … Continue reading

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Blogging For Florida Realtors: A Sample Post

Any realtor will tell you that one of the keys to success is knowing the local market. Since the United States is so broad and wide-ranging in terms of both climate and culture, realtors would do well to tailor their … Continue reading

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Blogging For An HVAC Company: Must-Have Articles

If you’re blogging for an HVAC company, there are certain blog topics that you should include on the site. Below are three of the most important. What Happens During a Maintenance Visit? All HVAC contractors would like for customers to sign up for … Continue reading

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Paulo Coelho, Mindy Kaling, Martha Stewart, And Lauren Conrad Tell You Why To Buy Blog Posts

People use blogs for many different purposes.  Some people want to increase sales, while others want to create a good company image.  Individuals who write blogs often just want to be heard and to connect with others on the internet.  Everyone … Continue reading

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